Las Vegas TRGA Championship

Scores on the TRGA site

Bradley takes a one shot lead into the Sunday shooting a solid 69.

Here’s my take on the day…
Not sure if Bradley will be online until after the event.

I shot 70 with 6 birdies. 32 on the back nine with 4 kick in birdies. So after a rough start, 2 over after 3 holes it really was ball striking that saved me later in the round. The greens were really quick so I felt a bit spooked on the front nine by their speed… as I kept rolling them out 5 or 6 feet past, missed a couple coming back so I had 3 three putts on the front for a 38. I did make two nice putts for two birdies on #4 and #5 after a two over start after three holes which got me back to even, but I three putted 6 and 8… from above the hole. Tough fast putts coming down the slopes.

But I hit shots to 3 feet on 12, 1 foot on 13, 3 inches on 17 and hit 18 in two with the persimmon 2 wood off the deck from 245 for a two putt birdie.

Now Bradley… he played a nice solid round shooting 69. An eagle on 15 to within 3 feet with a 3 wood from 250 yards was the shot of the day. Bogey on 14. On the front he hit #4 in two for a two putt birdie, and he birdied #8 the par 3 from 3 feet.

So tomorrow should be fun. Looks like just the two of us in it unless someone else really goes low… Vic Wilk had some kind of troubles today… not sure the story on that… I think other scores around 77 and up.

So it should be a good time tomorrow. Nothing better than a good comp with the classic gear on a fine old school shotmakers track.

Was the first day called off or is it a two round tournament? TRGA site says 14-16 Jan?


The 14th is the practice round, so it’s really a 2-day event.

Looks like an ABS “shootout” tomorrow!

Play well gentlemen!


Did anybody else from ABS show up to play the net flight?

Great stuff, lads. I hope you’re charging admission in to watch the show! It sounds like a bit of a rematch from days of yore :wink:
Play well…

macs and 1teebox made it out to play also. They also got an hour personal lesson after lunch from Lag. They were both making some nice moves at the end of practice from the up close tuition

OK…1991 Windsor Classic in Canada…Lag was one stroke up on me going to the final day and that’s how it ended up. I am looking for a reversal of fortune tomorrow seeing I have the one stroke advantage this time :imp:
It would have been great to have some more of you guys get to Vegas. Hopefully next year. Maybe in the future also we can do a 5 day trip somewhere for lessons, modules and afternoon golfing on the course…probably some late night activities too :laughing: Hands up who thinks that would be cool…maybe in Bermuda at Port Royal where Knudson made his video we all love to watch…just a thought

Going to US is definitely in the plan to learn more from the masters :wink: Playing with Two, Lag and other students would be awesome :smiley:

How about Royal Backworth. :laughing:

Well played fellas, good luck today.

Hey Lag, you must be disappointed about the big hitters making 2 putt birdies on some of those par 5s and ruining a classic course :laughing:

Sounds like fun anyway, may the best man win!

What is in everybody’s bag? Also, is there a standard for the ball and what modern ball is being used?

its all in the link budman.

Not sure if they have a ball restriction but irons are pre -90, woods are just that and no loft on wedge more than 56 degrees (I think).

I Have in my bag
1948 Hogan Macgregor persimmon driver,
a speed slot Hogan 3 wood
a Macgregor MT 4 wood
2 iron thru 7 iron Wilson Dynapowers 1968
8-PW Hogan Bounce Sole 1+ 1964?
and a Wilson JP sand iron from 1977
Billy Casper Wilson putter

It is cool as they also let us wear steel spikes and quite frankly they do no damage to the greens by walking on them. It’s a travesty that nearly every course have banned them.
Everyone is given a dozen balls that we have to all use…so it’s the same ball for all… They are some soft feel low compression Srixon… balatas are too hard to find for that many players to all use

I think Lag has some 1962 Hagen Ultras as irons and an assortment of other wedges and persimmons and his chip roller putter

I’ve never heard of such rules. :open_mouth: What kind of crazy made-up Rules are these? :unamused: These are anything but “traditional” rules! :laughing: Why not play according to THE Rules of the game - the way the game is supposed to be played? :question: Obviously the people that adopted these crazy rules endorse NOT playing by the rules… :astonished: How many mulligans are allowed? :laughing:

You may putt with the pin in the hole.

If you are off the green, the pin stays in.

You may give and receive advice on the course, but are not required to do so…

You may tap down spike marks, ball marks, and fix the cup.

There are no provisional balls.

Lost ball, out of bounds, lakes, brush and hazards are viewed as universally unplayable. The player plays the next shot with a one stroke penalty from the center of the fairway perpendicular to where the ball is last believed to be resting (not where the ball last crossed a hazard or boundary or bounced to), and then proceeds backwards 30 yards.

You guys have fun! :smiley:

Welcome back Golow, some positive words as usual!!

ALL these rules were in place through the history of golf. Even in the 60’s you could still leave the pin in when you putted even in pro golf
The dropping was also in place. It’s still stroke and distance and speeds up play. You either hit the ball or you don’t and take a penalty in the process
You are allowed to fix a ball mark, why not a spike mark if it is in the line.

I think half of America and probably the world plays by these rules anyhow.Your normal club golfer drops balls everywhere…‘Yeah I think it went it here’… they never go back to the tee and rehit even for lost balls or OOB. They drop all wrong in hazards because no-one knows the rules. They tap down everything on a green.
What difference does it make if the rules are the same for everyone? The rules of golf need to be made basic and understandable. That is what TRGA does. You hit the ball from where it lies OR you drop back and out 30 yards for one stroke penalty. Instead of having to worry about line of sight and where it entered and all the other stuff that no-one except at the top level obeys anyhow.
I thought it was easy to understand and helped speed things up and is certainly more in tune with all the golfing ‘cheats of the world’ anyhow. If no-one can play by the proper rules anyhow why not make it simple.
Even dropping the ball over your shoulder brings back great memories of not being able to pick a perfect spot to drop on when releasing the ball from eye/shoulder level out in front
Neither Lag or myself had to take a drop so that rule didn’t apply. None of us hit the pin with a putt… so we played by whatever normal rules you think exist and should be played by…so it is really no drama.

Well, well, well…after just over a year on this computer, I have finally discovered what a computer virus is!

It’s something unexpected…arrives at opportunistic times…advances nothing, only seeks to derail…and the sender receives ego driven amusement from the process…like a high…and all from afar!

You seem to have a good command of computers Go Low…is my definition correct?

Whilst I don’t agree with Go Low regarding the rules of the TRGA (as far as I am concerned its their tournament, they can run it how they like) I am aghast by what you say about the breaking of the rules that is prevalent in US Golf Hugo.

I can assure you that no one I play with takes incorrect drops and defintely no one taps down spike marks. Given the number of golf forums I frequent I can tell you that every non-american site I have been on has a resident “rules-doc” and usually a part of their forum devoted to questions on rules and rulings. There are often lots of queries on the rules. I have never seen anything similar on any of the US sites I frequent though.

It seems to me that US golfers have a more flexible approach to rules than the rest of the world!

One last thing, the rules of golf are pretty simple, as long as you adhere to the basic premise of “play the ball as it lies” you’ll be alright. The idea of going to the middle of a fairway and walking back 30 yards really does strike me as odd though, I find it hard to believe that was ever played.

Anyway, this is a side issue, who won??? :smiley:

That rule is to speed up play…which is on the verge of ridiculous these days at any level of golf.
You get penalized 1 stroke and you lose distance also…stroke and distance…you may gain an advantage from an OB or a lost ball or unplayable but you lose out on a hazard.
It cuts out 3 or 4 of the 5 mins looking for the ball…it cuts out the 5mins walking back to where you last played the stroke…and it is the SAME rule for everyone. I honestly don’t see a problem.
I will guarantee that 50% of the club golfers I play with and 50% of the pro am partners I play with just drop one where they think the ball was anyhow and go from there…breaking the rules because that isn’t the same for everyone when they do it that way…so they are therefor basically playing by the TRGA rules when they take these kinds of illegal drops…
What does it matter anyhow?..if everyone plays by the same rules and you can speed up the pace of play…why not

Anyhow for the governing rules associations to allow spring effect drivers and putters with alignment aids and long and belly putters that you can anchor to your body and irons that make mishits permissible it is not what golf was intended to be like

Quote below from the USGA website

"We are golf’s governing body that is passionate about dedicated to and expert in the game of golf
We serve everyone who loves and respects the game of golf
Our promise based on a shared love and respect for golf, we preserve it’s past, foster it’s future and champion its best interests for everyone who enjoys the game

I believe this is sadly misquoted when you look at the route equipment has taken and the way the old great courses are now not playable due to distance issues of the ball and equipment…good lord they even take away the right to use golf spikes that give you traction by letting courses take the action they have by banning steel spikes…if they can’t get this stuff right who says their belief of the rules is perfect and well thought out to accommodate all concerned.
Apparently everyone now has the greatest equipment, the most forgiving stuff to play with, clubs you can clamp to your body… and golf now costs more…takes longer to play…most courses are unwalkable as well so that fitness or enjoyment factor and part of golf has also been taken away…and golf is more dangerous with balls whizzing everywhere sometimes a fairway wide because distance is the main ingredient in people’s minds so they just wail away and endanger everyone around them.
I think they (USGA) using their quote as an example, have protected very little in the game of golf except their own interests…

As for your other question Styles…I managed to sneak in and win the TRGA Championship. I shot 69-74 at Las Vegas National Golf Club beating out Lag by 2 strokes
It was a fun event. It was a little sad the participation level was down because it truly is a great way to play golf and is exactly how golf was played for one hundred or five hundred or more years if you want to go way back
It was a joy to have hit the middle of the clubface with a tee shot. And a joy to hit clubs longer than 9 irons and wedges into greens. A joy to have to hit 3 and 4 woods into par 5 holes. The course played to it’s true par because every hole was defined by the par it was given. No driveable Par 4 holes. Par 5 holes were you had to hit a wood 2nd shot in your attempt to go for it. Par 3 holes weren’t too long but today I hit 6 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron and 4 iron (wrong club on that one on 16 :blush: ) to small greens that were well guarded by bunkers but also gave you a run up option if that was your choice …
Drives had to be shaped around bunkers or into the landing area and not just bombs away over any obstacle. The trees were right in the perfect spot to obstruct a misplaced drive. It was a great course designed 60 years ago or so and played exactly as it was designed to be played. I would hate to play that course with metal jumbo jets because I would be hitting wedges into every par 4 and mid irons into the par 5 holes so it would make a mockery of the course. They have no extra land at LVNational to lengthen the holes hence a great course was taken from the Las Vegas Invitational roster when the course became too short for PGA golf about 14 years ago.
In the clubhouse it has history of the winners there…Sanders, Nicklaus, Trevino, Lema, Mahaffey, Geiberger, Casper… a whos who of golf…now gone off to extinction with the dinosaurs.
Let’s hope next year some more people will join in and sign up to play the TRGA Championship and feel the buzz of playing golf how it was invented to be played… where shot shaping, positioning and well struck shots were rewarded and poor shots were penalized unless you could manufacture a great recovery. It will certainly give some people a true reference to how they are swinging the club in real golfing terms and principles and help people long term with their game

Two and Lag,

Thank you for posting. I was on the TRGA site last night to gather whatever information I could. It is great you guys are out having fun and enjoying your play together.

It’s sad that a few have to try and take something good and make it about themselves. :blush: Two, you have much more patience than I do. Both you and Lag are stand-up people.

Have a great time!!! :smiley: