Great Equipment Alerts

No worries Teddy - just let me know if you want me to help out at all. The apex pro’s are nice enough but not realy a blade and I would avoid graphite shafts at this stage.

Cheers, Arnie

Wow those Spaldings look nice. As do the Mizuno MP2000’s those were some kind of limited edition back in the days if I’ve read that right (where’s Golfwrx’s mat562 :wink: ).

Newby to this site. Got here through iseekgolf (classic/vintage gear thread and the Lagpressure TGM thread, I’m on page 30 now…)
I’ve bought a set of 1961 MacGregor Tommy Armour V.F.Q.'s this week. Can’t wait till they arrive. They looked in used condition (rust, etc) but I’m going to try to get them back in as nice as possible condition (might even have them rechromed one day). I’ve played blades all my life and - after not having played much for 12-13 years - i started again this winter. Bought a persimmon driver (previously used the “classic” Taylor Made Tour Preferred driver(s) and (briefly) a Slazenger Ben Hogan persimmon driver. Now I always felt that real wood provided better feedback, but I never got my hands on a real driver before. Thank god for the interwebs and ebay I’ve now got a 5-screw McG M85 and I love it!! Thought I’d also buy a set of classic irons to play with from time to time (my regular set is a set of Daiwa blades).

Hogan Percussions – these have reg shafts, but may be worth watching…

I have a set of Wilson Buttonbacks in so-so condition w/ Reg ultralight shafts and a set of Hagen Haig Ultras from '75-76 in excellent condition (the guy I bought from described them as mint) if anyone’s interested. I haven’t hit either set and paid $50 shipped and $75 shipped respectively – I had intended to do some work on them, but don’t see that happening any time in the near future as #3 is coming soon!

Let me know and I can send pics of the Dynas. This will give you an idea of the Haigs…

Is that baby #3 or Module #3. Toss up as to which will require more work and attention :laughing:

Ha! The former. Can’t get too good at the latter, though, that’s for sure…

Good luck! They’re going to outnumber you now. You’ll have to go zone. We have three children. Big difference going from two to three.

That’s what I’ve heard. I’m a little scared and we’ve definitely been working on our Box and 1 and Cover 2 zone D looks!

This set may be a little high in price seeing you will have to regrip them- but very decent looking condition wise for a 25 year old set … 1055QQcmdZ

The only killer with the following set is they have regular shafts- but nice sticks again for the age- these would have great heavier swingweight … 55930/item

84425 (Jurren) - great to have you here. Any friend of mat562 is a friend of mine :wink: I think I saw those VFQs - interesting look with the triangle punch dots in the middle of the face - a bit like to those 1967 Toney Penna VIPs that are so sought after. Glad to hear you have found an M85 driver, I think I have seen some pictures of it that you posted elsewhere - its lovely, please post them over here on the equipment forum. I have an have recently picked up a complete wood set for refinishing by our mutual friend persimmonpal. A pic of a unfinished and finished M85 below.

Welcome my friend and get in touch re: those Shell matches. I’m just sorry I don’t have that Gerry DeWitt vs Byron Nelson one - I loved that!

Cheers, Arnie
M85_Sept 002.jpg

Hi Arnie, sorry for not getting back to you earlier about those shell matches. will e-mail you shortly.

Here are pictures of the vfq’s (i doubt the ones i bought look nearly as great as these though):

And a picture of my M85W driver and my M43T 4-wood.

Very nice indeed!

Some one may want to jump on these- PC’s are nice sticks- stiff shafts- heads look in good shape. I already have a set otherwise I would be on them. … 6683QQcmdZ


I feel like I’m becoming a “PC ho”. I have 2 sets now (I just got an unbelievably well preserved set of 1-PW for under $100 with 4’s in em… they just returned from being flattened by 4 degrees). I have a lead on another set in equally good shape which I’m trying to talk myself out of! They are such a clean looking blade!


Nice find. I just purchased them for $89.00 shipped. They look to be in excellent condition.

Nice pp3
The other good news about the PC’s (well with the set I got anyhow)- is that they have a nice heavier swingweight without having to throw lead tape all over them
You will like them

Hogan PC 3-E with Apex #4 shafts

1983 Titleist Tour Model 2-PW with DGS300 shafts and 1981-1982 Titelist Tour Model 1 iron with DGS300 shaft

These look in terrific shape … 8230QQcmdZ
I have no idea about the shaft and what its flex is- but nice looking heads for almost 40 years old

Not bad looking also. Photos posted aren’t the greatest but the soles look decent which I am willing to bet means the faces aren’t that bad condition wise either … 8593QQcmdZ

I used a set of those Titleist irons in 1985 in the Western Intercollegiate at the historic Pasa Tiempo, which by the way Twomasters and I are playing next week.

I finished 3rd place, and the guy who won Sam Randolph, used those set of PC’s :sunglasses:

Pasa Tiempo is one of Alister MacKenzies hidden jewels tucked into the hills above the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz California. Alister’s home was on the 7th fairway.

We’ll take a few pics for you guys to share that day at this amazing golf course just an hour north of Cypress Point.

Here’s my latest set of 1961 Dynas…I must admit and agree with Lag that these could easily become my favorite irons to play…They are regular shafts but wanted to play with set first to make sure the shafts weren’t too loose…It turns out that they are presently fine for me.I’ve bent them 4 degrees flat from standard…

I just love how good of shape the leather are in. I bought some Lexol and lubed them up…Nice and tacky…I haven’t played with leather grips in 100 years…but thinking back on it I’m pretty sure the leather grips back then weren’t taken care of and I didn’t like them at the time.

Bottom line …Nice!
Leather Grips.jpg
Dyna Faces.jpg
61 Dyna Set SS.jpg