Great Equipment Alerts

Heres one for the UK based ABSers. I am currently on the lookout for a solid looking persimmon driver to use but as nice as this one looks, its well above my budget! … 335f5ea7c2

Hope the above link works…

ZD … 5adaf5b0a1

someone buy this…
This is essentially an R-20

A real sand wedge here. … 2eabd1e168

A $50 no brainer here… with free shipping in the US.

The M65’s with the black and white eye o matic style inserts are a great combo. Classic set for anyone, and would make
a great project set for flattening and reshafting.

Putting this out there for ABSer’s, but if I don’t see them sold in day or two… I will probably pick them up.

[quoteThis is essentially an R-20]

I bought it on its way to Lagland.

just bought it! thanks.

Make sure to visit this link in the equipment forum for the reshaft and flatter tutorial…! (Persimmon)

Long time ABSers will know how much I appreciate the cramanship of the world renowned Dave Ballestero :wink: I never thought I would see another one but how wrong I was: :astonished:

Cheers, Arnie

Hi Arnie…I won the auction on this one…beautiful club.


Congrats on that one!

If you don’t like how it plays you can use it as a fly rod. :sunglasses:

Any ABSer’s looking to upgrade their sets, make sure to check out what Twomasters has up for sale in the private side of the forum.
Great sets, and set up correctly also. This will beat ebay any day because you can be confident there will be no “open the box” surprises.
Nice set of Dynas with DG S-300s … 5adaf59cff

Great “real” R 90 here from the 30’s.
I watched the huge improvement in Mac’s sand play last week as we put an real R20 in his bag. I am sure he can attest.
Up and down many times with the heavy beast.

I love the R-20 from sand. It just picks enough sand evertime. We know they are heavy and have lots of bounce but I think what makes them really good our of sand is the absence of “Camber” (Heel to Toe curvature). Their sole looks very straight from toe to heel. I dont exactly know the explanation but it just digs enoubh into the sand.

I did the total weights on the R-20 and some others for comparison. The R20 is the heaviest wedge at 517g; the “original” replica is 485 g and the modern sand wedges I have are all around 470 g.

The fake knock off "original must be one of the biggest farces in re issue history. It doesn’t look like the original in any way or spec. Doesn’t feel nor play like a real R20. I don’t think I have seen a properly designed sand wedge in a golf shop for over 30 years. Everything out there now are fairway clubs really.

Sent Lag an email about some gear…don’t know if the information went through so here is a link to some Hogan gear…kinda pricey…and don’t know if they are still available.

a host of Hogan stuff from this guy below

Someone needs to steel this deal.

I agree,
someone needs to buy that SW. Don’t let the dots on the face bother you… the ball never actually touches the golf club in the sand. (hope not!) What you want is a lot of mass, and the bounce on those are great for decent bunkers. They just don’t make SW’s that heavy anymore, you just can’t find anything like that in a golf shop.

Good catch for a lefty.