Post Your Swing!

Beautiful! Am heading to Gunnison in a month. Chasing elk not golf balls though.

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Beautiful area! Hope you have fun…

Only nice shot today . And made the putt on


Took this footage tonight, finally built out a little driving range. I bought a Garmin R10, amazing little machine, still learning how to use it. My numbers really have suffered from not playing much and more so, 4 back surgeries. Here is a 6 iron, good ones carry 165-170ish, I need more but at 54, that will take more work. Wish I could keep that noggin in one place….the crossy the line has always bugged me immensely.

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Nice level shoulders through the strike, and good sounding contact.

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Looking like a stud to me

Best shot of the day . 122 9’iron and made the putt

Had to manually slot the club today . Started off with weak cuts. Ended with nice high draws in the cold fall air


Two nice drives. So mad I lost this red ball right in the middle of the fairway. Loved that red ball


So I haven’t played since June. Went out Sunday at a course up in Boise, ID area. From the white tees made 7 out of 9 pars on the front 9. Back 9 not so much lol. Back 9 my left pull miss came into play.

Was playing my 1952 MacGregor 653 woods and Wilson Buttonback irons.