Grip slippage

An odd thing happens during my swing that I have never heard mentioned. When I take my left hand grip I grip it much like Lag suggests - across the base of the fingers and under the pad at the base of the left hand. However, when I take a full swing I find that at the finish of the swing the grip has moved into the palm of the left hand. I know this can’t be good, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I feel like I would have to use vice like finger pressure to keep it from moving. I’ve thought smaller grips might help, but am afraid that might lead to more hooks. My fingers are relatively short, but strong. Anyone experience this , or have a cure?

That’s not a good thing.

Probably happening because a few of the internal pressures in the swing are going in the wrong direction.
Good grips don’t necessarily lead to good golf swings. My feeling is that a good swing will change the grip over time into the correct evolution for golf grips.

i don’t know if i have a good grip or not, i was alway told it was and no instructor has every tried to change it, so i would assume it was orthodox
and i always tried to keep if consistent over the years etc…but…

once i started hitting the bag i just worried about holding on the the club in the most effective manner to hit the bag proper
with force. i don’t think i’ve put a whole lot of thought into whats going on with the grip positions since i joined abs.
i guess what i am trying to say is that the i think grip will take care of itself, which i think is what lag is trying to say.

ditto with ball position, alignment, closed face/open face…i don’t spend anytime thinking about these things when i’m playing
or hitting balls. in my 5 months of experience my arms, wrists, upper body, legs, are starting to take on new responsibilities in the hitting
the golf ball. it makes all those other things really not matter so much. all the big stuff kinda trumps all the small stuff if that makes
sense. lately when i hit balls or play holes i notice when i look down the face is usually pretty far open, sometimes a little closed, but
the shot comes off the same as i am intending. but whether it’s open or closed i don’t attempt to change it before i start my back swing, i just
figure that’s what my bady thinks it needs to do on this shot…it’s really nice not having to think about that stuff. all i’m really trying to think about
is the fastest part of the swing or hit coming at p4 or beyond.

i’m sure alot of this will evolve more of the next months/years/modules, but that is where it is right now.

I go through that type of thing sometimes when I’m playing really poorly. For me, the fix has always been to grip very firmly (7 or 8 out of 10) at address, and then maintain that throughout. If I slip into a lighter grip at address, I have issues similar to what you described.

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BTW it means you have a regrip somewhere, 90% of all golfers have one in there somewhere and don’t realize it. Nice catch even noticing it, that’s pretty perceptive. Betcha two thirds of the swings I make my right hand ends up like 30° weaker than it was at address. If you are gonna do it it’s better to have it the bottom hand for obvious reasons. I don’t sweat it, shit happens and probably it’ll come & go and generally sneak in there when you’re struggling. Better problem to hade than Kevin Na’s in the grand scheme of things.

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