Stock ABS Sets?

Newbie here loving all the nuggets of info. the site has to offer. Its obvious part of the ABS protocol is equipment and the adjustments made to it. I find some strange pleasure in the search of classic clubs…hoping one day to find that sweet set. With that said, I realize there are numerous club options and preferences, but my question is what clubs, if any, in its original/stock state is ready for “hitting”? Other than flattening, which, if any, came with zero offset, heavy heads, and stiff shafts?

Start here…it’ll lead you down the rabbit hole. But yes, heavy, flat, stiff…

I can do that…

I am actually planning on having some sets available here that are all ABS Spec and hand done by me personally. Hours getting every detail right… offset etc… just super premium sets in excellent shape and set up beautifully.

I just finished a set of Hogan PC’s that turned out first rate. All offset removed, flattened obviously, and weighted to ABS Spec also.

We have a new spread sheet coming out that will define ABS Spec 2.0. More in a range of tolerances that I would recommend.


Would love to see these (your/abs) spec sheet when available!!

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We will have it up soon…

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Can someone post a pic of the 62 Haig Ultra?

Maybe a really dumb question and possibly asking on the wrong thread but here goes - thinking about lie angle and more so, delivery path, is there an optimal position (perhaps a reference point on the body) that the grip should point to at impact? As in the Chi, center of gravity (of the body), etc.

Given the precision or attempt for “ideal” in so many other parts of the swing, I haven’t heard much about the proper club angle at impact, or if there is such a thing that can be proven?? I can recall TwoM’s video about releasing to the Chi, but that’s about it.

Clubshaft pointing at the Chi center from impact well past P4 would be ideal reference.

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Thanks, Lag! Your note about maintaining that position is really the guts of it, great point.

I’d be interested to see a pic of the 62 Haig Ultras too please @lagpressure.

It’s frustratingly hard to find definitively online.

How heavy is too heavy?

I’ve been tinkering with a 4i - current specs are:

Head weight: 256g
Shaft x 7: 133g (uncut weight)
Grip: 59g

Tip weight: 6g
Butt-weight: 8g

Total is 460g+ and SW is D 8.5 or so.

Love the feel, but I don’t strike it well.

I went back to 445g total weight 4i with C 8-9 SW (I think I have a 15g butt-weight) and hit it much better.

I like lag’s specs (4i = 15.7 ounces/D8), but curious if others have found better contact with lower SW, yet keeping raw weight relatively high?

My favorite 4 iron is 455 grams at D4 swing weight (but I’ve had a couple heavier that still worked okay). IMO, the only thing that matters is what you hit better. If you are changing your swing, the clubs you hit best may change. If you have no swing changes going on, use what you hit well.

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