Rules Test- just for fun

Seeing most amateurs play matches amongst themselves I thought I would post a quiz and show a scenario along those lines and let’s see how many infractions take place and what they were…I will post the answers in a few weeks when enough people have had a go at it…
Only one chance at answering per person!!! can’t repost after seeing someone else’s answers, so take your time… It’s not a find out what you do or don’t know…just an example of how crazy the rules can get


Player A and B are playing a four ball match against Player C and Player D… they were also playing single head to head matches against each other concurrently

They for all sake and purposes are playing at Augusta National ( a course everyone can picture and envision) and are standing on the 12th tee.

Player A hits a decent 6 iron shot but a gust of wind knocks the ball down into Rae’s Creek. Player C peeks into Player A’s bag to see what club he used. Player A says “ahh don’t bother looking, I hit a 7 iron flush.”
The other 3 players all clear the water.
Player B has a fast putt towards the front of the green and the creek. Player A, inside his partner on the same line, but lying 5 strokes after his penalty drop and subsequent strokes, says he’ll putt first.
Opponent Player C blurts out…“Your putt is good. Pick it up”…Player A says “I can putt if I want to” and he does
Meanwhile Player D strolls over and starts picking up pine needles, contrary to Player B’s request not to do so, between the edge of the green on the line Player B’s ball will end up if it misses the hole.
Player B fortunately takes only 2 putts to halve Player C’s par.
Player D was left with a two foot putt for his own par when impatient Player A yells out “c’mon let’s go” That’s good". Player D therefore picks up his ball but Player B cries out. “He has to hole that for my individual match with him, I didn’t give it to him”. Player D ignores Player B and walks to the 13th tee.

On the 13th tee shot Player A smacks a low hard drive heading a tad left toward the lateral water hazard. Player A announces he is going to play a provisional ball ’ in case his ball is in the water’ and does so. His original ball is eventually found outside the hazard so he picks up his provisional ball.
They move down the hole and Player B is unsure about his 3rd shot on the beautiful hole. He says to Player C, “You play here all the time, how far is it to the green from that tree over there?” Player C replies, “Well it’s 115 yards from opposite that tree to the center of the green” Player B says “Thanks”
Player B then tops his 3rd shot into the creek where it comes to rest out of the water on dry ground, but up against a drainage pipe. Climbing down into the hazard Player B slips and breaks his fall by using his wedge as a cane. Player B then announces “I get a free drop from this pipe so long as I drop in the hazard”. He drops
Meanwhile Player A and Player C are both in the back bunker. Player C is away with Player A’s ball plugged in the sand directly in front of C’s ball. Player A marks and lifts his ball. Player C hits his bunker shot too hard and the ball strikes Player D’s golf bag and caroms back onto the green. Player A now feeling good that Player C bunker shot totally eliminated the depression his ball was in , gently replaces his ball at his mark which is now atop smooth sand.
Player A had carried two wedges and his putter into the bunker. He now drops both wedges in the bunker and because of the good lie proceeds to putt his ball from the bunker down and onto the green.
Player C is startled to see his ball which is now on the green is atop a chewing gum wrapper, discarded by a careless member. On his line is an old hole plug and ball marks, some sand and a pine needle sticking straight up with it’s point embedded in the turf. Player C removes the wrapper and drops his ball directly beneath the point where it lay on the wrapper. He repairs the hole plug and ball marks with a tee, sweeps the sand aside with his cap and extracts the pine needle. Then he 3 putts.

The hole concludes with all four players averring and agreeing that they made a 7 on the hole. They believe that all matches, team and individual are all even.
When they get to the 14th tee Player D who has never worked a day in his life, moans “Good grief, I’ve been carrying 16 clubs all day”

How many infractions have occurred ?
What are the true scores of the match and the individual matches?

Now if all this doesn’t make the rules of golf confusing…nothing will!!!

lol, read the first line and gave up. they’re playing two matches within another match, they’re already playing knock up rules :laughing:

now now Styles…don’t give up too easily… :wink: …these sort of games do happen at a club level…that’s the whole idea to make people think and show just how complex the current rules can be and why it is nigh impossible for anyone to comprehend them all no matter what their level of play as a golfer

still not having a go, would take me a day to figure it all out.

I see a few obvious penalties though. Quite a few not so obvious infractions in there as well. I’d say Player A id the biggest cheat out of the lot of them though :laughing:

This one is for Steb I think…

But doesn’t everyone say we should all know the rules and play by them accordingly?

This is a made up scenario but it certainly isn’t out of the realms of possibility and gives a few good rulings that everyone 'should ’ know and some I am sure they have broken already and some new ones they will learn

there is no gold stars awarded just a bit of fun…to show…whilst many believe the rules are good and well as they are, they most certainly are too complex and nuts beyond anyone’s wildest dreams

so long as you follow who Player A, B, C and D are and what they did…a result is easily attainable

2M - I need a bit more information.

  1. What is the average speed in mph that player A and C are walking when leaving the tee?
  2. What is the difference in weight (lbs.) of the bags for players B and D?
  3. Player D is left handed, correct?
  4. Most importantly, which (if any) players did not like the movie Caddyshack?


Captain Chaos

  1. Player A is 6 feet 2…Player C is 5 feet 11…so Player A has a larger step pattern but Player C drank coffee before they teed off, so he is moving at a brisker pace - today

  2. Player B has a carry bag made by Burton in 1985… Player D has a red Spalding staff bag on a pull cart in which he crazily put his woods in the bottom dividers and his wedges in the top slots

  3. player D is left handed…but only when he putts

  4. All four players loved Caddyshack but vehemently despised Tin Cup

Hope that helps

Very much so…then I declare the USGA the winner and the game of golf the loser. End of story.

Captain Chaos

p.s. Regarding Tin Cup…I thought Renee Russo gave a great performance. However, she should have left Texas all together and come to Wisconsin. :wink:


What a mess :laughing:

I counted to 36 infringements, 26 of them was two clubs to many on 13 holes. Not sure how to count too many clubs though.

I know that the guy who took a relief from the drain pipe in the water hazard broke a rule, though.

I had a similar situation in a tournament a few years ago. My ball was in the water hazard. I had my stance on a bridge. Part of the bridge was an immovable obstruction that interferred with my stroke. The referee gave me a relief. I dropped in the water hazard, chipped to 2 feet and made par. On the next tee the referee came back and told me how lucky I was to get this “once in a lifetime” ruling :mrgreen:

Match play makes it a bit simpler but still I get your point :slight_smile:


Team C+D win because of advice offered from team A+B
Player B wins on score
Player C wins because player D picked his ball up


Team A+B lose the hole for grounding club in the hazard
Player B loses the hole for grounding his club in the hazard
I stopped reading the rest so I’m saying player C+D halved the hole with 7

Lol :smiley: Lots of room for interpretations in there … like 'provisional ball ’ and ‘in case his ball is in the water’.

Not likely. I never play match play and hence never bother with the rules for it. I’ll have to use the book!

The Rules allow individual and team matches to be played concurrently. It’s playing stroke play and match play concurrently that isn’t allowed.

It wasn’t as bad as it first looked.

Players agreed after 13th all matches were square. So that’s how it stands regardless of what it really is.

Then extra clubs by D meant a 2 shot adjustment in his matches:

A & B win 2 up over C & D
A all square with C
B wins 2up over D

(I’m assuming A played C and B played D)

The breaches I see:

12th Hole:

No penalty for C peeking.
Player A lost the hole for both his team and his individual match for misleading statement about club selection.
Player B also suffers individual loss of hole as his partner’s breach adversely affected an opponent’s play.

Player A is not allowed to putt out after concession if it might assist partner. His Partner B is disqualified from hole because he did so.

Player D loses hole for taking action to influence the movement of B’s ball despite being asked not to.

A hasn’t the authority to concede for his partner’s match, so the concession means nothing. As D lifted his ball without marking and never replaced it, D loses hole to B.

It sounds there wasn’t reasonable doubt A’s ball may be lost outside a water hazard (or OOB) so second ball from tee was not a provisional but the ball in play. Playing the original ball meant he played a wrong ball. Loss of hole. A is disqualified from hole so B is on his own for the team.

Distance information is not deemed advice. No penalty to anyone.

No penalty for grounding club in hazard to prevent falling.

No relief from immovable obstructions in water hazards. B loses hole because he played from a wrong place (I assume he played it) .

13th hole:

Player A marked and lifted without being asked to by C. One stroke penalty to A.

C one stroke penalty for hitting partner’s equipment, assuming D didn’t purposely leave bag there for that purpose (otherwise loss of hole and quite feasibly both disqualified for serious breach). Ball played as it lies.

A must recreate the lie he originally had before lifting. As he didn’t, he loses hole.

No penalty for dropping clubs in bunker.

Player C should have placed the ball on the green, not dropped it. As he didn’t fix his error, loss of hole when he hit it.

All permissible (except 3 putting!)

Matches are now considered all even as players all agree. Even though A and C definitely gave the wrong information as to the strokes they took on this hole, this is only important if a claim is made later based on facts were unknown at the time.

D gets two hole match adjustment penalty for both his singles match and his team

Steb I think were proving TM’s point :slight_smile:

I think a lot of the stuff you point out happens after the hole is lost in match play though… all good points mind you…

If there was a referee in the match, yes, the 12th for example would have been over after A made the misleading statement and there wouldn’t have been a chance for the other breaches on that hole to happen.

But we’re looking at the match retrospectively and can’t interact. As the players didn’t know they’ve breached then the hole continues and all we can do is point out theoretical breaches on their own merits.

Otherwise we could go as far as including additional penalties for the players not advising their opponents of the penalties they didn’t know they incurred for example.

And then we’d have to include the penalty for not telling your opponent you incurred a penalty for not advising them of a penalty incurred. :astonished:

I’m having trouble wording this properly–it’s subtle and verges on the Theory of Relativity and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. I hope you understand.

Two: You lost me at “seeing” :laughing:

Ha…see how nuts it all is…there may be less than 0.0123% of people in the entire golfing population who can answer all that stuff correctly!!! surely the rules aren’t’ easy and logical