How You Chose Your Forum Name..?

It may be a bit of fun to know just why you chose the forum user name that you did… there are some great ones out there amongst you guys…and it seems a good way to introduce yourself amongst others on the forum if you haven’t already done so

I’ll start. :slight_smile:
Teddy is the name of my dog, the one you see in the avatar. He has become my internet persona!
Irons was meant to be a play on Woods, as in Tiger Woods. Yeah a poor attempt at being humorous I know!

I like it Teddy!

Not much to my forum name. I go by Rob (short for Robert) and many years ago the “bo” got added to it by some friends. It’s stuck ever since. So… robbo it is (pronounced rahbo, not rowbo). :smiley:

Mine is just a nick name like Robbo.

you need to know your football (soccer for the yanks) history for mine.

My full name is Andrew Norrby. From Norrby, a friend made the leap to Nobby. From Nobby, you get Nobby Stiles, who was a member of the 1966 English World Cup winning team. From Stiles, you get Styles or if its taken (happens more often than you’d think!) you get stylsie.

Hmmmm?..this one’s going to be hard…still thinking…almost there…got it!

My username is who I am…a true blue American Range Rat. It was the best thing I could think of at the time of signing onto ABS last year because I was so anxious to get on board, and start hijacking cheese, that I didn’t put much thought into it.

I do direct operations at a driving range, so it is easy to acquire that moniker I guess. In fact, how I got the job was by accident really. I went to this range daily, and after a period of time the owners asked out of the clear blue if I would be interested in working for them. It caught me by surprise as I was perfectly content out there on my own patch of ground hitting balls. I thought why not…free balls …and now look where I am…a range rat.

Hey…a perk for you ABS gunslingers…ever make it my way, free balls on the Rat. They’re old, but they’re still round.

Might even throw in a coke too :sunglasses:

I quit a long succession of clerk jobs to do ground maintenance at a golf course. That job was among the most satisfying I ever had. I alone was responsible for keeping the tee boxes in good shape using a hand pushed gas mower. The task was known and doable and I was still young enough that the summer heat failed to kill me. Great satisfaction came from seeing the productive outcome from seriously hard, honest work with every tee box I finished. My “1teebox” moniker is just a personal link to those days.

I’m pretty high on the chain of command reserved for those who never know what the heck is going to come out of my own mouth. (so to speak) :wink: Also a good reflection of my golf game…feast or famine. (sometimes War, Pestilence and Death too)

Captain Chaos

Hope…hoping that the ABS course will assist me in having an eagle, or better yet, several.

Nickname, shortened form of last name. Like Rob, I usually have a ‘bo’ at the end.

(Thinking about it now, I hope ‘bo’ isn’t derived from the French ‘beau’!)

I used Dani as my user name on this site because it is exactly half of my first name. Sometimes I use the second half of my name instead, just depends on my mood :sunglasses:

My avatar is a picture I took with my cell phone, it’s of a vintage picture that hangs in the women’s locker room at Atlantic City County Club.
Babe Zaharias and Kathy Whitworth still have honorary lockers there. It’s a fun place to play and relax, you really sense the deep history of the game when you enter through the club house doors ~ established in 1897 … to this day the only way to get to the pro shop from inside the building is through the mens locker room :unamused: . Ladies get a cart ride around the building to the course side door and practice green.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these pages, I have learned so much.
i.e. When I first signed up here I had never heard of Moe Norman…so I just thought macs was some old guy with a wide stance and great spine tilt. :laughing:

Nice to meet you!

hawg = old skuul appelation for a large displacement, American made V-twin motorcycle.

Mine happens to get wicked jealous when I spend any of our “in the wind” time on the golf course.

I tried to introduce her once to golf. Bad idea (but funny story). So we settled on the screen name thing. She liked it. She even purred for me; Potato-potato, Potato-potato.



You walk by Babe Zaharias’s locker when you play? Wow. That is way, way. cool.


It was a cold and dark February night. The gold colored rays of ABS were shooting out of the computer screen, filling the room with warmth. The radio was playing Bob Marley’s - ‘Iron Lion Zion’.

The picture of the me dressed in the rasta colored outfit was part of an invitation for a corporate tournament in Houston.
I like to think that it represents me: An unskilled chimp that is still smiling because it knows it’s on the path that will lead to the promised land.

These colours represent the Rastafari way of life:
The black is for Africa. The red is for the blood of all living things in the world.
The gold is for all of the treasures in the world that people cherish.
The green is for the earth that people walk on, to which Rastas feel a special connection.

I’m not the best putter in the world. Better yet, I’m a terrible putter.
I always thought I wasn’t very good at putting, but when I retraced my steps and started counting the number of three putts I had made, I knew I had a problem. Since I started palying golf in 1987/'88 I have made exactly 84425 3-putts.
Think that is bad? From '97 till '08 or '09 I almost didn’t play, and the 3-putt count was untill 2002 when I first used this screenname on ye olde interwebs.
Good news now is that my screenname is still the same. No more 3-putts since 2002!


Mine comes from one of my favourite courses in the UK The Addington. Par 71, under 6,400 yards you will have probably never have heard of it. But 70 years ago it was ranked as no. 57 in the top 100 courses in the world - see here for a fun list and what’s happened to the contenders since James Finnegan, the best writer on UK courses IMHO despite being from the other side of the pond, is a big fan which is how I came across it. Its full of what Finnegan calls “pleasurable excitement” and I have seen some say it is as close as the UK has to Pine Valley. To see some pictures and read a great review from Golf Club Atlas check this out The Arnie bit, well he is the KIng :smiley:

Nice story, and great looking course, Arnie. I’ve love to play that one day…will go on my bucket list!

My real name is quite unique in Italy, let alone in Australia where I used to live; so I have used a on screen name for a long time. The silliest name I could find was Pippo Mascalzulli. On many forums Pippo is already taken, hence Pippolo (which could be like Stevo instead of Steve in Australia).

I know, not very interesting, but you asked Two… :laughing:

just supposing a fella had been a little bit lame & had just used his own name (yeah i know - who would do that ??) , i wonder if he could change it, or whether he would be doomed for all time to be reminded of his lack of imagination ? :blush:

also how do you get those little tag lines to appear at the foot of your posts ? great reminders - i want to go with Great forearm rotation… riding on the wings of great pivot rotation
which seems like a good thought

Good one Tim - well at least you changed it a little when using lower case for your two names!

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