Steel Spikes


Laced up these things today for a round of golf… it was quite shocking actually to be reminded of how superior steel spikes are to the spider plastic ones that are all the craze.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that plastic spikes with their sprawling surface area are even in the ball park of what a proper golf shoe with steel spikes can offer for traction.

It’s another absurdity of the game’s decision makers to ban steel spikes on most golf courses. It’s ignorant and illogical if you understand the golf swing.

I was just shocked how connected I felt to the ground again teeing off. I felt I could really pressure into the feet with much more confidence without fear of slipping or losing traction at any point in the golf swing.

I suppose that many of the golf swings we see today have simply evolved in an inferior way, compared to how golf swings of the past evolved, which I believe to be in general much more sophisticated and functional…from the steel spike, blade and persimmon age.

I found a supplier of steel spikes-shoes. Should have them in a couple days. Interesting journey. They still have a small supply on hand…and cheap. I told them that if I posted the information on an open forum that perhaps the demand would exhaust their supply. They weren’t very keen to having a big run on them. So I will PM Two with the details, and he can let people know, if it’s not common knowledge already, about how to get some.

I’m geeked…steel baby!

Nice shoes Lag. I went to a driving range-pro shop the other day to see if they had any old gear lying around they wanted to part with and at one point me and the owner were talking about steel spike shoes, and how I really missed those old heavy shoes. He had this puzzling smile and said just a moment…what size do you wear? He went down to a basement storage area and came back up with 2 brand new FJ Classis all leather shoes with steel. Man, they were beautiful. Except they were size 9 and I wear a normal size 8, which I buy 8.5 in golf shoes for foot expansion…so the size 9’s were just too sloppy. We tried some insoles inserts, but just couldn’t quite get it to fit. Damn!

Anyway…Anyone needing size 9 all black FJ Classics with steel for $100.00 let me know. He said they will ship.

Here’s one thing I’ve noticed about soft spikes and cleets.

People think because they have soft spikes on, they don’t have to worry about picking up their feet as they walk and the greens are still LOADED with spike marks.


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Great shoes anyone finds size 11m let me know?

Does mare allow them or are you going renegade? Do you plan to take them to other bay area courses? If so, will you be asking first?

Any thoughts on this? I’ve been stopping by our local muni after work to practice putting. The long time owner came out to visit with me. He brought up the subject of the condition of his greens, and the other local area golf course greens. He cannot get the speed of his greens up without killing them. He blames it on the LACK of steel spikes. He claims the steel spikes worked as a natural aerator. Now the soft ones act as a tamp, like a herd of cattle continuously compacting the ground. Difficult to get water deep enough to support the root system.

I was told that spikes as a ‘natural aerator’ was bs.


Can’t wait to get my steel!

I was thinking that maybe a lot of courses in my area will look past the issue of steel spikes just because the economy is so bad.

I know of a couple local courses that overbook the hell out of their tee times…they turn noone away these days under any circumstances. It would not be uncommon to see a 5-some or I’ve seen 6-somes at play. Drives me nuts to see, but I guess if I owned a course I would consider any practice within reason during a down economy just to generate cash. They are almost giving away free rounds already maybe hoping you’ll spend more in the bar afterwards. Whether they book 1 or 1000 players, they still have to generate funds to maintain the property.

So maybe sneaking some steel onto the course will be overlooked…I know I’m up for it. :slight_smile:

I bought a hybrid type spike off of ebay about a month ago made by Champ. Everything is plastic except for the spike. I use them at courses I don’t play often.Stay away from concrete it’s a dead give away. Just keep’em in the bag and and do the old switch-a-roo at the 2nd teebox :smiling_imp: ! If anyones interested in pictures I’ll post them.

Yes please post some pics! How is the general quality of the shoes?
I’m assuming these kinds of hybrids will be allowed under TRGA rules? :laughing:

Soft spikes (contradiction?) were the invention of a country club manager who could not get his board of directors to YET AGAIN approve a budget for new clubhouse carpets!!! They have absolutely sweet bugger all to do with playing golf, soft spikes are for drinking beer while not wrecking the carpet. Steel spikes…wear em if ya got em.

Here’s those pictures IOZ. They are twist-lock spikes and go in any of the newer shoes, I have mine in an older model footjoy.DSCN2168.JPG



Sorry for the rather large pictures but my compooter skills are seriously lacking!!! :blush:

no probs, thank you sir.
I wonder how these compare to the real thing, but it sure is better than just plastic…

IOZ, I haven’t been fortunate enough to play with real spikes, but you are correct in saying that theses are way better than plastic!

Everyone owes it to themselves to at least play one round of proper golf with proper shoes and steel spikes.

It really is a wonderful enlightening experience.

Browe–what am I looking at here? Is that a steel shaft and are these spikes widely available? Thanks,

I believe those are the “Pro Stinger” and are available at

You still see guys on tour wearing this version.