The Players

Anyone catch the players today?

Tiger withdraws after 9 holes. Shoots 42. including a triple bogey.

Anyone see how his misses are always left with his “new and improved swing.” Interesting because from what tiger said in his book how i play golf or whatever it is. He always trys to take away the left side. Are we seeing the end of tiger or is he going to come around and bend his gear flat and really take the left side out of play?

On a side note. Picked up a 1964 wilson 8802 today. still has the original leather grip and end cap and the grip is in fine condition. I was even able to have the shop bend it flat and increase the loft. I knew it was golden when i drained 2 20fters in a row. Im really excited about this putter.


His knee is totally blown and his Achilles is at least partially torn now too. He is so screwed it’s not even funny. Only showed up at all to get the media off him for a while, he’s looking at a complete knee replacement now if that’d even do any good plus surgery to repair the tendon too. He may never be able to play competitively again, it’s that bad.

Yeah its tough to see.

I was watching his ESPN highlights, Did you see how bad his limp was walking up to the pin on the 9th hole?

Ya saw that too. Calling Dr Andrews, Dr James Andrews, at least Sawgrass is only a hop, skip & a jump from his office, pun intended. If he can put that mess back together I say just Canonize him now because that an honest to Hoyle miracle.

Yes, agree, total knee replacement, at 35 years old. And he has to stop the upper body weight program. Get the knee replaced, go back to a body that is thin and flexible if that is possible. I’ve said this before, that his knee wasn’t right. Very sad. Get it done now. Don’t even think about the US Open. See you next year or the year after that.

Ill say it, why ruin the streak of never biting my tongue. This smells a lot like classic joint and tendon breakdown after years of steroid abuse.

Agreed on losing the upper body weight. From now on he needs to be built like a golfer should be from the Feet Up.

Its amazing to me that all these guys have gone to using the smaller muscles in the body and trying to make them large. Why not use the big ones. The Hamstring, the glut, the quads, and the core. Something has to give in these swings, unfortunately for tiger it was his knee. For me, it was my back.

If tiger is hoping to play respectably again, he needs a full rebuild…only time will tell if its even possible

Not sure about that. They were talking tonight about how Tiger suffered a skateboard injury when he was 13 and this was the start–the blackmark–that pre-ordained his future left knee problems.

That said, the steroids question is interesting in that the PGA is so damn secretive. Scenario: Tiger is drug tested, found to be using HGH or something else, Tour says uh,oh, there goes the cash cow…bury the results. The other thing mentioned tonight, which is cynical, is that PGA called in their chit and Tiger said ok, I’ll come to the Players, knowing full well, he couldn’t finish,but at least he showed up…

Total cop out, doesn’t work like that where its fine for over 15 yrs. Serves him right anyway he’s such a punk anyway. In college he lived on Big Macs & never even considered working out. If he’d have just kept it up he’d be fine right now. Couldn’t happen to a better Urkel…

Nah, his knee wasn’t right for 15 years. Wasn’t right from the beginning. This is a case of a guy with the talent, with Jacks’ record staring him in the face. Him and his dad mapping out an attack plan: let’s go hard and fast and see what happens. Unfortunately, Tiger’s finish line was a bit short of Jack’s. Still, though, he could do it, maybe. Put aside the personal vitriol, just from an athletic endeavor, is it possible?

Sure I’ve given him as much cred & props as anyone. Still will ifs it’s due, I got no problem separating the athlete from the person. Just in the grand scheme it gets a little poetic these days.

Yeah, the Tiger love in the media is over the top. I say, no, he doesn’t break Jack’s record. I think when it’s all said and done, Tiger is a cautionary tale: here’s how you get close to Jack’s record; BUT: forget the severe left knee snap at impact; forget the intense weight room sessions; here’s the new way (whatever that is). Some kid somewhere with his coach, has taken note of today’s proceedings…

It’s the same story all over again, if u win u can do no wrong but… the clock is ticking because pretty soon we’re gonna get bored and then decide to rip u to shreds. Build em up then tear em down. He’s still a talent like none of us will see again in our lifetime, or was. It was incredible while it lasted but time waits for no man unfortunately…

whether it was Skateboarding, steroids, the severe left knee snap or the years of walking courses we will never know. But my point is, if he hopes to dominate again. He must rebuild. He must strengthen every muscle around his joint or it will simply fail again.

As we say in medicine, a wound in an ideal situation can only heal to 80% of its original strength and lets be honest, tigers knee is anything but ideal.

When you go in for procedure after procedure does that mean 80% of 80% of 80% in an overgeneralized way?

If I was advising Tiger, I would tell him to get a total knee replacement. Then, move to India for two years, travel the countryside, grow the game in that country, and perhaps with his wealth, help the impoverished–open a Tiger foundation. Are you kidding??? It is good. And, not to be cynical, the media would eat this up. It’s George, John and Paul, except on a bigger, more sports-centric stage. This KILLS!

As long as we’re making wishes I want my hair back… :unamused:

By the way, I am Tiger. I’m sitting here nursing a beer. It’s midnight in Fla. and my life is screwed. I’m incredibly competitive, but weary. You can’t image the bullshit I’ve have to put up with outside the lines. I like what Paul C. said about India, but that’s not doable. What should I do next?

One Bourbon, one Scotch, one more Beer…

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Already there. Matisse out.