New MAcs projects

Hey guys,

I posted on here awhile ago about my Taylormade Irons. Those clubs are working out well and I have played them with the new set up several times now.

I just thought i would update you on my new project.

I just picked up a set of Mac 75s off of ebay. 10 bucks! Score!

Going to be putting some super stiff project xs into them. (Ebay 20 bucks)

Anyway, is reshafting the clubs as easy as heating up the iron head. Pulling the shaft. and then drilling out the hole in the head of the iron to match?

When I used to reshaft clubs as a kid I remember it being about that easy.



If you heat up the hosel area for about a minute, you should be able to just twist the head off, wear an oven glove.

When reshafting, make sure you rough up the tip of the shaft so the epoxy has something to key on to and put a bung of tape in the tip of the shaft to stop the epoxy breaking free and rattling inside the shaft.

Have never drilled out the head to fit the shaft, I think Lag did that and injured his shoulder so careful. Can you not find some shafts to fit the existing hosel?

Don’t forget about the pins. M75 heads are pinned which makes those sorts of projects a bit dicey to me.

I’ve not tried to remove pins from a full set of irons so I can’t say with any real conviction just how tough/easy it is. I stay away from reshafting “projects” when it comes to irons when possible. Not that it can’t be done but I don’t think I have the tools to do it easily.

I think Lag messed up his shoulder trying to get a “stubborn” pin out, not trying to rebore a hosel. All the more reason I don’t mess with de-pinning irons. A good clubmaker can probably do it easily so I’m willing to pay a few bucks to have him do it.


De-Pinning take practice, but now I can do it extremely easily. Took me about 2 sets to get it right. You will need to get a punch tool from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Then you just have to work on hitting the pin directly with the punch. Once you knock the pins out it is a simple as you explained. Heat and then pull them off.

Iron of Zion has a couple of blog entries about the re-shafting process. Hopefully he reads this and can send you the link.


How do you support the head when you punch the pins out? Do you use a vise or something else?

No doubt I’ve “passed” on a nice set of older clubs just b/c I didn’t want to mess with the pins. I’d love to know how to do it without too much effort. :slight_smile:


impact_bag might have found a better way, but I just put a piece of rubber (or wood) on the floor on which I can lay the club with the pin hole facing up. I just secure the club by putting my foot on it :blush: and then punch out the pin with hammer and a punch tool. Don’t forget to make sure you leave some room so the pin can come out.
The most difficult part I think is to keep the punch tool from scratching the neck around the pin-hole.

Thanks IoZ!

No one said it had to be fancy! I have a few pinned sets I bought long ago that need different shafts but I haven’t done anything with them yet. I’ll have to give your process a go.

Here’s a link to my experience with pins- maybe it will be helpful. It was the first time I’d tried it, and it was a hell of a lot easier than I thought it was going to be… maybe I just got lucky…


Thanks Bom… I’d forgotten about that thread. IoZ also sent some good info that validates your approach.

As an aside, I just scored a really nice set of Apex II’s (black silouette) with Apex Vector 4 shafts in them. No re-shafting anticipated with this set! I’m anxious to try them out as Lag had some good things to say about that shaft, and what a good looking head! :slight_smile:



I do use a vise. I put the soft rubber clamp that is designed to hold the shaft in a vice and I slide it over the ferrel down and hold a little bit of the head. Then put it in the vise and use the punch tool. IOZ’s advice to make sure you have room for the pin to come out is priceless, as my first club got stuck because I didn’t leave enough room to let the pin come out.

If my description is not clear I can take a photo of the club in a vise to help out.

Thanks IB… would love a pic to clarify what you did. Never enough options when it comes to these club re-works!

Unfortunately having the ability to easily change shafts may open up my ebay “window”. I was better off having to limit myself to irons already shafted with something suitable.

Arnie - HELP!!!


Wow Thanks Guys!

This thread really blew up. Im pretty sure i can get the pins out and luckily I have punch sitting in my tool box. No hammer guess I can just hit it with a big rock LOL

Thanks for all the suggestions and if I can figure out how to post pics I will post some once i get the project done.

Thanks again


I have gone through a fair bit with taking old shafts out. For the pins it is easier to cut the shaft 3 or 4 inches and drill through the pin. that way it might actually move a little and wont get stuck when you punch it. The worst I have seen is after the pin. I have heated some irons to red hot and still wont come out. I think in some clubs the two metal make some kind of bond. If you end up with that the best solution is to use turn in a couple of sizes of Tap (and die) e.g 9 then 10. It just cuts through the shaft in a more controlled way. Can also be used for altering hosel bores.

Got the new macs today. Unwrapped them and they look pretty awesome.

Has anyone played with sharpening the grooves on these? Is there anything I need to be worried about such as the metal being really soft or anything like that?


So…started on the Macs last night.

Got the first pin out. It actually came out really easily. A few smacks with a hammer and pin and out it came.

Tried to work on several others. No such luck. No heat nothing. Looks like Im going to have to get a drill and drill through the pin from above. Was really hoping i wouldnt have to monkey with that but looks like its inevitable.

Thanks all


Looking for suggestions on how to get the shafts out. I have all of the pins out of the clubs now but cant seem to get the shafts out. Am I going to have to buy a shaft puller? I cant have gotten two out but the rest seem to rusted in.

Any thoughts?

Cut off the shaft a couple of inches from the hosel and insert a metal rod that fits inside the shaft. Now you can clamp the piece of the shaft that sticks out of the hosel in a vice. The rod prevents the shaft from breaking and it also gives the vice something to clamp on to.
Now heat up the hosel with the torch and twist of the head once the epoxy breaks…

This should do the trick. Your perseverance will be rewarded, trust me :slight_smile:

Seems like that would work except I dont have a vice. Any other thoughts. About the best i have it a large pipe bolted to the floor. I jammed the head in there early and was able to twist the handle to get my 5 iron removed.

How about drilling a hole through the shaft placing a screw driver through the shaft and then jamming the head in the pipe twisting on the screwdriver for more leverage? Does that have a chance?

Im sitting studying right now and I call can think about is whether i should tip my shafts a half an inch or not…


You really have to get a vise, all men need vises (both types).

But if not you can do what Lag mentioned one day about how they use to change lofts in the car park of a tournament: Just park a car wheel on top of the clubface. That should hold it sturdy enough to be able to twist out the shaft.

If it doesn’t shift, try pouring down some WD40 and let it sit for a bit. Try again.

If you still can’t move it, you’ll have to drill out the shaft like they do when shafts snap right at the hosel. No big deal apart from obtaining the right drill bit (3/8" will probably be too big).

Lol I didnt read my post. Thats what studying for 12 hours will do to you. Makes it so you are unable to communicate. I know I need a vise. But I have to move In about two months and then every 6 To 8 weeks for the next 2 years. That is the state of medical education unfortunately.

On the bright side I should get to play some great course along the way which will be fun. Sort of like a golfing tour of America :slight_smile:

I will try the car trick next time I’m home. I feel like that may work. Thats been the hardest part so far is wedging the club head. I will keep working and post pics when I get them finished out! Its going to be awhile at this rate only get a couple hours a week to bang on them so we will see how it goes. I have hit the 4i that I finished up last week but I hit it sky high. may have to adjust the lofts as well.

Thanks for the tips everyone. This is one of the best forums out there and you guys are so nice to help out a newb