Bradley Hughes & ABS On Tour

In my yard I can hit 40ft chips at my daughters tree fort, that’s pretty much maxed out. Brendon’s set up looks amazing, although I’d have to put some mesh on those windows if it were my place :rofl:


How’s things Paul? John told me you were getting into the course- hope it goes well

Good stuff, cheers man.

Cheers Hugo, excited to want to practice again. I’ve been away from the game for a good dozen years with only a handful of rounds each each year and no incentive to work at anything. But now the itch is back, just wish I was 25 again, lol.
Congrats on all your coaching success btw, I’m enjoying watching you youtube vids as well.


Spent the day with Brendon Todd in Athens- a few pics of us grinding out some drill work.
Worked hard on these and then range work before jumping out and playing 9 holes.
Set some stat goals for the upcoming year in some areas that could be improved on. He is in a good frame of mind and ready for an even better season.


Looks very good!
We will all be wishing him a great year coming up!

Tour player pounding drill 3 from the bag with the DownUnder board


Violent! That is so cool to see… :clap:

Don’t have Instagram, can’t see the reported violence. Any way to link it up here? :smiley:

I can’t add video except links-

Double R, I don’t have Instagram either but it seems to just play anyway by going to the link in my browser - using Firefox, not sure if that matters.

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Thanks Bom, I use FF too but I’ve been on other social media platforms carrying Instagram links and some links open on some sites just fine, while some don’t on other sites- so I don’t actually know if it’s a site specific issue, an Instagram account holder settings issue, or a laptop/phone setting issue on my end, although I’m sure it’s not on my end because Instagram links do open for me on my devices on other sites.

I use a temporary work around called Imginn and if you know the account name- or real close to it, in this case I simply typed Bradley Hughes golf, it will pull up the videos and pictures on that account without having to sign in to Instagram. I did it with Two’s Instagram but I didn’t see anything looking violent, so maybe if it’s a new upload from Two it takes Imginn bots a week or so before the video, or picture, shows up.

With this internet crap it’s always a work in progress for me, and frustrating at times knowing some cheese is temporarily out of reach… :laughing:

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I saw you mentioned some stats goals for the season for BT.

Do you use a lot of stats to help your players? It seems to be the trend these days…being so competitive and all. If you don’t mind sharing, what do you consider stats worth tracking–in general–beyond the obvious stuff (FIR,GIR, Scrambling %, PPR).

Thanks as always for your insights!

Not overly aggressive on the stats- we all know what area we may need to improve.
PGA stats are crazy- there are over 50 stats available to view. I have access to my players full stats area (which is not the ones you may just see on
I kind of try use them for Brendon to show more about what he is good at and how we may be able to tidy up a weaker area to help correspond with the strength rather than an all out attack just to improve the weak link in the puzzle


The strokes gained seems to have more bearing than actual percentages nowadays.
The crazy stat for me with Brendon is he has finished 1st and 7th the past two seasons in fairway hit accuracy- yet has finished around 170th in the strokes gained driving stat- because he lacks length.
At one point accuracy was much more important than distance.
He is basically losing two shots to the field in the driving stat even though he is kicking their butt in accuracy.
Even though he is great around and on the greens and high up in those rankings he only picks up 0.8 strokes in that area of the game… so even though he is straighter than almost everyone and has an unbelievable short game he is practically 1.2 shots behind the players average because he doesn’t drive it over 280 yards…. Amazing how golf has turned into a one dimensional game


I tell a lie- now I added those pics of his stats there is waaayyyy more than 50 stats!!! Probably closer to 100

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Revealing stuff…I’ve found the same puddle jumping mini tours and mondays. I hit it 330 regularly here at altitude…but have sacraficed technique to do so.

Played with a few guys now who have all mondayed, played in the US Open, T10 or better at the Korn Ferry events–and all they hit it 370 ALL DAY.

Probably 320-340 at sea level. Having 40-60 yards on the field is a huge advantage when the green surfaces are so pure. Anywho, i wish you guys the best luck next year cracking these nuts…not for the faint of heart!

Oh, and yeah millions of stats. I get it…you can drown in them. Tough to pick out the good stuff. Seems like you guys have it though…seriously, best of luck! And again, thank you. :trophy::pray:

Thanks for posting… interesting stuff…

Makes sense. I did some analysis on data from the 1980s and 2013 (I think, will have to check), and the importance of driving accuracy was actually fairly well preserved. I was surprised by that. There’s some limitations to the stats available in the 80s and some nuance to the analysis. Anyway, not what I was expecting going into the project.

I’ll have to dig that up at some point, it’s from about 8 years ago…

Curious how often he hits driver. Because he’s shorter and more accurate, he could hit driver on holes where other guys are falling back to a driving iron or fairway. That could help at least equalize the distance on those types of holes.

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