What Do You See (Part 2)

PS I am curious how many Parts there will be in this ‘What Do You See’ series.

Does it look like Norman is purposely de-weighting his right leg through the strike?


Good to see you surface again. As you know I debate te right leg a lot. My own feeling is we are pulled out of the right leg…so yes it becomes unweighted but not until near r past impact depending on the force of the pivot trust and te width of the stance.

What does “de-weighting” mean?

What Grady said in the above post here is what I mean. The weight of the right leg is pulled out of the ground post impact. It’s a lot of weight and adds mass to the swing. When practicing, I will focus on actively taking the weight out of the back leg coming into impact just to get a sense of how much the right leg weighs at different points through the impact region. Too soon, the leg weighs less. Post impact, leg weighs much more, which is what you want. A good experiment.

I have been consciously experimenting with this too, after seeing someone’s post that showed just the footwork of a few great ballstrikers – they essentially allowed their right foot to become mostly unweighted and the right toe drags the ground as it migrates toward the left foot as the pivot move is completed. I find it helpful to make sure I make a complete turn.

Where was that? I think it may have been in the thread where walking was discussed.

You feel a deweighting in transition as you aggressively lower and add knee flex, then you grab the ground and feel lots of weight and pressure in the ground and you use that pressure to move horizontally. You move as hard horizontally as you can with your pivot using the ground as leverage. The force of your pivot will send you left and the right foot is dragged out of the ground. Most of us move left in transition, which is the way I always did it. I am still learning to stay on that right foot until I get to delivery and grab the ground…then go.


norcalvol i’m sure you mean this video.


golfingplease » YES!!! Thanks for finding it. Forgot it was a BH video.

A sense that the shaft and its outward dynamic, even though having a centripetal piece to it, is instinctively being used as a balance mechanism at this point is an additional dynamic. The right leg providing one, or a, piece of ground stability, while the shaft magically, yet instinctively, becomes the left leg for a moment during the impact area as it relates to being balanced. Leaning on it.

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I just really love how Byron Nelson’s right knee works through the strike. John, Bradley, Grady, others, what is this telling us? Is it an intent or vapor trail? Seems like an intent.


What I always see in Byron is how his right side never leaves the 4:30 line it just keeps going that way…he never cuts left…but his left side gets out of the way and his left arm works a bit under…kind of a chicken wingish finish. In some ways it is kind of Moe like in that way. I think they both had the intent of chasing the clubhead at the target as long as possible. They say Hogan said he ran his right knee at the ball, but I see Hogan’s right leg more as resisting…Nelson’s ran…and ran hard.

Left side out of the way while right side stays on the 4:30 line. That’s an opposing force if I ever heard one. That’s a great feel, like wringing a wet towel.


Wringing the towel works…