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Nice Work Neil!,

Those GIF’s (whatever the hell that stands for ! :smiley: ) are awesome…
Right perfect examples of the MOD2 squeeze… directly in my wheel house for studying!


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Love these Neal!!
keep em’ coming!!

Looks like you found some fun NRG doing the GIF’s. One of these days maybe I will get around to an attempt of putting one together, but I’m fine with the computer skills I have now…just enough to get me by. :laughing:

Always liked Faldo for some reason, not sure why but maybe because he always seemed to have mental command in all he did…no fooling around, straight business. I also liked how he used an extreme split hand drill as an awareness activity. :slight_smile:

I remember showing you how to do a GIF RR :slight_smile: so no excuses and get giffing ASAP :slight_smile:))
great stuff Neil!

Hi IOZ…nice to hear from Red Pill City once again.

I think, but not sure, maybe you did link me up to the GIF site for a download. I do remember you leading me to the Paint.net program which I have a pretty good handle on now, enough to do and communicate my thoughts. I think, without going back to the site, the GIF stuff looked initially intimidating. I do recall downloading it onto my computer, but have since deleted it, because I couldn’t make heads or tails of it at the time.

How’s the photography business going. :slight_smile:

This should be child’s play for a techie like you Ratter.

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Hogan p3 to p4.gif



Watching Hogan and Player on the same page really help me absorb the movements better. I can see the ground pressures better with these animated GIFs

Great visual post here.

What we see with these great swings is everything moving together in unison, particularly visible with the hips. Shoulders, hips, hands all moving together.

In the modern swings of today’s typical pro player, the hips stall and don’t move through impact because there is no true core connection, so the players are having to rely upon an arm and hand throw into impact which is much more difficult to time especially with the longer clubs.

We don’t see consistent great driving of the ball like we did in the past.

The martial arts principal of driving controlled accurate power from the chi or core is still most desirable to achieve greatness.

There are reasons we are not seeing the next “Hogan”.

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Those are really good visuals i especially like the one of Player. And it’s very impressive that they’re hitting drivers because alot of players can make good swings and keep everything moving together through impact with shorter clubs but not many do it like this with the driver. I am still a ways away from being able to do it like this under pressure in tournaments but the closer i get to this the better i hit it.

Tiger looks pretty good imo whereas Rory couldn’t look less ABS if he tried.



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I think from p3 to p4 Calvin Peete may have been the best when it comes to the hips, shoulders and hands working together. I would be interested to see what a gif with Bryon Nelson would look like because it always looks to me that he gets somewhat stalled post impact, but i could be wrong, and even if he did he obviously had great control over the ball.



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for reference…:cough:cough
As good a player as this guy is…(Bubba flipped to a righty)…this is just not going to be controlled very often and certainly will not be controlled by Joe Average who plays on weekends and has a 9-5 job-- the legs and trunk and shoulders make almost ZERO movement for approx 12 frames here…or for almost 4-6 feet of clubhead movement


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That’s amazing his hips dont move at all, and you can see his right arm straightening the whole way through. His torso does open up a bit, but the shoulders turn very steep. He’s obviously using a swingers release, but there are many people with a swingers release who dont stall the pivot like this. Greg Norman with driver looked like more of a swingers release, but he obviously never got stalled like this.