Happy Holidays guys!

This may be the only golf forum in the world without a Tiger thread :laughing: but I can’t let it bypass traditional seasons greetings. So let me wish all forum members and their families a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and I look forward to reading more about the experiences of all of you in the New Year.

On a personal note I would like to say how much enjoyment membership of this forum has provided me. Lag and Two’s unique insights and the wonderful contributions of so many forum members have really restored my love for the game which had started to fade. I consider a privilege to have found this place. I hope we can continue with the same generosity of spirit which has been shown by the great majority since the sites inception. Thanks to you all.

All the very best,


Well said Arnie… thanks. And best wishes to you and everyone also. I to greatly enjoy this forum, and look forward to the New Year. Thanks to Lag and Two, and all who contribute.


Arnie and Eagle spoke my own sentiments best.
ABS has been among this year’s finest experiences for me.
I value highly all the many interesting, astute, and valuable observations, discussion, and debate presented and cultivated in this amazing ABS community.
Happy Holidays to everyone.
Best to all of you.

a great group we have here that I enjoy immensely
thanks to all and a special thanks to Lag and Twomasters…
Best wishes to all


YES AA I was thinking the very thing—hope it stays that way!

This may be the only golf forum in the world without a Tiger thread

Arnie - thanks for starting this thread and for echoing what I believe are the sentiments of many on this forum.

And for those who think living in the southern US is always “sunshine-lollipops-and-rainbows” in the winter… I’m looking out the window at an inch of snow on the ground here in Texas to go with a windchill of about 10 degrees F.

Happy Holidays to all,


Well done Lag and thank you…keep it going.

Happy Xmas everyone.

Same goes for me guys… thanks to everyone for their input and help. And congrats and sincere thanks to Lag for a great site…
The season’s best to everyone and all the best for 2010…

Happy Holidays!

Heard Dominic the Christmas Donkey today, so I’m happy.

And Lag, well done.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all; May the new year bring ABS to us all.

It was nearly the only forum in the world without a season’s greetings thread as well!!

Well done Arnie, Christmas wishes to you, John, Hugo and all your families and all the other members and guests who frequent this forum.

Season’s greetings everybody. I’m really happy to have found this place, it’s now the only golf forum I read with any regularity. Truly a forum dedicated to better golf and the most balanced and educated bunch of posters anywhere. Here’s to a new year full of advanced ball striking.

Same to you Arnie. ABS has been the most enjoyable site for me to browse, share and contribute to this year. You guys do a first rate job and I know your proud. You should be. Happy Holidays to you all and your families.

Peace in the New Year,

Robbo,I’d be ecstatic with one inch and 10 degrees!! Currently one foot and counting with no end in sight. Blizzard conditions with wind gusts to 50 mph. Thanks to everyone who has posted on this sight, Arnie for keeping things civil,Two for his tour insight and Lag for knowledge, guts, and for beginning this journey oh so long ago and now developing his knowledge into something like ABS. I’ve learned more about the golf swing in 4 months than in my 47 yrs combined. Merry Christmas to all!! Hope the New Year brings just as much knowledge to the web as the past one. Oh, and Santa brought me $$ toward my next three modules!!! If Lag will ever graduate me :laughing:

Happy Holidays everyone…!

Amazing we are not quite 7 months old here… ABS born on June 4th 09.
It’s been a great site because of all the wonderful contributions from everyone… pics, vids, discussions, lightbulbs and insights…

I think this will be a great year for everyone!



I too am very happy and grateful I found this site and joined ABS. Thanks to all you people here contributing and making this place a forum like nothing else.

Gonna take a posting break for a while…the head is getting too much information ( all good I might add ) and this is supposed to be my down time for rest! But I’m not going 'fishin…going on a train ride instead. Had this dream about an Elbow Plane Train going around a curve. Gotta get on that train and see where it’s going. In the meantime…keep those great posts going so I have something to read while I’m in my bubble tub sipping on some Christmas cheer.


Who are ya kiddin’?! You’ve got a brand new avatar and new found computer skills, and contrary to popular belief, rest is only for the wicked. You have to discuss your latest art work… lets go…

Nice card RR. You are really getting refined with your computer skills…but not surprising to me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, and everyone here. What a great site.

I like to stock the 'frig with a big variety of malted adult beverages( beer) during the holidays…in case anyone like RR should drop by.

Please anyone feel free to make some recommendations to me. Is Guinness any good away from Ireland in a can? Should I get Foster’s because of the big can? What’s everyone’s favorite?


CheeseD can chime in here as well but I’ll give you 2 recommendations:

1 - Sierra Nevada’s “Celebration Fresh Hop Ale” - pretty hoppy stuff available pretty much November thru February only.

2 - Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA - a REALLY hoppy brew and absolutely my favorite.

Budweiser/Miller/Coors drinkers may not like either of these. :smiley: ,


Happy Holidays to you all. Fortunately, Florida is not so cold that one cannot play, and in my case, thanks to ABS, its my best golf EVER.
I have this strong feeling that 2011 will bring dramatic advancements in my game, and I want to wish the same to all those posting or reading here.-