What parts are sore?

What parts of your body are sore the next day after playing a round or beating balls at range?

I haven’t played in over a week, went out yesterday and when I woke up today my lower back was pretty sore. Also if I extend to shake someones hand with right hand, the inside area of my elbow (would face target) is sore. Top portion of my right wrist if I make a horizontal hinge is tight. Last is the upper portion of my left thumb near the big knuckle feels a bit sore (I use a strong grip).

I suspect some or all of these shouldn’t be the areas to be sore in a proper golf swing?

Budman: Funny you should bring this up given your aversion to Moe on the other thread. You may want to spend some time and review his opinions about sore muscles and what that had to say about our other muscles. Regardless of method…it may be insightful to you, or maybe not, or maybe he was just over-thinking muscular interplay for no good reason because he was devoid of preconceived ideas. :slight_smile: RR

A few years ago, when I hit a lot of balls off the mat, the right pec’s was a little soar in the evening. I guess I’m a natural born hitter. :mrgreen:

I can also remember getting soar buttocks from hard range work, but I think that only happens if I don’t work out in addition to playing golf.

I rarely hit a lot of balls on the range now, but if I do - and if I hit them well - it’s my left forearm and my left hand that takes the most beating.

Also, since I have a “chiropractor back” I get a little soar in the back from time to time.

Where can I find this? It would be very interesting to hear what muscles are sore from a top ball-striker. One can gather good clues to how they use their bodies from this info I think. Just reading Lefthook’s reply I can tell already I might have some things sore that shouldn’t be. Top of left thumb is a sign my grip is way too tight for example?

I think Moe said:

It was in one of his videos.

Are you sure, all these things you describe are soreness - or might they be bruising?

The only time i feel kinda sore is when i do things very monotonly, especially chipping in the early season, then i feel my lower back.

Me too. I can hit balls…as many as I want and never get sore or hurt. I’m afraid I will pull a muscle changing a lightbulb but not swinging a club…it’s all my body really knows and likes. It’s very good exercise too! This summer was really my first summer injury and concurrent soreness in my R shoulder but it was from that damn rooster.

Back to Moe. I’ve been racking my brain where I encountered his comments about soreness, but can’t seem to narrow it down to where that was. My memory is real good when it comes to remembering large concepts but not always good anymore regarding source.

Anyway I seem to recall him mentioning that if something is sore…like a right hand perhaps…it was a clue of his to start looking at the left hand for the reasons why. Don’t know how that fits into the grand scheme of things…but I have that memory of Moe having some thoughts on this area while he was digging in the dirt. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I’ll keep the fires lit and see if it pops into memory :slight_smile: RR

So he actually said something about soreness aside from “never being sore his entire life” - i know i saw it on a video where he said the exact sentence, i just dont know which anymore.

Lag, you talked with Moe right? Did he ever bring this topic up?

Aside from what different payers feel at one time or the other; biomechanically its easier to understand.
The spine is rather resistant to voilent movements espcially rotation because it houses the spinal cord which if injured may mean serious consequences for the organism (us in this case). So by intitution we make our golf swing without much spinal rotation and twisting (Axis tilt). Yet that is an imperative for an ABS swing as it is the most level (on plane) movement within the body. Inclusion of this component in the swing has to come incremetally because the body needs time to develop the range of movement and then feel comfortable with it. For obvious reason the younger the organism, the easier it is to entrain spinal rotation into the golf swing.
If I was to look for soreness (or feeling of new effort) it will be the lower spine and it will have to be incremental; no short cuts or magic here. So keep on drilling. The small components of hands and fingers are minor adjustments, and will happen alongwith the core training.
I have been drilling relentlessly (probably my count will be in millions by now) for close to 2 years interspersed with lots of frustrations; disillusions; doubts and yes always trying to find “the trick” that Lag must be hiding from us or short cuts by this or that adjustment with this or that finger (even strapping my toes in different combos) but it is just hard work that matters. Now I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as seen by this review of my P3 position by Lag.
P3 comparison.jpg

Still driving me nuts where I think I read that…keep the faith.

Had another memory “flashback” just a moment ago and thought I’d get it out there before it left. I think in the article or book Moe…in his own words…was describing his practice routine and how he came to end up with the type of gear he did as opposed to others. I think the article ended something like…“and when I made my grips larger I knew then that I was done with my search…my swing was perfect.” Not his exact words but something like that. I think it might have been in that article where he mentioned about muscle soreness and awareness.

I’m wondering if it was in that Golf Digest years ago in which Moe was on the cover…I’ll keep hammering away when I can. :slight_smile: RR

Just had another of those memory jolts…I’m sure the article, book, or whatever…was one in which Moe said after each practice session he would evaluate his muscle soreness…which would tell him that that muscle or muscle group was overworking. That’s two memory jolts…still can’t lock into it. Come on you compter geeks, Nexus lords, and library nerds…I think it’s out there to find. :slight_smile: RR

Still looking for it. Found “Moes’ Scrapbook” on a Moe site after searching for relevant articles. There is one listed from 1991-2000 called “Mysterious Moe”. Don’t know if that’s it, but the pictures- one with Moe leveling a club across his shoulders and the other one with him at adress with a dark cap on triggerd some memories as if I’ve seen it before.

Emailed the site for a link to the 3-page article…still waiting for a reply. Anyone have that article. This is really bugging me if for no other reason than to test the memory…like a dementia check-up :laughing: RR

I never heard Moe talk about muscles being sore… at least not to me. He hit so many balls, that was his whole thing really, I’m sure he rarely if ever took a day off hitting balls. He hit them so fast, rapid fire, one right after another, he would usually have two in the air at a time, so it didn’t take him long to hit 200 balls. I can’t imagine muscles being sore doing that everyday.

Moe was left handed, and Paulsy said that his left pectoral was about 3 times the size of his right when he would see Moe with his shirt off.

Still looking. No email reply yet.

My recall of his comments were not about once he “arrived” as a ball striker. It was when he was “digging it out” in his early years getting his hands blistered and bled.

On that Moe site I mentioned, I found out I can custom zoom my computer…which I did to 600%…and although I could read some of the text…the scroller thing did not work and I could not scroll either up or down to read the entire article.
I’m thinking something in the long list of scrapbook items may contain a road to follow. Any clues to why a scroller doesn’t work while zooming to such a large extent?

You think Pavin has bulldog tendencies nipping at your heels all day…rats are worse…we’ll keep nipping until we can nip no more…be back when I find it, or have an answer at least.

Was thinking if I was Bill Gates this would be easy…I’d just hire it out, while I sat back and had a coke and a smoke. :slight_smile: RR

Still looking…those all knowing characters on the Moe site proclaim a response within 24 hours…yeah right.

Still trying to determine where I saw that maybe 20 years ago…way before my exposure to internet and YT. I’ll get there hopefully.

Starting to feel a little like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters…My mind has seen it somewhere…just need that little stimulus for direction. Maybe if I start building a Moe statue in my living room it will come to me. If you build it, he will come. Oops…wrong movie. :laughing: RR

Thanks for your efforts and persistence RR. If you do find it, it would be very interesting concept and a great insight.

While you guys are busy stuffing your face with deep-fried turykey I’m still at it…the mystery continues but getting a little fun now. A little like CSI.

Here’s an update…

  1. Emailed sports staff @ Kitchener Record for information, and to see if Gus Maue is still alive in order to contact.
  2. Posted query on Moe forum for assistance under username River Rat…seemed to fit.
  3. Reviewing what I can on internet…no luck so far. It seems to have vanished into oblivion.

A dome rat that I know is a real Moe fanatic…will run into him sometime this winter. In fact, it was him I gave my copy of Golf Digest with Moe on the cover. He can tell you what time of the day Moe cleaned his clubs, or even wiped his backside- so he claims…so he may be able to shed some light. He owes me one. We’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving forum…gotta go…my wife, Mall Rat, is cooking now and time for me to sneak into the kitchen for a little nibble on something. :slight_smile: RR

Status report:

No response from Kitchener Record so far…will send another email to a higher level there.

70 views on Moe forum…no responses…unbelievable! I’m sure if one of their members posted a Hogan, or Moe for that matter, question on ABS there would be any number of responses.

PM’d Paulsy…who said Gus and Audrey Maue are still alive and good friends with his family. He was going to check with the old pro and see if he had any insight on this.

Been a little lax searching for articles past week…will get that going again soon.

I may have to get a passport and drive to Canada…which is just across the lake from me… and do some rat sniffing around. That might make for a fun diversion but only one issue…rats don’t like bridges over water bodies… or tunnels underneath them. Maybe the ferry run for the furry one…but that’s scary too for a neurotic rat. :slight_smile: RR

Don’t know if I am searching correctly.

Anyone know where old copies of GolfWorld are archived. When I try to find them all I get is Golf Digest and Golf World on the same web page and can’t seem to call up any old copies to read.

Any ideas how a rat can tunnel through archived articles at Golf World. :slight_smile: RR


I also remember Moe making this remark about never having been sore.

Was this statement in a video with Peter Kessler ( Golf Channel)?

I don’t think it was a video Eagle. I would bet my first born that it was written…but still can’t put my finger on where and when. I have an idea for a new approach now that I am acquiring a few new computer skills.

Had a response from the Moe Forum. Another dead end…but here’s what was said:


I wish rats weren’t so curious…life would be much easier. :laughing: RR