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I don’t know if NRG Neil Gascoigne posted these previously, but thx to David Bain dbain123 for pointing me to two YouTube videos that Neil posted of his ABS golf swing. Seriously inspiring! That’s some great 430 line, post-impact pivot thrust, etc., all super example for all of us to emulate.

A short swing Neil Gascoigne NRG posted 1 year ago:

A fuller swing posted 4 years ago:

Neil, hope you don’t mind me sharing. Those of us who follow ABS, appreciate greatly, all that you do for all of us.


I was working on some mod 6 stuff. My best strikes and most powerful shots were when it felt like I was going to strike the ball with the back of the club head.

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I overlaid the shaft and hands position/angle at address over my impact position. Not quite identical, but much closer than I ever was previously. My hands used to be higher and shaft steeper at impact, the sign of a less pivot driven motion. I can still get better….love the process.


Since my previous December 2023 swing videos, here’s another 1/2 year of additional drilling with Advanced Ball Striking modules 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Compared to December 2023, while the changes are slight, the results are noticeably better.

What has changed is NOT that my good shots are better - in fact, they’re not. What has changed and is exciting, is that my bad shots are noticeably less bad. I miss it straighter, the dispersion is tighter. My scores reflect that.

Here’s my YouTube, just added some videos from today at the range, July 1, 2024:

While I’ll never be more than a mid-handicapper… ABS helps everyone, no matter what level we start with and where our ceiling is. Combining ABS with a much better short game and much better putting… I feel very fortunate to be able to play.

Couple of months ago, April 17, 2024 - a personal first, first time breaking par (-1) on a 18 hole round. Doesn’t matter that it was on my local executive course - it’s got tiny greens. The bottom line is, good golf is “boring golf” - hit a few good shots, miss all the rest in good places, don’t give it away.

Thx to ABS! This would not have happened otherwise.

Even at age 65, even when the body is slowing down… every day can be just a little bit better than the day before. :slight_smile:


Nice swing, great rhythm. Breaking par (I wish) … congrats :slight_smile: Looking forward to start my own ABS journey.

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I continue to find that my arthritic thumbs prevent me from hitting the impact bag, even lightly. However, I have found that even doing Module 1 and 2 “in the air”, without the bag, while clearly not as efficient… after now roughly 18 months of doing the ABS drills daily, that the above July 2024 swing videos of mine clearly show a progression.

The Best News: NOTHING ELSE other than ABS drilling, in my 50 years of playing golf, has caused the kind of positive actual change in the movement patterns that I make, the videos to me clearly show that.

Also, what has changed is NOT that my good shots are better - in fact, they’re not. What has changed and is exciting, is that my bad shots are noticeably less bad. I miss it straighter, the dispersion is tighter. My scores reflect that.

I am continuing to drill. Finding that ABS drilling and resulting play has it’s ups and downs. I think that’s a normal progression. Lately I am finding that my post-impact pivot has improved to the point, that if I don’t fire my hands enough, I miss everything right. Thus now I am revisiting Module 1 again.

It seems this is a normal type of progression.

I am sure this is why “TwoMasters” has for years advised us ABSers, to just keep on “Drill, Baby, Drill!”

I’m trying to add a video from my iPhone but doesn’t seems to be working. Is that just me or do I need to convert it somehow?


I think that in order to post a video here, you might need to upload the video to a platform like YouTube (i.e. everyone with a Google / Gmail ID can go to YouTube and you’ll be able to create your own YouTube account into which you can then upload a video). Your iPhone has easy ways to upload a video on your iPhone to your YouTube account. From the YouTube, you can then copy and then cut/paste the link to your YouTube into your reply here.

When you paste the link into your reply, this forum automatically creates a big thumbnail and a link to your YouTube.

There may be other ways to do it (pls educate me!), but that’s what I did above.

In today’s modern social media world, it’s a good idea to have one’s own YouTube account and YouTube channel anyway. Comes in handy.

Hope that helps!

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I hope this works…


That works! Pretty good ABS swing there, LobbyBocke. You’ve been doing your ABS drills, it sure looks like. :slight_smile: