Bradley Hughes & ABS On Tour

In this area Bradley shows us his players and his experience at PGA events so our ABS students can gain insight into the top level players who work through the drills and modules and their performances at the highest level of the game


In the 2020-2021 PGA Tour season two of my students led the statistical categories of fairways % hit - Brendon Todd and greens in regulation % hit - Cameron Percy.
Personally this is a great stat to have- knowing that in two of the most important ball striking categories - players working the drill modules were the top of the heap on the PGA Tour last season in these categories.
It’s called Advanced Ball Striking for a reason :grin:


Today was a wonderful day as my student Oliver Wilson took out the Himmerman Event in Denmark on the European DP Tour.
Six weeks ago Oliver came to work with me in Greenville SC at my course in an attempt to
Improve his ball striking- which had dropped below standard and had him sitting outside the top 150 on the Race to Dubai list.
Today the culmination of the work and his effort to work on the specifics of mods 1-2-3 resulted in victory with a 21 under par score
Olly has now jumped to 28th on the Dubai points list- secured his European card for another two seasons and jumped up to approx 125th in the world golf rankings.
Here are some comparison photos of our first meeting together. The original release pattern he had- The release pattern an hour into the lesson- and an overlay of the two patterns together for noted differences of the right arm- the left shoulder & the shaft plane on exit.
Very cool to see how well he has adapted to the work and to come through six weeks after he made the decision to come get some help.


Awesome, and welcome back!

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That’s amazing stuff. Nice to have all that time to work on it. I’m sure he put in a lot of time as a full time pro. Just curious. Roughly How much time had you two spent together? video feedback on the drills, email and other stuff besides face to face. Plus 1000s of reps I bet.

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Congrats on today’s win Two. Looking forward to this thread.

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Congrats Sir! Great to see your guys killing it. :clap:

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Congrats on the win! And congrats on the Stats Leaders! Quite the emotional interview with Owen after his win today. Everything overwhelmed him when the interviewer asked him what it meant to win again after waiting so long to win again.

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That’s amazing. Great work!

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Two and half hours in person- a couple of check ins via video. Nothing drastic. He had the work to do and went after it.

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The DownUnder Board has been very beneficial to many players. A ABS feature we have used since the beginning
It was a huge influence on turning around Brendon Todd’s game- allowing him to pressurize the ground stronger for longer so his shoulders wouldn’t steepen near impact (which caused the right block that nearly took him out of the game). We have worked for four years together now and he still uses the board every week on site at the tournaments.
Photo 11-2-20, 3 25 32 pm
All players I do or have worked with own a board to utilize in their practice. Harold Varner III, Luke Donald, Brandt Snedeker to name a few.

Photo 20-2-20, 11 54 26 am

Several LPGA players use it also, Bryn O’Toole won last season, Christina Kim loves it and always uses it and talks about it. Catriona Matthew Solheim Cup captain uses it also for her practice.
And many PGA players who I dont work with or havent worked with own the DownUnder board also including several winners the past two seasons,- Billy Horschel, Xander Schauffelle, KH Lee, Robert Streb, Denny McCarthy & Nick Taylor on PGA Tour and Mike Weir, Scott McCarron on the Champions Tour. At last count there were over 125 PGA players on various tours who owned the DownUnder Board.
Photo 11-2-20, 3 25 28 pm

The 2.0 version is great for the travelling golfer or to use with various clubs as it is adjustable from 10 inches up to 19 inches. It has been a wonderful tool to get players to learn to pressure the ground stronger and longer…as you are all no doubt aware when you first work on Mod 2


Was some driver off the deck down 18. Great win for him, although was rooting for fellow countryman Ferguson. I did think that wilson was swinging much stronger than the last time I saw him. Nice win


Congrats Two, absolutely class, fair play to you.

I watched a bit over the weekend too, I’d no idea you were working with him, brilliant stuff.

If it’s not being too intrusive, is there any chance of chatting a bit about what roads he went down to lose his form after being such a good player? I was looking at him and couldn’t help think he’d gone a bit stack and tilt at one point.


That’s an incredible story!

It’s so important to gain proper traction and use the legs to create resistance for the upper torso rotation to leverage.

Years ago, it just wasn’t something discussed, taught or part of any kind of instruction program.

I remember watching so many fine strikers "wrenching their feet "together through the strike. Could really see it in long iron bunker shots… where the traction would give out and the direction of the forces were openly exposed.

Greg Norman was often criticized for his foot work as were others.

I started working on this in the late 80’s and would use carpet to check on video, then moved to a piece of shelf board I got at Home Depot to create more resistance. It really worked and became an integral part of the ABS Teaching platform right at inception.

Really thankful Bradley has taken this out to the pro tours and clearly it’s becoming a standard tool for improving golf swings around the world.


You have a hell of a mind, Lag, fair play to you. I like to think I’m pretty observant, but some of the things you’ve noticed over there years really are mind blowing, so impressive.

Thanks for all of your efforts and for setting up ABS, great to see it back :+1:


I played many years without realizing that the lower body was of significance in the golf swing (crazy, I know, but also common) - only to find that it’s possibly the most important piece of a the puzzle - or at least the first/foundation for positive actions to follow in sequence.

I’m curious about foot pressures and how the back foot slides on the follow through - obviously it does when pressure is applied correctly, but the direction seems to differ from player to player - ex; Scottie S and Norman seem to have their back foot slide behind them (towards 6 o’clock). Others/Hogan go towards the target in my observation. Thoughts?

Congratulations, TwoM! I really enjoy following your tour players and teachings - great stuff, as always!


In my opinion there all types of variables as to what the foot may or may not do, such as distribution between right and left foot pressure- how much lateral shift- how strong the pivot works from that resistance- even how the right arm and shaft work thru and beyond impact.
No matter how it happens it’s a great intention to have and to see no matter what degree of efficiency you feel or observers witness


Heading off to Athens GA tomorrow to spend the day with Brendon Todd. The PGA Tour season opener is next week in Napa so we will do some prep and play some holes on the course to see if anything needs highlighting.
I saw him 3 weeks ago and spent the day working drills in the basement for several hours. Start back at the start again- always similar stuff. What made BT come good was a plan of particular drill work so we rarely stray too far from that.
He has a cool setup in his backyard with a putting green and can hit 60-70 yard shots from two different tees. Wish I had a bigger yard!!! Something like this would be amazing to have at your back doorstep.


I honestly don’t know? I try never worry too much about what someone has done or who they have worked with- I just treat each player as a new case to solve and go from there