How You Chose Your Forum Name..?

thanks T I

yeah - if truth be told using the lower case was a pretty cool twist, i suppose

ps i’m only on mod1 so i’ve absolutely no idea how to stabalise through dynamic ground forces but i imagine it’ll be more than worth doing when i find out :slight_smile:

Tim - I’m in the same boat as you picking a name. I just combined my first and last name (is that clever enough?)

My love/hate relationship speaks for itself…
im not a club thrower, but I sure feel like snapping one now and then…


damn that’s good !

wish i’d thought of that


Bom is a sort of nickname, and I’m not sure where I came up with ‘golf’, I was feeling inspired, I think. 222 is one of those numbers that, for whatever reason, I kept seeing everywhere, and still do. I decided to look it up to see if it had a meaning and, like everything :unamused: it has some astrological/spiritual meaning connected to being on the right path or something like that- or maybe the wrong path, it’s some path anyway. Basically, my screen name is a fortune cookie. So deep!

Great thread - where’s CheeseDonkey and Prot…I have always wondered what those two names are covering up!

aldear…Andrew L. Dear

Another original moniker…


I thought 430 was being on the right path?

But a great man did once say, ‘the shortest distance between two points, is a straight line… in the opposite direction’. So by that rationale, and as I was saying above, 222 is ‘so deep’.
Do you know who that great man was, Steb? Take one good guess :slight_smile:

I chose my forum name because I’ve never been one to protect a good score or a lead coming in, always wanting to go lower or increase the spread.

joniindo is the name of an indonesian guy who used to rob jewellry store and then got jailed and finally become a good man. I always like bad guy become good, not the other way around.

My avatar is my miura 1957 baby blade :smiley:

As an entry to this thread, I am very excited about joining the Forum. I have golfed for approximately 67 years. My Forum Name came about because when about 13 years old I started caddying at a Country Club 2 miles away. We hitchhiked to and from the golf course and the clubs I used practicing on a nearby football field were old and in bad shape. One of the games we played was to see who could hit the golf ball over the goal posts and using a 7 iron we would open the blade, set our stance at about 45 degrees and cut the ball through the goal posts. The winner was the guy who could knock the golf ball up and over the goal posts from a position closest to the horizontal bar. Over a period of time we came upon a 9 iron and later a wedge. Great fun!! Cut Shot

Great stuff…cutshot
The things we do when we were kids… I bet no-one told you how to play that shot either…you just worked it out

I’ve enjoyed reading this thread.

I’m afraid mine is boring, and probably deluded with grandure.

Prot is from a very fine trio of novels I read a long time ago. The internet was just really getting hot, and my background in IT had me developing old school websites. Technology was taking off… overclocking processors, video cards, building a PC faster, and faster. It was all starting to come together. I felt this was our new universe, and this seemed perfect for Prot (rhymes with Goat).

Prot is an alleged alien in his books from the 90’s which was later turned into a movie in the 2000’s. The move stars Kevin Spacey an Jeff Bridges and received very mixed reviews. But considering the technology times, and how Prot from ‘K-pax’ looked at life, and earth, I felt this was a very positive way to be. To be fresh, and open to idea.

The internet is loaded with quotes from the books/movie. Insightful stuff like:

Prot: I wanna tell you something Mark, something you do not yet know,
that we K-PAXians have been around long enough to have discovered.
The universe will expand, then it will collapse back on itself,
then will expand again. It will repeat this process forever. What
you dont you know is that when the universe expands again,
everything will be as it is now. Whatever mistakes you make this
time around, you will live through on your next pass. Every mistake
you make, you will live through again, & again, forever. So my
advice to you is to get it right this time around. Because this
time is all you have.

This carried through in golf. I try to look at it as a new world as an adult. I am very open to ideas, I never dismiss anything as crazy, or stupid without serious study. The ‘Prot’ in me keeps me positive, and growing as a person as much as a golfer.

Still glad you asked Arnie? :wink:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch

I am arriving a bit late to this party…always been a bit of a slow starter.

I am a surgeon by profession and probably my fondest memory during my training period was the time I spent in Paris completing a fellowship after I had accredited in my specialty. I actually only intended going over there for 6 months but I kept extending it, which meant changing several flats in Paris, but this meant that I got to know all of the city quite well after 18 months. Apart from enjoying the sheer style and culture of the city, I was lucky enough to work for a boss whom I got on with really well and whom I still regard as the finest pair of hands I have ever seen. He taught me how to manoeuvre the surgical needle in a way that I had never seen before, elegant, fast and safe…it was so much better and all about knowing how to do it, it was not easy at first, it required a philosophical resetting of my technical clock…but it yielded a huge technical reward for me.

Hence the name aiguille, a French word… meaning needle or peak…it has a personal relevance to operating (surgical needle) which is something I absolutely love doing, and it also relates to my desire to be as good as I can be at playing golf, which also features high on my list of things that I am passionate about. Don’t get me started about why, it just ticks all the boxes for me.

Good ones Prot and Aiguille.

The good thing K-PAXian is that you are here now so most everything else is crazy and stupid. :wink:

Captain Chaos

That’s a great story, Doc! Coincidentally, I almost went with a French phrase that is more up my alley - “Chauve à col roulé”. However I felt that a bit more cumbersome than Captain Chaos. :wink:

On a serious note, have you taught any up and coming surgeons the technique you learned in France?

Captain Chaos

Great stories, CutShot and Aiguille… thanks a lot for sharing.

CC…don’t really want to bang on about this …but maybe you can glimpse the way I feel about medicine and trainees by this quote…

“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”