Post Your Swing!

Agree with those feels. My focus has been on rotating the chest to 45° open with right side rib crunch at impact. Impact feels like my left shoulder is behind my head. Zero crossover or flipping. Ball flight is very straight to slightly cut.

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Managed to sneak in an evening bucket. Good session today, struck it very well :blush::golf:


Looking Good!..

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Not an ABS swing - swinger type release with my driver. But I love hitting the old gear. Nice high draw ball flight.
High Draw Video - Driver

And here’s a still of a 3 iron from my round today. It’s getting cold and winter’s coming. Have to get the skis out soon.

Looks pretty good! Nice back drop of the mountains, but damn cold if the wind is blowing off them. Temps have suddenly dropped here too (Victoria, on Vancouver Island), went from near 20 c last week (high 60’s f) to single digits (low 40’s) this week. Frosty mornings!

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The same thing has happened here. It was a chilly round - might be the last 18 of the year.

I had a break through night this past Tuesday. Something clicked on these Hogan swings… really fun to see some progress.


*Glad to see a successful application of the Hogan Slotting method that will be covered in the upcoming Hogan modules.


Down in Arizona this week. I got up around sunrise to take a walk on the golf course (Oak Creek CC Sedona #8) with a VFQ Tommy Armour 6 iron as a walking stick. I found a ball in the rough and paced off about 15 yards behind the 150 marker, dropped the ball and took three practice swings to slightly loosen up. There was no one around on the course, so I figured I’d let one fly. Pin was tucked back right and the ball was just slightly on a downhill lie with the ball slightly below my feet. Figured I’d have to pivot hard to keep the ball from leaking right. Felt the club slot nicely at the top and just went at it hard and the ball took off like a guided missile right at the flag. It was dead still and quiet in the morning and I could hear the ball land from 165 yards out with a dull thud.

I have to say I had a bit of a chuckle when I walked up to the green and found this. I wasn’t sure whether to take a picture of the sunrise or this golf shot…so I did both.

I just left the ball and the pitch mark there on the green for the first group of the day to ponder or offer some kind of inspiration!