My first attempt at flattening woods

Here is my first attempt at flattening and refinish this is a hogan 3 wood . I wanted to try on some laminates before a nice persimmon. They are 49 degrees and I have to say they set up great and feel amazing! More pics of the driver later.

all three 1,3,4. Im pretty happy I spent a lot of time working on the necks trying to make them look good. My frying pans look ridiculous by comparison……I love the flatter feel.


Then look great and I am sure you will love hitting them.
Nothing like the connection you will have to a club you personally tooled to your own eye.

I can’t even look at a frying pan driver. Not just the huge head, but the toe way up in the air is not going to play well for me.

Keep us posted, and good luck with your next project… a nice piece of persimmon.

What I find frustrating is that for many years I played the Titleist 975 or 905 driver which although being metal had a very small head not too much bigger than a persimmon. I hit the thing well and it was my favorite driver. Back then the best part of my game was my driving hitting a lot of fairways AND strangely enough I had a flat swing that was very repeatable consistency was a huge part of my game. I used to say to my buddies ." I don’t know what Im going to do if I ever break this thing because I sure can’t hit the big toaster on a stick clubs" Ultimately. and foolishly, I succumbed to peer pressure and retired my trusty old stick and bought into the new technology. First off everything went left big time i couldn’t hit it at all but I persevered and in the process destroyed what swing I had. This is one of the reasons why abs resonates with me deeply and why I feel Im on the right path.

Im looking for some nice set of persimmons to do now!!

I can’t believe I played with the frying pan. It looks like circus golf to me now lol

Project number two I’m going to try and put in this insert material and stain it dark like the Cleveland aL44 with the gamma fire insert. You can’t really tell from the pic but the persimmon has really nice grain hopefully it will turn out nice !

So I decided to use a hogan persimmon as my test bed for the new insert so here we are so far.

Cutting lines in the face. Filled and ready for drilling.

that is fabulous, I’m jealous

how did you shape the material?
I have tried and not been successful

What tool did you use to cut the new grooves?

Hey there all the shaping and cutting was done with a hacksaw and file. Some basic shaping with a dremel also. The score lines were cut with a file and a metal ruler.

So here we are shafted at 47 degrees x100 tipped an inch stained and ready for a tidy up before clear coat?

If anyone has a good tip for a good clear Im all ears?
Im guessing 2k epoxy would be the best ?
image copy.jpeg

Went with my usual clear not too sure how it will hold up but this is kind of a proof of concept club lol.
When the snow melts I will give it a whirl………I have a Mizuno block and a mac Im going to give the same treatment too.
Got to say this is fun stuff!
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

You’ll really love how the ball flies off the face with the Gamma Fire.

I really want to do a deep face driver.

I wonder how much distance is gained with frying pans PURELY because it gives the player much greater leeway for hitting UP on the ball.

Im looking forward to trying it John my range is going to be a fun place!

Great looking job, Ian! Do you spray on or dip your finish?

Its Duplicolor clear………Not that happy with it because it shrinks so much for weeks after application.
I would like to spray them with 2k clear but you don’t want to do than inside and you NEED a good mask.
It still too cold for spraying here in Indiana so next project I will wait for better weather to finish.

It’s a nice finish. I used to dip mine in MinWax poly.

Wow! Sweet looking club, nice job.

This Indiana winter sure is making me productive . I have another couple of try outs shaping up we will see if they have any game!!
The larger block is a Mizuno and I will give the gamma fire insert the other is a mac muirfield not really too sure what to do with that. The existing insert looks nice.
The mizuno has really pretty grain I think.