Golf Illustrated Oct 2010 Hitting vs Swinging

full article is here in PDF

when does it go on sale?

For those of you who are new here… or have shown interest in the Golf Illustrated Article written by myself and Al Barkow, welcome to the Advanced Ball Striking Site…
or what we call casually…ABS around here.

There are a lot of interesting topics here regarding instruction, equipment, golf course architecture, and the game in general. Have a look around.

This site is divided into the public area that you see here, and a private student area that becomes visible once granted forum permissions by admin.

Questions regarding the article are best to be posted here for now, and either I John Erickson (Lagpressure) or other students familiar with the ABS terrain can guide you to pre existing threads that might be relevant with similar or parallel interest.

This site is primarily geared towards more sophisticated concepts used by history’s most notorious ball strikers. There are a few terms thrown around here that might not be popular everyday golf jargon, but if you have questions, or about understanding definitions do feel free to post them. The forum here is in general a very helpful and supportive resource.


The mag should be hitting the stands this week… it has been showing up at a few places in the last few days, as I have been getting emails about it from Toronto Airport and a few other places. In the US, it should be available at most Borders and Barnes and Noble, and of course many golf shops.

Anyone interested in getting a copy that is not in the US, you could try 1 800 554- 1999 (Golf Illustrated Customer Service)
or email to: (Shelly Hughes)

Way way cool Lag…congratulations to the Nth degree.

Haven’t bought a magazine in years…that will change soon. Can’t wait. Any chance of getting autographed copies? RR :slight_smile:

Gee, I didn’t think about that… no problem… shoot me an email…

Well done and congrats, Lagpressure!

Great Job John
Its an honour to be one of the early ones on here.

proud of u john!

Great stuff, Lag… I smell a revolution!
Congrats… keep up the good work.

Well done Lag and Al! I will have to drop them a line and see if I can get my copy - can’t wait to see it :smiley:

Cheers, Arnie

Yes, that would be grand!

Please say: To Captain Chaos - my most brilliant and accomplished student. Your athleticism, strength of character, and ability are without peer. You sir are my most shining example of the tenets that we hold most sacred in Advanced Ball Striking.

That oughta cover it…thanks John. :wink:

You left out your extra curricular provices like charm,magnetism, chivalry etc etc. :laughing:

Fortunately - humility, wisdom, and an ivy-league education preclude me from becoming boorish and overstate the obvious. :wink:

that was good for a LOL !

Got some today @ Waldenbooks…very nice! :slight_smile: RR

Congrats John,

I see a flood of new students once the mag is out. Can you say, TSUNAMI…here it comes!! :smiley:

did anyone notice that they messed up the picture that describes hitting and swinging?
swinging should be the straight shaft, and hitting the lagging shaft. they have the arrows pointed to the wrong place.

I almost knew they would mess something up… but I think the article itself reads well, and should explain away any confusion.
Surprisingly, I think “the model” did a good job of showing my intentions…

The pics that Al and I took at The Mare somehow ended up on the cutting room floor. Such is life in the mainstream world.

Most golf instruction… as most here know… is quick fix or swing tip stuff… something you could do immediately and see a change.
Mostly band aid stuff.

I tend to be the “let’s just pull the old motor and put a new one in” rather than trying to get another 500 miles out of the rattle trap. I like to do things right the first time… or sooner than later.

Absolutely great stuff Lag!! I’ll sweat a bit now that I’m in Italy to get a copy but I’ll try nonetheless (I might send you an email for the autographed one :wink: ).