The Ugliest Golf Club Ever Made

My first thought: The Stan Thompson Ginty SW! A full set that doesn’t show the money shot: … ompson.htm

I need to find it!!! I am not insane enough to buy the whole set plus shipping from Hawaii, if the 6 is missing it’s almost, almost worth it but not quite. This is going to be a gift for my best friend in about a month. I am taking any and all suggestions for the all-time eyesore with the following criteria:

  1. No Putters-too easy
  2. Must be RH
  3. No Cleveland VAS-again too easy
  4. Must be in safe, playable condition
  5. Preferably rusted but not mangled beyond recognition
  6. Steel shaft highly preferable, ancient and/or overly ornate ruins effect
  7. Single club unless extaordinarily strange and hideous
  8. Must be a legit golf club meant for no other primary function
  9. 1 piece unless No. 7 applies
    10.The cheaper the better!!

This is very for real and pictures and suggestions are highly appreciated. A finders fee is definitely in play so keep in mind the lower the purchase price from a 3rd party the higher the finders fee!

The Ginty SW came to mind because my late uncle had one when I was a kid and it took divots halfway to China. Beat it before I (or anyone else-FF for sure) find(s) it.

Thank you in advance

Lynx Parallex

I always thought these were ugly.

kinda like the black cat mtx or whatever a little worse, almost froze the screen…

It has to be the Power Pod. Nothing else comes close. I actually knew a guy in the 80s that was a pretty good player that put this in his bag. The pros in the shop used to call it “Mister Microphone”. My buddy Eric used to come out of the shop when I was cleaning this guys bag, pull it out of the bag half way and sing into it. … 518d1a76e7

That Callaway that Lag and I saw in the shop in Walnut Creek on Tuesday looked as if it had been beaten with the ugly stick alright…

yes Arnie…that Callaway is like the girl that guys would approach at 3am in a bar when all other options had expired :smiley:

This one wins, surely :astonished:

Now, now Hugo, there are no ugly birds after midnight! :laughing:


Not sure how big the bag needs to be to carry these around: … 2a0359fa19

And then there’s his ugly little brother: … 3ef03c9ac4

I’n not sure what’s uglier, the logo in the cavity or the numbers on the bottom.


I think I stopped following Corey went he started playing these. Shockers.

How about these?

Ugliest modern clubs would be anything from Callaway - from those Big Bertha things irons right up the current stuff.

Warning: The following link may contain disturbing images: Link

you are right teddy—good lord, that is downright awful…

LOL. I just literally laughed my ash off reading these. The spaulding Execs bring back memories. In the 80s they made some great sticks, but also made some rubbish too. And those Brownings, those were the horrors…


I don’t see anybody pullin that pud. You could tie a can of Spam to a stick, and I’d date the Spam. If someone finds something uglier. please post it in black and white.


I’d add the guys’d have to have downed three bottles of whyskey too…

What were they thinking???

they weren’t thinking very well

I vividly recall Woosie using this Power Pod at one point- and he may have actually WON a Scottish Open with it

snippet of info about the club below-- almost sent the guy broke

Power Pod… yes… I remember that…

I thought even the Taylor Made Burners were too ugly for me to look at … I never played one…
The Calaway Big Bertha was horrid looking to me.

Ping Irons were absolutely awful looking clunky looking things… The Ping Eye 1 to me was ugly, but the Eye 2 with the added bumb on the top line made it worse looking to me.

I was forced in College to hit Pings for about a month or two… as our coach insisted we use them so we could beat Oklahoma State in the NCAA Championships. After I lost all my feel and my swing started to deteriorate from using Pings, I handed them back to coach, and put my Hogan Apex set back in the bag and refused to use Pings., and I was the odd ball on the team using blades. I went out and won the conference championship and ended the debate right there.

Never looked back.

you play them… not me…

I remember the power pod, omg I didn’t believe it was a golf club. I had to hit it, the guy who owned it had to shim a tee in the side of it so the head didn’t fly down the range or break a windshield in the parking lot.

This is a serious contender, I may keep it for myself: Ladies and Gentlemen I present THE SILVER HAMMER!!! … 2ea9d05919

And along the same lines, the pre-owned, premangled Lady Hammer: … 518f3162a0

How in God’s Name does some nut get the sky marks all over this thing? Mrs Stevie Wonder couldn’t pop it up, it’s a foot tall!! These make the old Ram laser x2’s look like Eye-O-Matics: … 439bc7fd16

Still trying to remember some sort of Fila Onset Shankproof irons or wedges from the early '90s. I remember seeing something in the golf shop at La Purisima…

the pod still wins hands down—
but that Ram Laser is a good runner-up!!