TwoMasters off to good start...keep it up Bradley

Just opened the live scoring for the Australian PGA at Coolum and was delighted to see TwoMasters four under through seven holes and only one off the pace.

Keep it up mate!

Link to live scoring below for those interested… … 010-Scores

Thanks for the good news: :smiley:

I am trying to locate the PGA on TV. Does anyone know if it is being televised? It would be great to watch Bradley play.

Not sure where you are little but in Australia it will be on channel 10 from midday and I assume the golf channel will run some sort of coverage (most likely delayed) in the US


Now I could see him in action… :imp:


Now I’m kicking myself I don’t have Dish or cable. Rats! :angry:

Heard he is on the broomstick for the week… as much as I know he hates those things… it beats the Friday night Fish Fry at the Rugby Union Club. :smiling_imp:

Yes he is using the broomstick Lag, he was just finishing his round when the telecast began so we only got to see his shot into 18 and the 2 putts that followed but he did get some nice comments on his swing from both Ian Baker-Finch and Wayne Grady. Hopefully we will see more of him tomorrow.

For those not in Oz: You can watch a live stream on your computer @ ESPN3 starting at 8 pm EST. No registration needed just click and play :smiley:

At one point they showed a clip of Two and said a few words about his return when someone in the background adds, “…he beat us all…” then they talk about how he kicked ass and took names. Fun!!
They also compared his swing to ?Matt Jones?

Not sure what the golf equivalent of break a leg is but I’ve got my wedges crossed.

Thanks Dani!

Ditto Dani…thanks. As to your wedges :unamused:…I’m starting to think like the Captain :laughing: RR

Go Bradley!

Good Luck Mate!!!

Let’s go Bradley

Now, now. Any woman tough enough to cross her wedges is no woman to be trifled with! :wink:

Fantastic stuff! Even better are Bradley’s stats for the day. Greens in regulation: 166.67%! Damn! ABS is accurate. :wink: But, of course, we already knew that.

Captain Chaos

Watching the PGA on the net…ESPN3. Haven’t seen Bradley yet but I see he is -5 after 2 holes. -1 today. Thanks Dani for the info on how to watch it. Not televised in the States.

Bradley got to -3 ( for the round ) after 9 but followed with some bogies at 10 and 11 . Only glimpse we got of him today was a 3 putt on 11 , he is currently at -2 (-6 ) playing the 18th. Wind became quite strong this afternoon with the back nine playing quite hard.Should get to see him on weekend tv now as he is tied 9th.

Tied for 13th with a 71 (with 28 putts).
Way to go Bradley!