Hybrid on the 72nd Hole @ 2009 PGA...

Did anyone else get uncomfortable watching YE Yang “Smooth” a HYBRID into the green on the 72 Hole of the PGA Championship last year.


As talented as YE Yang is, I think that if he had “Tigers Bag” he would have never been able to hit that shot with a long iron.


Tiger Woods?

Styles, this is hilarious btw… it needs to be acknowledged!

I must be missing something ??

Am I the butt of a joke here ???

No, not at all, man… it’s funny because you asked did anyone get uncomfortable watching Yang hit that shot, and you’d have to say that out of everyone in the world watching it, Tiger was probably the most uncomfortable of the lot- because it was the nail in the coffin of his loss etc…a discomfort, but a different sort of discomfort than the one you were referring to which is why it was funny… that Styles guy is pretty sharp with the wit… I was surprised it hadn’t gotten a reaction so I wanted to give him his due…

No harm, no foul…

My apology for suggesting such behavior. I’m a little slow sometimes.

The other hybrid moment I have in the back of my mind was a few years back…

I think it was Corey Pavin who made a Hole-in-One on a long Par-3. He hit a “Hybrid” of some sort and you could read his body language that he felt a little guilty about the result of the shot.


The 460cc Driver and The Hybrid are the Top-2 Reasons to Hate Golf.

  1. Golf Carts (Mandatory on 95% of the courses in Las Vegas, I can’t even pay for the cart and walk)
  2. Solid Balls
  3. Computer Analysis and Launch Monitors
  4. Big Heads
  5. Hybrids
  6. Soft Spikes
  7. Graphite Shafts
  8. GPS
  9. Range Finders
  10. Belly Putters
  11. Overwatering
  12. Thousands of Chemicals to keep the grass green
  13. 5 Hour Rounds+
  14. No Handicap Minimums to play difficult courses
  15. Not Waving Groups Up on 3 Pars
  16. No Posted Rules of Etiquette
  17. Stupid Marshals if Any
  18. Plumb-Bobbing
  19. 20 Handicaps waiting to hit from 280 out
  20. Waiting for an Official in a Tournament for Every Drop From A Cart Path
  21. Hacks that won’t shut up and stop giving lessons to everyone on the Range
  22. Bad or No Short Game and Bunker Practice Areas
  23. Putting Greens Totally Different from the Greens on the Course
  24. Crap Range Balls and Bad Distance Markers on the Ranges
  25. 5+ Tee Markers Per Hole

Happy Gas: Careful. The golfing gods are watching you and have just declared a two stroke penalty on your next round for blasting a 460 driver and hybrids. Now I know how fond the ABS group is with persimmon and blades, but lets not knock equipment that has made the game fun for many, many people. But not everyone…a quick story–

A man I knew came to my driving range nearly every day for years. He was in his late eighties, could hardly walk or talk, and would take about 10 minutes to walk 50 feet with a very unstable gait. He would back up his old rusty Ford Bronco next to his favorite tee and after lining up his favorite persimmons and blades would proceed to spend nearly the entire day trying to find the magical something. He would take a break, return to his truck, eat lunch and go back to work slamming the elusive dimples until it was dinner time- again, sometimes in the truck. Mind you, his carry distance with his persimmon was about 80 yards.

In time he started urgently requesting that I build him a new “space age” driver. I assumed he couldn’t afford it and I didn’t want to feel like I was robbing him because it might have not made much difference- so I continually talked him and me out of doing it. He proceeded that summer with determination that he could still make that persimmon fly. But he had a look in his eye that only now do I really know what it meant. He continued searching for the magic until he suddenly died. He never found the magic! Perhaps the so widely trashed 460 driver might have given him a gleam in his eye. My worst mistake in golf. :slight_smile: RR


With all do respect…

Golf is NOT about hitting golf shots on a driving range. Golf is about “controlling” your golf ball around a golf course and scoring the best score you can. That is the “Mission Statement of Golf”.

If all you want is to stand up on the driving range and beat balls until dark, then BY ALL MEANS go get yourself a 460cc Driver and Perimeter—Toe Weighted—Flange Handy PLAYERS Club they are pushing via “Editors Choice” in Golf Digest.

You gotta ask yourself…

Do you want to hit high fluffy shots out on the range, or do you want to have some “control” in your life ???

Hybrids, as far as the ‘new technology’ goes, doesn’t bother me as much as far as what it’s doing for golfers.

I game a Mizuno hybrid and it doesn’t look that much different from a persimmon 5-wood I used to have, it just has a shorter shaft. I only use one hyrbrid a 3-hybrid because it goes about as far as a 2-iron off the ground and about as far as a 1-iron off the tee and it doesn’t twist in heavy rough. I wouldn’t be down with using 3-4 hybrids in your set, but I don’t see a big fuss over one hybrid in your bag. I think the drivers, golf balls and GI irons pose a much bigger threat to the game and a golfer’s improvement than hybrids.


Happy Gas:

I’m afraid my point has found its way past your realm of humility- a main attribute of “control”. No matter what you use for equipment, the game has always been about the indian and not the arrow.

Now that I think about it, would it be fair to say that persimmons with trumped up bulge and roll dimensions is a game improvement club since one can gear effect the ball back into play with a poor motion to gain, in your words, “control.”

You’ve gotta write a book LCDV. :smiley: You forgot these ones:

  1. Training gadgets
  2. Vague Local Rules
  3. Ball teeing machines at ranges
  4. Claw, double claw, reverse claw, inverted claw
  5. Zero friction tees
  6. Vanity handicaps
  7. Draw-weighted drivers
  8. Weather suspensions when all greens are still playable.
  9. Remote control carts
  10. Space age looking putters
  11. Nano-technology equipment marketing
  12. Marking and aligning ball from 2 feet
  13. Ball scoops
  14. Self-proclaimed experts
  15. Playing statistics
  16. MDF’s
  17. Slow play fines instead of penalty strokes
  18. Rule phonies
  19. Winter Rules through-the-green
  20. Courses that prohibit carry bags
  21. Manicured rough
  22. Improperly marked oobs and hazards
  23. Coaches claiming stars
  24. Manufacturers suing USGA
  25. Anything Dave Pelz says.

LCDV: Have to agree…you write great stuff. When I read your posts it’s almost like I’m reading a column from a Detroit area sports writer named Pat Caputo. Sounds strange but you sound just like him in print if that makes sense. :smiley: RR

In historical terms, the rescue or hybrid is actually a return to the older days:

Isn’t that what you wanted? :confused: :wink:

Go get kitted out guys!

Some of this stuff you lot come up with I find akin to Napolean and Snowball et al grunting “4 legs good 2 legs bad”

Never read Pat’s stuff bet I’ll take a peek. Mitch Albom is my frigging hero. Nice to see the occasional true renaissance man.

What’s a MDF by the way? And I disagree with No 50. When I’m rich and powerful I’m gonna go Elvis plus one and get stark nekked and shoot the TV every time with a sterling siver .45 when Pelz comes on. It’s a dream of mine.

MDF’s: Made cut, Didn’t Finish - brought in a couple of years ago. If top 70 plus ties represented too many players, they’d give those ties all last place money and send 'em home after Friday so schedules weren’t affected. Not sure if it’s been modified, because the last Players had a 3rd round cut instead but the John Deere was back to 2nd round MDF’s.

You gotta be shitting me. What ever happened to the 10 shot rule? That makes no sense whatsoever. What the fuck does that have to do with schedules? If that happened to me I’d be on the tee at 7 and make them call the cops and make them drag me off the property in cuffs. If you make the cut you can win the thing, period.

Not any more! I’ve just had a look into it and it seems there was a huge player uproar over sending players home who made the cut. I can’t track down the official algorithm but they seem to have changed it under pressure so that if there are 78 or more left after taking top 70 plus ties, they send all 78+ into Saturday and have another cut after day 3, where only the top 70 plus ties go through to Sunday. No wonder players lease their own jets.

Here’s the leaderboard from last year’s John Deere Classic. I recall tipping John Senden and not being happy.