What Do You See (Part 2)

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Good job guys on Part 1:

Lots of excellent observations.
The images put forth are not necessarily supposed to be automatically recognizable to all people. Some will connect to some images immediately, while others might not. But as you keep looking, you will see new things. The end purpose is multifaceted. But there is purpose that will relate to anyone that contemplates the images as they have been put forth.
Very specific and everything by design.

I’ll admit I’m struggling with the third image here lag. I can see subtle differences but not clear on what it is. Its 02.30 am, forgive my tiredness

Images 3a,b are baseball fields.

I am struggling as well, I have no clue whatsoever what images 4a,b are.

The difference in the baseball fields is that the home plate to first base line has been bent in the outfield for the bottom pic.

I think 4a is a trampoline, and 4b is???

Maybe this one needs to swirl around a day or two in our subconscious before answering.

4a is a poker table. Game of skill and strategy.

4b is a craps table. Game of luck.

As a lefty, I see the baseball fields a little differently than I’m sure they’re intended. 3a (ABS) has less room on the 1st base line than 3b (non-ABS) because as a lefty ABS student, the pull/hook miss is minimized. The field shapes symbolize dispersion patterns before (3b) and after (3a) ABS training.

I’m sure that’s not what we’re supposed to get out of them, though…

Old Equipment vs New Equipment
is like…
Slalom Skiing to Ski Jumping
Slalom skiing is about moving and pressuring your body and skis into and out of turns Ideally faster coming out of a turn than into it.
Post impact acceleration…
Ski jumping is about reaching maximum speed(straight line) right before the jump and not after.
Pivot stall, Dump. Deceleration.
Baseball Field(old) to Baseball Field (New? Reconfigured?)
The old baseball field has a smaller outfield area putting a premium on hitting, keeping the ball in play and being able to hit to all fields.
Hitting fairways and greens like the great ball strikers used to.
The new baseball field has wide open areas turning balls that normally would be sure outs into hits!
Players stats skyrocket. But are they really better than the players before them who had to be so much better hitters?
These Guys are good! Wait a second are you really sure about that?
*Have to take a flyer on the 4th row objects so humor me…
Poker chip to Craps table
Poker is a game of chance but a game that as you get better(technique,experience,skill) the odds get stacked in your favor.
Like golf you are going to get some bad breaks sometimes, but if you work on your craft over time(the right way) you can be a pretty good player. You can minimize your bad breaks.
Modules and drills
Craps table. A complete roll of the dice. Joe Blow can come in and get hot for a while. But the odds will never ever favor him. It’s a crap shoot!
A lot like wanting a good golf swing or game without putting in the time or effort to get better. Hoping that one tip or new driver will make everything better instantly.The magic pill.

Got to pass on the last few objects for now. My brain hurts! :slight_smile:

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5a are the red balls at the start of a game of snooker. Snooker is a subtle game of strategy - not just about potting balls but about positioning and safety, plotting the position of the white ball around the table at all times; the pockets are small and require a very accurate shot to be potted. 5b is 9-ball pool which is far more of a shoot-out - the pockets are bigger and there is very little strategy (to me anyway - 9-ball enthusiasts will surely say otherwise!).

A kayak and a jet ski…a jet ski has to have enough speed to keep it ‘on plane’ in the water or else it doesn’t handle well. The kayak settles into the water, without ‘planing’, and works with the water for stability. With a jet ski, the faster you go the easier the handling while ‘on plane’ in the water, but one small mistake can spell disaster. :slight_smile:

looks like the top row is 3 dimensional to me… feels like I’m there.

Kayak/Canoe(sp) man in tune with nature & surroundings. You only have your own strength to move around and are at mercy of the river & topography it flows through. Kind of like traditional course architecture flowing with the land. The Jet-ski is man over powering nature, sure there is alot more speed on tap, but its the equipment providing the thrust and you’ll need a hell of alot more space to enjoy the speed or you’ll crash. Similar to bulldozers & TPC stadium courses with 7500+ yardages just to ‘contain’ the power game

Slalom skiing vs high jump - again the role of the legs and pressures, entering one way exiting the other… Deeper in, deeper out

poker - with the correct knowledge you can stack the odd more in your favour.

snooker vs pool. The two games may look similar, but snooker is rooted more in tradition and skill, not to mention patience & strategy.

In slalom you need to harness lateral ground forces while in ski jump you need to harness vertical ground forces.

Slalom = shaping shots and lower trajectory

ski jump = higher trajectory, no mid-air path curvatures

Someone said that 5a was snooker and 5b was nineball… I personally think that 5a could also be “straight pool” which is an old game that the hustlers and best pool shooters used to play. Lot of strategy because you shoot until you miss - but your last shot of this rack has to break the balls in the next rack (the reason the one ball would be out of the triangle). If you want to see how straight pool is played, watch “The Hustler” with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason. Gleason shot all of his own shots in the movie btw…

As it relates to the what do you see exercise…

My take is that anybody and everybody can play nineball. Any hack can get lucky and win at nineball if the 9 goes in the pocket. It is about hitting a big break and getting lucky lots of times.

In straight pool you must call every shot and therefore strategy and skill is rewarded. Straight pool was the game that the best money players in the world chose to play in that era.

Straight Pool is correct.

Theme is old equipment vs new I am guessing.
The kayak is powered by you-you have to do the work-and reap the benefit like using the classic clubs. The new clubs are designed as jet skis trying to do the work for you.
The old game you had to work it left and right like a slalom-precision was priority.
The new game is distance prioritized like the ski jump distance most important priority.
I don’t understand the pictures on the round one on top and the washtub basin with open edges on the bottom. Maybe the gaming tables I don’t know.
9 ball is all about the powerful break kind of like the drive in modern golf. Straight pool is a game of strategy like old golf-you can still win regardless of how good your driving power is. Sometimes in straight pool you play safe rather than trying risky shots.

My take on the baseball image is with the new gear if you foul left it could go anywhere.
With the old gear you might foul long left but it will be short if it goes right.
With new gear even if you foul right its designed to help you so it only goes further offline right.
Maybe the theme is related to if you come over the shot?

lecoeurdevie wrote:

Another option answer for slalom/jump
impact in the golf swing either the slalom turn through or the ski jump jump.
Upright/steepness tends to make the jumping happen at impact.
Flatter gear would tend to be turned through impact

I am guessing that the overall theme of this set of pictures is ‘strategy’.