Bradley Hughes & ABS On Tour

Becoming well grounded, well done!

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Brendon Todd is 2 shots back at Pebble Beach Pro Am. Would love to see him chase down Rosie.

Rick Thomason


Yeah he is playing very well- we made a slight adjustment to his setup with his leg structure for balance last weekend before he left for Pebble and it has paid dividends to date.
@Flaghuntersgolfpod was caddying for an amateur in Brendon’s group the first three days and had some nice things to say about BT’s game
He may chime in here and add if he gets the chance
Brendon has a 7 footer on 13 green for birdie to start the day off today when they restart. Wish he could’ve got that in the hole last night before they shut down play but he had his reasons not to putt out I assume. Hopefully he can drain that to get going today and see if he can find 2 or 3 more on the way in.


Yes !
BT’s game is very solid. I can definitely see evidence of a lot of drill work in his action. What’s notable to me is his transition. I can see the pressure going DOWN the right leg while accelerating in the “business area” that Moe would state. BT also uses the ground very well. His swing is in balance and not too much is gonna go wrong. His misses are very tight. More evidence that the drills WORK as I just witnessed at the highest level in Golf. Cheers


Those Jan Craig headcovers are the best! Classy, too! That’s all I ever used on my woods. They last forever and they repair them free of charge.

I was at the 3M a few weeks ago - setup just behind the tee box on #8, par 3 playing about 205 into a little wind. Pin was about 4 paces from the front and left on a wide and shallow green.

The first group through included Aaron Baddely. Of the 6-8 groups I watched, he hit one of the most pure and piercing shots (to about 12-15 feet; nice mid flight draw.

I noticed Baddely’s feet were abnormally closed with left foot flared - hips and shoulders looked neutral to target line but feet were 15-25* to the right.

@twomasters - I’m wondering if you could shed any light on this, as it relates to Bads, and perhaps in general. Does it help a person get into their left side and create a more solid base?

Many thanks!

It’s something his coach does- he tests arm hang and some weird measurements and then comes up with some type of address position for the player. Not really convinced of it all. I do company outings a couple of times a year with his coach and he does it with the amateurs in the group. The results are …….

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Very interesting, thanks Bradley!

I started working with Peter Malnati on February 13 2024.
He had asked several players about my ideas and eventually decided to make the call. His short game is very good and his first comments to me were-“ I am a great putter and chipper- If you can get me to the green quicker than I normally do then I think I can be a top 50 player in the world.”
Peter’s first event after our initial sessions was the Cognizant Classic at PGA Palm Beach Gardens. A really tough course tee to green.
That week he came 9th and improved his ball striking stats out of sight. From 50% fairways hit to 63% and greens in reg stat from 61% to 78%. We got him to the green quicker that week and a top 10 finish ensued.
I spent several days at Players Championship with Peter and also Brendon Todd. Peter had a great Saturday round to leap up into the top 10 but didn’t play so well on Sunday and dropped back.
We spoke that evening and he was disappointed but knew he had made progress. I told him golf is like that- sometimes it kicks your ass but it is all learning and experience for the future and next time he was in that situation he wouldn’t falter. Stick to the same process and when things were ready to align it would happen.
Amazingly just 7 days later he would shoot a final round 67 at the Valspar Championship and win the tournament by 2 strokes for a 1.5 million dollar payday and jump up to 16th on the Fed Ex Cup standings.
His win also gained him a first Masters appearance in a couple of weeks.
He increased his strokes gained from the tee from 160th to 4th for the week and that made the difference.
As he wrote me that evening - “ Hugo you are the man. My shitty shots weren’t as shitty. I got to the green sooner and I won!!! Thank You!!”
There is still a lot to continue to do but from just focusing on module/drill one he went all the way back to a PGA winner again.
If you watch him on course he rehearses drill one before every shot and then steps in and trusts the feel of the release.
Fun to see another PGA player use the ABS principles and lift a trophy on the Tour.
See you all at Augusta the week after next!!!



Great stuff…
It’s always inspiring to see that the work we do here can help a PGA Tour player win and hoist a trophy on Sunday!

Keep up the great work!


John and myself recorded another podcast yesterday. It is really excellent. You can listen here: ‎Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast: Bradley Hughes Golf- John Erickson 2 on Apple Podcasts


Brilliant work Bradley.

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Great listen…reminds me I should be doing the magic trick drill more!


Way to go Bradley!!! WhoooooHoooooo!!!

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