Right Shoulder in ABS

In the ABS version of hitting . . . . what is the trajectory of the right shoulder from the top?

Finger licken good question. Here’s another: how long does it take to down a 12-piece bucket…therin lies your answer :laughing: RR

I am not sure if I understand this… is it a joke between you 2?

Not really a joke. Just a rat exercise in cryptology…taking a question down to a new level which contains the answer, and with that the answer has now been given twice. You’re going to have to dig down deep to get this one. :wink: RR

Shoulders turn as level as possible. Good things happen then. Steep shoulders usually mean a dump out to right field.

Captain Chaos

I prefer down, then over… this way the legs initiate first to help save pivot rotation.
The quick “cover the ball move” right from the top can also work, but only if the right arm straightens out very quickly.
From my personal experience using this method is that sometimes the right arm doesn’t straighten as quickly as needed, therefore OTT.

Flattening your gear helps a ton here also, because by it’s nature it tends to aim the club more behind us right from address, which then helps lessen the need for lots of plane shifting, which has it’s own issues.

As long as you get the club in the slot, you can turn as flat as you want. No need for steep shoulders. It was interesting seeing Sam Randolph’s swing, and how he flattened out his rotation to save his back. He basically had to change his swing, but ended up going down a few bad roads before finding the right way to do it.

Your right Captain about level while firing…but from the top, which I think is what his question was, the initial movement loads down with both shoulders actually staying put to allow lowering the COG first. :slight_smile: RR

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Anyway…the cryptic message was down…“down a 12-piece bucket” - “dig down deep” - “taking a question down to a new level”.

Sorry guys…just having a little fun…no more cryptic stuff from ratville. :laughing: RR

I could be wrong about this . . . . but in the ABS version of Hitting . . . seems like some of the greats seem to have the right shoulder ON TOP of the left arm . . . kinda like they are pressuring left arm down almost by what I think of as trying to connect the tip of the right shoulder to that pocket thingie on top of the left elbow? Seems like a lot of cats that swing in a way that from down the line their body “hides” the handle or butt cap they seem to get the right shoulder working ON TOP of the left arm to keep the handle pressure down and not raise up and shoot out to the right . . . which to me looks like the shoulder works “underneath” the left arm?

That would be a flat or level turn of the shoulders thru impact where most go very steep with the shoulders or under

I like the right shoulder feeling low on the downswing, but to get the shoulders level through and beyond impact the right shoulder is going to need to move from low to high feeling. This deals with internal pressures within the body and torso.
I teach students how to do this in the module work.

If you go with the high right shoulder right from the top… that can work also, but you have to incorporate the fast right arm straightening on the downswing, which some people can do. I know Mac O was big on this move back in the 80’s. Not sure what he teaches now on that. Hal Sutton another good example of that move.

So will it be right to feel the right shoulder very very low at P3 and very very high at P4. I think there is a dynamic of power involved in that.

Sure, because if you do it right, you get a transfer of energy moving through the torso that way from one side to the other.

I thought these were pretty good . . .




I edited the post to show one of the videos playable directly on site…it’s a good one and shows some great insight

Not sure about the title and who humps goats?.. :smiley:

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That’s just a fantastic video. The Ross Fisher/Hogan comparison to start says all you’ll ever need to know about intentions through the zone. It’s almost funny…
Thanks for posting that, 12… great stuff. Is that made by the same golfbulldog that’s a member here does anyone know?

I would assume so . . . . if you go to the golfbulldog’s youtube page he has several really good videos . . . . There’s goat #2

and this one was great I thought too . . . hogan hip slide on backswing]



That’s a really cool series of photos you posted at the start of this thread, and it’s an issue I’ve thought long and hard about. It’s tough to deny the reality of some of the images, but the feel vs. real debate is always interesting as are their values in terms of intent. Sergio is one of the guys that I’m drawn to in particular, since he loads so hard down into his right leg and foot at the start down. I tend to believe that the higher the right shoulder, the harder you’ll be inclined to go into the leg- it’s a yin yang thing on some level… the less you do one thing, the more you’ll tend to do the other. Sergio does go into a spinal tilt sort of motion off the right leg, especially with the driver, but it’s just prior to impact- a sort of 'pushing against, and, in turn, away from impact. It’s a fascinating area for sure, lots to discuss and figure out about it. Overall, Sergio is really unbelievable for the constant ground pressure through his swing. If ever there was a case for it, particularly in the modern game, he’s it.
I have a video that I’ll add if I can find it- he’s actually one of the first guys that got me fascinated with loading into the right leg from the top… him and DL3…