Post your new ebay purchases


I don’t have any details about those, but I’ve always liked the look of that aluminum insert in a nice blonde head. Something about the “rounded” look of the VIPs that is so appealing.

Those look awesome… nice find,


Beautiful find.

I couldn’t find a topic like this around, so I figured I’d start one. There’s just so much great(worthless :unamused: ) stuff to find on there.
If I could restore clubs I’d be all over these- especially the one the black dot in the centre, the grain in the face looks so pure! … 146wt_1152

good idea for a thread Bom, however, I think to avoid in fighting if someone is interested they should declare their interest. No point in a load of ABS guys bidding against each other!

Crap! Good point, Styles. Maybe I opened a can of worms that we should just close again. I sometimes wondered were we all driving the prices up by ourselves- that would be funny. We could post the things we don’t want but then if someone else had their eye on it then it would be messy. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Now that I think about it a little more, it would be better to PM things we see to the people you would imagine would be interested instead of putting them out for us to bid against eachother. What do you think- is that a better way to do it? Should this thread just skulk quietly backwards out of the room and hope that nobody saw him :confused:

There is actually a thread already going on this topic- 13 pages worth so far!! Hate to give out the bargains but I have enough in my garage already- so go to it boys

Don’t have pics yet, but I walked into a golf shop to kill some time and found a set of 1971 Hogan “Round Sole” 3-E for $29. They have Apex 5 shafts and leather wrap grips! Some days we just get lucky!

I thought I was dreaming remembering that thread- I couldn’t find it anywhere! I was thinking it was a part of the post your ebay purchases… good stuff
Thanks twomasters…

One of my last iron set purchases for a while. I have one more set on the way.

These are some Mac PT3’s from 1958. I hit the 6-iron a few times over the weekend… it’s a very solid feeling club. These are a full half-inch shorter than standard and almost an inch shorter than my usual specs … I think that’s how clubs were in the late 50’s. I’m thinking of keeping this set “as-is” (old loft specs, Propel Action #3 shafts) other than some flattening of the lie angles and new grips (the leather ones are simply too slick).

pt3's 001.jpg
pt3's 002.jpg
pt3's 003.jpg
pt3's 004.jpg


Nice one Robbo! I really like the shorter clubs in the older sets witha 5 iron at 37.5 or 37 inches.

Cheers, G

[b]I agree on lengths—

and i sure understand about the grips—the all original clubs we are buying arent worth that much money,
but it is stll hard for me to rip off those old original grips!! Most of them have that original “cap” on the
butt end—so slick you can barely hold on, yet it hurts me every time put a knife to them…[/b]

Very true! I left my Hagen 2i intact just to keep that original grip and cap, only problem is when I need to hit that club I run a serious risk of throwing the club with the ball! :laughing:

How about the way they put those old leather grips on??!!

Replacing/re-gripping the leather grips of the PT3’s went something like:

  1. Cut the lower plastic band on the grip and pry it off.

  2. Unwrap the leather from bottom to butt end.

  3. Unwrap some sort of “paper underlay”… approx 100 yards of it per grip.

  4. Clean up any paper underlay that’s still attached to the shaft… btw what IS that adhesive they used? Tar?

  5. Try and clean up any remaining “tar” left on the grip with solvent (gloves are mandatory).

  6. Cut the butt cap retainer off in 50 small chunks.

  7. Install new grip and realize the shaft diameters are smaller so you have to build up the shaft with tape.

Re-grip 8 irons and you can justify missing a module 3 workout cause your arms/hands are so fatigued!


robbo-my hands are tired just reading !
And now—without further ado—we have the prize of the month[/size]!

1957 MacGregor MT M85W Super Eye-O-Matic Tourney




[b]I am cranky and cynical about 98% of my day ( I trade the markets) but when I unwrapped these babies,
I damn near had a tear in my eye—soooo beautiful…

Guys, I know it sounds insane—but these are the ones I wrote about not too long ago—

29 dollars…[/b]



And at that price!



Absolutely stunning! Great buy, very envious. :laughing:

Redheads are sweet too!!! :laughing:

My first set of Spalding irons. We used to always chuckle about Top Flite’s… referring to their balls as “Rock-Flites”, but I’m beginning to think that their irons were way under-rated. I’ve been lusting for a set of Birdie on Ball’s for a while now, but never came across a decent deal. These were less than $50.

This set of TF Tour Editions (mid-80’s) are amazingly similar to my KZG Zero Offsets… what goes around comes around. After taking a full inventory of my sets I’m done with vintage iron purchases for awhile, unless I see a nice set of Wilson’s pop up. :slight_smile:



Bird on the Balls always look nice Robbo!

I picked up these MacGregor MT Tourney Irons today from a local ebay seller - 2-10 irons. They are in almost unused shape and have Mac Tourney steel #1 shafts which I think are stiff. From what I am led to believe they are not a particularly sort after model but they feel pretty heavy and have quite a thick top line which just looks like lots of mass to me so I like it.




Split soles? Mine have the “1” shafts and they feel very very stiff, more like an X.

btw…when do we put you on “ebay probation”? :smiley: Thank God I’m done with vintage iron searching… in the back of my mind I always felt I might be bidding against you!!!