Great Equipment Alerts

I know this is best to be on the classic club thread, but since most everyone views this thread, I wouldn’t want someone to miss out on this opportunity.

This is one of the greatest iron heads ever made in this game. They are still modeling heads after this design from the early 50’s. This set has already been re shafted with dynamic gold stiffs, they look to be in good playable shape. I have two sets of these already or I wouldn’t be posting this here! Someone should grab these. Right now bid with US shipping is under $50.
I wouldn’t hesitate to go up to $100 for this set. These are a great compact head with the weight right were you want it. Behind the sweetspot. … 286.c0.m14

Wow! Thanks Lag, great spot! I have been looking for a set like this for a while so would definitely like to bid on this one. However if others on this board are going to bid might be an idea to let me know on here or via PM as I don’t want to drive the price up unnecessarily for them or me. Thanks, Arnie

For the Wilson fanatic- pretty decent looking set with reasonable buy it now price … 66473042QQ

I was lucky enough to win the bid on these, just around the mark that Lag suggested of $100, so thanks again for the tip Lag. :smiley: I love that “wingback” style with all that weight centering behind the sweetspot. I’m sure these and that set of 59 Dynas will be great teachers in time.

Cheers, Arnie

Thanks for the tip two - these do look nice - surprised that people are making offers on them at that BIN price rather than just picking them up. They already have stiff shafts in so bar a possible overhaul on the grips your pretty much ready to go. There is an almost identical set on in the UK at the mo, without the 2 and the PW but 1965 again I think and look in good nick:

congrats on the M85’s

Let me add my thanks to Two Masters. I picked up the Wilson Staff Dyna-Power clubs at the bin price. Received them today and they are in very good shape. Have an old friend who played these clubs and always admired them.

Glad to hear it.
I thought that set may be a bit of a sleeper especially at that price- Hope you flush them

That’s amazing you can get a set like that for around $80 US shipped to your doorstep. I guess that’s the great thing about modern gear. Few want the old classics. Those irons have won majors, and countless tour events. Sam Snead hit those, Palmer too. The irons are no better today than they were then. You simply can’t beat the feel of those old forgings either. The muscle back Dynas are top shelf blades. There were guys on tour hitting 1960’s Dyna’s well into the late 1980’s and winning. Those have really stood the test of time, and for good reason.


Not a bad looking set of Hogan Director irons. 9 iron has a small chip on the toe it looks like, but the faces seem in pretty good condition…Apex 4 shafts … 6425QQcmdZ

This set is just starting out. I have myself a set of these and they are nice clubs- Hogan Grind. These look in good shape and have Apex 4 shafts … 1735QQcmdZ

These PC irons look good- may well go high though, but a good buy at $77 right now as high bid … 0738QQcmdZ

I doubt anyone will buy these Personal Irons- as the price is way high- but what a great looking set of clubs … 0738QQcmdZ

These need some new shafts probably to be hittable ,and certainly new grips- but not that bad a set for their age for BIN of $15 !! … 9904QQcmdZ

Why is it all grips looked like that from that era? Kind of puffy and wrapped?

I notice people from that era (or at least many of them) still use that style of grip. Is it simply a matter of being pre-rubber? Or did the heavier club require a softer grip?

Just like a lot of other things. “They don’t make 'em like they use to.” Genuine leather grips are better. Along the way, rubber came in and was easier to put on, quicker to assemble and cheaper for the companies to get on their clubs so they can sell them and get a profit. Kind of like housing materials, the builder’s not going to use the good stuff if they can get houses built with the stuff that’s cheaper and is quicker to put up. Let the buyer switch it out if they want to, or when they have to.

1teebox sent me a message saying he didn’t know if the spalding set could be bent much because of the stainless head…I don’t know the answer to that…maybe Lag could chime in as I know he has a set of old spaldings that he may have altered…or anyone else that has any ideas on that one

I am thinking of purchasing this set: … 286.c0.m14

Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.

Those are great classic blades…

I think there is stuff out there just as good for half that price, but if that is set you have a special affinity for them… get it.

As far as bending sets, I have gone as far as 12 degrees without snapping a forged head, but I heat them up a bit with a
blow torch if I am going to bend over 6 degrees…

Just my suggestion.

I love the green cord victories on those… hard to find… seems a couple of the irons have different grips on them, and that can sometimes mean there were re shafted with something else… you might want to ask about that.

You can still find those old cord green victories once in a while on ebay… if you do… I need a couple for a set of mine…

good luck, and keep checking back here for amazing updates on equipment!

Could somebody let me know whether these MacGregor Tourneys in the UK are any good? Shaft are Dynamic Gold - no idea if stiff shafts or otherwise.

Any advice appreciated.

Hi Teddy,

I live in the UK and tend to watch the older iron sets come through and sometimes pick up some bargains. I think the set you posted above were on before with a starting price of £90 and didn’t attract any bids. Overall I am sure I think they are a nice looking club and as long as the price stays under £100 probably a good pick up though i have not had a set myself. Two masters is a Macgregor man he might be able to chip in.

Other ideas currently on ebay UK include:

Mizuno TP-2000 (late 80’s limited edition) - I have a set of these and they are nice - very surprised no one has bid yet, but i would ask the seller about the shafts and get some pics of the condition of the faces if I were you

Mizuno TP-9s - these have a strong following and have just come down in price to £100 from £130. Nice to have a 2 iron in the set. R400 shafts which may be good balance between stiff/regular for you.

Wilson FG-55s - I know this seller and he usually has nice stuff - expect them to sell for about £50 + p&p

Hogan Apex II - nice clubs but be careful not to overpay if the grips need upgrading and the chrome is waring a little. They are not 70’s but 80’s clubs I believe

Hogan Apex II - another set this time with stiff shafts

Hogan Redlines - nice clubs I have a set and like them a lot - ask for pics - if you want them i can order for you to cut out the no international buyer problem

Wilson Staff Fluid Feel - these look quite nice and have S300 shafts in

Mizuno TP-11s - I have a set of of these in very good condition with R400 shafts (1 + 3-PW) that I seldom use as I have approx 15 vintage sets now and you would be welcome to them for what i payed for them which was £75.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Arnie

The only thing I could tell you is that they are from 2000-2001 (according to Maybe you can find some info in some other forums based on a search.

those MacGregor irons are not old school TeddyIrons- they are from 2000 and also look to me to be a low profile head. I would keep away from those for now.

Arnie posted some sets before and I have browsed also:

For old school MacGregors that I see on the UK site right now- here are the options … 6596QQcmdZ Ben Crenshaw grind model- slight cavity style but nice and 40 pounds B.I.N

Hogans on UK e-bay … 4416QQcmdZ old bounce sole- faces don’t look bad- am unsure about #2 shaft as it seems to be UK model with Slazenger being written on the grips etc … 4605QQcmdZ pretty good looking set of Apex II- I think this was a great club (looking for these myself)

Wilsons on UK EBay … 2842QQcmdZ this set look in good shape and a stiff shaft- it says 8 iron has chrome loss on toe (would ask for photo) … 5337QQcmdZ these look excellent 3-9 no PW

Hey guys thanks a lot for the links on ebay. I’m liking the look of the last Wilson set as it includes a 2 iron. I’ll have a look at them later when I’m at home.

I must be missing something because when I did my search on ebay in the UK none of these sets came up.

I’m desperately trying to find something similar on the Italian ebay site but nothing interesting is showing up, except this which I suspect is not so good as they are stiff shafts but graphite, and from what you’ve all said, they are somewhat modern. Also expensive.

I’ll probably end up having a set delivered to my sister in the UK and ask her to ship over to me.