Rat Droppings

People in my parts call me the Crazy Rat, so might as well let it out from time to time…and a little music is always good for the soul.

Some people use Tour Tempo timing, some use metronomes, or other things…Tom Watson liked the song Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. Now that would be nice for a stroll in the park on a summer morning watching your favorite pet prance about with pride and freedom, but what do hitters use? How do we float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? If you want to sense how fast Mr. Hogan’s firing action was with the body from P3 to low point, you might find some interesting changes in this song along with opposing forces of angelic design and demonic layering…or what I call Rat Tempo. A nice set of headphones, red pills, and an impact bag and all is well.

Enjoy… :slight_smile:


I’m just going to stay over here in my own rat hole and have some fun with my headphones on!

No participation required, or expected. Not long for active involvement within the forum, and I want to leave some personal rat droppings from time to time in appreciation for the marvelous time spent here. Here’s one of my favorite images…ever tighten or loosen a screw? In order to not strip the head slots, one has to keep constanst download pressure until the torgue releases it’s hold. The constant torque…hold on, I have to change songs…ok, back :laughing:…is the mechanical advantage.

From the top…if one downloads the shoulders straight down into the green slot the pressure has been applied. I sometimes imagine standing on such a large screw, and fold my arms behind my back. Now with just your shoulders, how would one loosen the screw? And the right foot?..it has to hold too, or the shoulders will surely slip, become loose in the slot and strip the head. I know what some mean as dropping in the slot…but I know what I think of when dropping in the slot.

From the art board… :sunglasses:

RR, that face is staring at me… spooky.

wait, that’s not a face. It’s a diagram. WAY cool. 'cuz it triggered another lightbulb for me.

The Rat just proved why you keep your right foot down into impact.

I believe the apropos word is “elegant.”


In his comments about swing thoughts, TM had the following thoughts:

This is a very powerful aspect to strive for in order to hit with speed and power. In drumming terms, it is called the Moeller Technique…nothing new…but simply a must for speed and power…and has a close relationship to late loading. The attention is on how the R wrist bows as the stick strikes again downward. Same kind of deal with late loading of the hands and wrists. Here’s a quick look compliments of Youtube and with great assistance from IOZ!


This is compelling stuff RR.

Here’s one of my images and feels for breaking on through to the other side with the pivot which saves R arm. Go at it as hard as you wish- all you need is to imagine the doors that you encounter everyday…it’s on the other side!

Another Rat-O-Gram:

And while I’m inspired…you guessed it :laughing:


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Stay tuned. Even in the 60’s there were signs everywhere…if you knew where, and how, to look. What you are about to see is something I saw during my radio show- the home of Dick Enberg- one night long ago in a dark, smoke filled on-air studio. I mean it was the late 60’s…come on!..red pills were everywhere and was standard breakfast material for some :laughing:

A hint…it’s right up in front of your eyes, but you have to turn 90* clockwise to see it. :sunglasses:

This will help and become part of my training. It encourages greater range of motion beyond impact where I need it and a wider stance. Thanks RR.

If one takes the “Electra” design and rotate it a touch you get this:…


A redpill range mat, or visual representation on the ground. I’ll save the add-on art work for those that want to superimpose a 4:30 line and it’s relationship to ball location; shaft angles going back ( 2:00 or 8:00) depending on where you decide to put 12:00 o’clock; shaft angle post impact…it’s all right there in parallels. All you really have to do to make all the lines and angles fit nicely is put in a smaller “O” that’s in that triangle area…and which would represent one’s head. Anyway, that’s how it was before, and is now.

And with that, I would like to bid you all a very fond farewell. It has been a marvelous time here. Beyond Lag and Two which goes without saying, I would like to thank everyone on the forum. And special thanks to Bom, Eagle, Teebox, NRG, Macs, Dani, Robbo, my man Aiguille, 12-piece, Addington, the almighty Captain, and last but not least IOZ- who has helped me along with computer workings that I would still be fumbling around with on my own. If I have forgotten anyone, I really do apologize as it is a prime indicator of the number of brilliant people who contribute here on a mighty fine forum.

If any on you ever get to the SE Michigan area and want to visit the Rat’s Nest…send me a email and we will break open a new lawn chair for you. Only a few requirements: no creased pants, no fancy designer shirts and visors allowed. Standard garb would be ragged jeans, old T-shirts- wife beater style preferred, old worn out shoes and having a look of total indifference while standing on the edge of the envelope.

Seems fitting…entering with a logo and leaving you with one. Hey IOZ…play the Doors song while you do the lines…no not those lines…the other lines. :laughing:

Take care…Rat Out :sunglasses:

Echoing the sentiments of everyone here and also the gallery at Bobby Jones’ famous induction as an honorary citizen of St.Andrews back in 1958

“Will ye nay come back”


Your absence will leave a cosmic void here.
At least we’ve got morsels of your favorite cheese we can gnaw on until you come back for another visit.
When I eventually shoot straight or bring my score down or just have an extra enjoyable round I’ll know you had a lot to do with it.
A wise guy or two ducked when you called their bullshit and held their feet to the fire and that was rock solid good guy grit.

Thanks Champ.

RR, Must have missed something…Why are you leaving? I still remember the day you first posted, plus our little encounter :wink: , seems like yesterday, yet you have obviously developed some serious keyboard skills in a short space of time!


Your on a walkabout and will later catch up on stuff, right?
Like, just catching some R&R, RR? :laughing:


Just saw this stuff.

Hopefully only taking Mall Rat shopping, or catching up on chores…or maybe a trip back to the gulf for some preventative work on the oil rigs.

We’ll wait patiently for your return RR… keeping our ears to the ground, and eyes peeled.

Here’s a riddle for the rail road, Range Rat. It’ll give you something to think about while you’re sittin’ on your porch whittlin’ wood… in the snow :slight_smile:
Elliot Smith.jpg

Have fun whatever you are doing Rat, don’t stay away too long. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d keep RR’s thread going with some good music- hopefully until his return… so in honour of today’s sad passing of The White Stripes…


Take needed time… we all hope you are in good health and this would not be the reason for your departure.
Such a sudden exit leaves us all wondering certainly.

Hope to have you back soon.

In the event you don’t return, you will be greatly missed, and I am most gracious for your many inspiring posts and insights.

As they say…

“We’ll keep the light on for ya”

RR kindly sent me a message…he just wants to chill out for a while…he is ok.