Favorite Vintage Sand Wedges?

Hello everyone,

I apologize for not participating actively in the forum for almost a year - this is my first post since July of last year, I believe.

Anyway, I am trying to complete my bag’s transition to “proper” equipment and was wondering what everyone’s opinions and preferences were on vintage sand wedges? I want to abide by the TRGA rules and therefore need to drop my lob wedge and u-grooves.



The best sand wedges were made in the 1930’s and 40’s… Any of the old Wilsons are great… why? Because they are HEAVY!!!

18 ounces…

Now I am talking about real sand wedges… not the stuff guys are hitting off the fairways… but out of the sand… hence… sand wedge.

If you don’t believe me… lead tape your SW to 18 ounces, then go find a bunker… then report back. :sunglasses:

I wanted to post this somwhere but did not know and was reluctant to start a new topic. Found this Ginza Golf wedge in a most unlikely place; was stupid enough to take the shaft out so it will travel light. The shaft now is a regular iron shaft. I primarily bought it because of the split level sole. But its heavy. Measured it for swing weight the other day---- F3. Has anyone heard of an F3 swing weight. Set it up at 56 deg. loft and 59 deg. lie angle. Looks weird but works like a charm, although I would say lost a little bit of the abiility to open it up wide after the lie/loft change.
Ginza Wedge.JPG

Hot Soup,

I also thought it was important to find a specialist wedge for sand play so I asked Lag’s advice…he told me that the best sand wedges were made in the 1950’s by Wilson and named the R20, R30 and R90 as good examples. Apparently, Lag sold a rusty old R20 to Greg Mchatton for $300 several years ago! I eventually found a 1950s R20 sand wedge and its been in my bag ever since. Its absolutely brilliant in the sand, like cheating and so much easier to use than modern sand wedges in the sand! :smiley:

Of course that should read 1930’s R20 sand wedge.

It is 80 years old…and still going strong!

post the pic as a jpg file…

I don’t think this web forum allows tif files.


your avatar is about the coolest Hogan pic ever especially knowing what you know now IMO

Is there a major difference between the Sarazen R20 wedges and the older models? Any difference between the Copper and Steel Sarazen R20?

Is the oldest R20 (with the holes, not the grooves) legal for play today?

I picked up this little lady the other day. Looks like an R20 knock off of some kind, not sure. I’m going to say it’s a “prototype/tour only” R20… heck, maybe it is, lol… It does have a “20” on the sole and “tour” on the back…

It’s heavy as heck and just plain fun out of the sand.
Sand Iron Back.jpg
Sand Iron Face.jpg


Cool pick-up!

I wish the current prices on original R20s wasn’t so steep - it’d be fun to pick one up as a dedicated sand club. I do love my current Byron Nelson 240 Macgregor sand wedge, however. That thing feels like it swings in the mid-Gs :laughing: it is also potent from the fairway.


How is the R-90? What does the original one look like?



My favourite is Sand Wedge Callaway X-Series Jaws Dark Vintage. Its dexterity is right hand,grip is also standard, shaft material is steel and many more features. Its a new so I have no more specific idea about it.

Just remember, the originals will not say “ORIGINAL” on them…


The R 90’s look and play similar to the R 20’s

Basically, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Wilson sand wedges from the 30’s and 40’s.

I haven’t been lucky enough to pick up an original R20 but I do have and original Wilson R61 Sandy Andy from the early 60’s which I suspect is easier to lay your hands on. Again its important to get the original rather than one of the numerous remakes. The differences are explained here as well as some background on the club: http://www.clubsofdistinction.com/sandyandy/sandyandy.html

Its by some distance the best sand wedge I have ever used from the sand itself and amazingly heavy. I follow Lags example and use a separate SW from the fairway when necessary.

Cheers, Arnie


An Actual R 90

I am going to use the word actual rather than original because of all the terrible remakes that say “Original” on them. If it says “original” it is not.

So the pic above is an ACTUAL R 90. Wilson did make some later model R 90’s in the 60’s that are pretty good wedges… but by far the best one is the ACTUAL!

Just got this one in LH on eBay -
!B6u,(4!CGk~$(KGrHqR,!ioEyeCy,Rh4BMyVoh8s9Q~~-1_12 (2).jpg

Surfing this website:

I found this:
ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dl … rid=229466

70 bones for the RH version of the club I pictured above.

Here’s the picture:

I have acquired a '60s Sandy Andy. I have played two rounds with it, mostly using it from rough around the green so far, which works fine, and for some very short approach pitches as well, which also works fine. I was almost happy when I finally pulled a shot into a greenside bunker today (so I could try it from there). Since I had nobody behind me, I dropped 3 extra balls into the bunker upon arrival. On the first 2 shots I opened my body alignment and opened the club, out of habit. The balls came out, but much too low, and rolled over the green. On the final 2 shots I aligned my body and the club face squarely, and the balls popped up and out very nicely.

How do you play this club (out of green-side bunkers)?