Welcome: 550 site members

Congrats Lag for coming up with a great site. Member number 100 will be joining soon (92 right now). Great information. Great pics. Great camaraderie. One of the best sites out there for pure golf information.

95- five to go

IronByron just made it #96

Bradley - thanks for the recognition! I wondered how many were on here… How cool is this to be able to chat directly with the pros who have been there and got it done! Amazing! You’re right this is the best on the web!

dknc- makes it 98

two to go

wow… we are closing in…

should we throw a party? or #100 wins a door prize like a classic 1960’s golf mag?
what do you think?

who will be the lucky one?

:astonished: PAPI----- Number 100 :smiley:


PAPI gets a prize for being the 100th member of this prestigious group. An evening with…the Lagbag. Enjoy. Congrats to Lag! This stuff is game-changing for sure.

Welcome HarvyD… #150!

I have to welcome member number 152- for no other reason except for choosing that great member name-- “Amen Corner”-- great choice of name

WELL WE MADE IT TO 200 members–not sure I like the login name of ‘LEFTHOOK’ for our advanced ball striking program… but congrats on being number 200 and welcome

Just think,
someday we might have 300 members!

I’ve noticed the frequency of posts has gone up considerably too (and my work output gone down).

As Rab C Nesbitt said

This place is going downhill. :cry:

Any contribution to this forum if done genuinely either searching for answers or giving what we believe they are is great according to me. I surely don’t think the forum is going downhill, if anything there’s so much great information that I can’t keep up with the posts.

I agree Pip,

It’s those here to brag that i have a problem with. I just see further dilution of quality ahead.

Oh I don’t know Neil. I don’t think we see that much real bragging here, remember stylistically we are not all cut from the same cloth. You want to see some of the mega golf forums with multiple “I hit my wedge 185 today” threads if you want to see major league grandstanding! As any forum grows you are going to get a greater range of voices, not all of which are going to suit every ear. But some will provide fresh and original thoughts so I wouldn’t predict an inexorable slide in quality - unless you want me to start posting more! :laughing: The temperature will creep above freezing here soon and hopefully we can escape our screens for a bit and take those persimmons for a spin.

Cheers, Arnie

touche Arnie.

I might just be going stir crazy cause of the weather.

Still i have managed to bring Rab C Nesbitt and Disco Dave to ABS. :slight_smile:

And for that I will personally always be grateful :smiley:

I joined the forum at the start and its wonderful how it has grown in the last six months. I think that is a testament to the overall quality of posts and therefore I respectfully disagree that the forum is going downhill…

On the contrary, the class is progressing and with that more students are posting their insights. Lag and Two are continuing to offer their considerable professional expertise and contribution on a very regular basis. Gerry Hogan and LCD and others have offered their unique and valued insights. The students continue to post in a generally respectful manner with the broad aim of helping each other quite selflessly.

Welcome Lefthook!

lol@Arnie’s reply! I think the forum has found a readymade replacement for the Middle East Peace Envoy. :smiley: