Favorite Vintage Shaft

Which vintage iron shafts do you like?

I have yet to hit them, but I’m thinking Apex 4 would fit my swing nicely. I understand they are equivilant to a modern day DG S500.

I just swung my first Apex 4…I love it…

I have never seen or tried the s500, but the X200 works well also

The Pro Pel #1 shafts are the holy grail of vintage shafts.

I finally found a set of them on ebay dropped into a set of VFQ MacGregors. I just need to re grip them… but I think they will be quickly into near top of my set rotation.

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I like Apex 4, Mac Pro Pel 1, Mac Tourney 1 (a little later I think) and the old 50’s Tourney C shaft with the red band.

Cheers, Arnie

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Got a chance to buy the following, very cheap. MACGREGOR TOURNEY M2 CF 4000, the shaft is #2.
Any thoughts on these would be appreciated, I’m a Newby here. This would be my first real vintage set, except I still own the first set Ping made.

Thanks, Wojo


Get them - really good clubs, especially if you found them for cheap. You may decide you want to reshaft, but that’s not a huge deal.

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Is there a difference between Pro Pel #1 and Pro Pel Action #1? Anyone have a picture of the shaft band handy?

I used to used True Temper’s NDIS and NDWS tour shafts. They seemed to have the same step pattern as the Hogan Apex. Very high flex point. NDIS stood for “New Dynamic iron shaft.”

While someone brought this up, what is the difference between the TT Dynamic and the TT Dynamic Gold? Step-pattern? Flex-point? Weight?

From the TrueTemper website:
Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 3.37.21 PM.png
Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 3.37.28 PM.png

Should be the same AFAIK.
Here is a pic:

First round out with the MacGregor VFQ’s with the Propel #1 shafts…
They feel and play great… this is the nicest set I have with the Propels.

Hit 15 greens and shot 67 at Mare on their first time out with me… I might have to play them again this week. :sunglasses:
I’ll get a pic posted of them soon…

These things play like an old blues guitar down on Beale Street. The tone is amazing. :sunglasses:



Do you have any info on raw weight of the propel #1 shafts?
They feel a tad heavier than apex #5 but I’m not sure.

I’ll be pulling a set of them out of another set Al gave me… and I might stick them in an old set of Hogans for fun. So I will weigh them up after I pull and remove the grips.

My favourite Vintage Shaft is Mac Pro Pel 1. It is the best for me. It works very well there is no problem regarding it.

My favs are the old TT Tourney Action’s (thin silver shaft band) found in the early 50’s MacGregor irons (ie M85). They are heavy, super stiff and produce a low, piercing trajectory. I believe these were the main shafts that MacG used in their clubs prior to the Pro-Pels (which have a lower kick-point or flex-point and thus a higher traj). But ProPels are also a very nice shaft. In general I feel the best shafts ever produced are those found in the clubs from the 1950’s (ie MacG and Wilson).



I have sets with the propel 1 and with the Action A shafts. Both are great. I agree tat the propels produce a higher ball flight, but not balloon like. The shots from the propels hold their own int the wind.


Yesss…agreed!!! That’s what I was trying, but failing, to say.


I have the green banded Rocket shafts in my 56 Dynas and they are STIFF!!! Whomever owed the set had a custom job done on them because they are tipped 2 inches compared to another similar set I have of them. Thick walled and very heavy. The vibration of a thick walled shaft is very different than all the thin modern shafts that are the current craze. You can really feel what is going on with them at impact.