Best All-Time Persimmon and Blades?

Just curious what everyone viewed as the best persimmon driver and set of blades “of all time”? Macgregor on both counts? Ben hogan irons? Thanks!

Here’s a few!


Wow! Those are some beautiful knives you’ve got there! I also envy your collection of Mac persimmons. I need to start trolling eBay to catch up haha

Question: What are those Top Flites in the top left hand corner? Beautiful proportions.

Can’t wait to get my Apex IIs in from you

Those Top Flight syncodynes are a great blade… I am looking for a nice set of shafts to put in them so I can add them
to the play list!

I also have a set of the Bird on the Ball Tour Grinds from the 60’s that are just PURE!!

I’ll get some more recent posts up here soon…

Those Top-Flites are the sweetest looking clubs I have ever seen. I’ll be glad when I work through enough of the course material
that I can start carrying sticks like that. Where do you guys pick these old clubs up? I’d love to have a complete set like any of the
above to start working with if I could get them at a good price. Do you have them re-finished/regrooved when you buy them?

I’d just start searching through eBay to find a set. Depending on the condition, you can probably get a set in reasonable shape for under a $100. And no, I’d say make sure that you find a set where the grooves are in good enough shape to where you won’t need to have them regrooved. If I were you, I’d look for one of the following to start off:

Ben Hogan Apex II, Apex PC, Bounce Sole
Titleist Tour Model
Any Wilson Staff Dynapower
MacGregor Tourney PT, Tommy Armour
Any Mizuno blade pre-MP-33 (14, 29), although 29s are usually much more expensive than 14s (Tiger played them)

There are many others.
I’ve seen sets in good shape for all of the above for under a hundred bones on ebay. I’d say try to find a set where the heads are in the best shape you can find, and don’t worry about the shafts so much. Those are easy to change. It’s much more costly to have repair/restoration work done to the head/grooves.

I agree with HotSoup. Very easy to find vintatge clubs in decent condition. In addition to the Dynas I posted about in the Persimmon Age thread (just finished drilling out the heads and threw some shafts in) I found for $75, I also picked up a set of '70 Bounce Soles that were less beat up than I expected for $15 off ebay and a set of Haig Ultras basically in mint condition off craigslist for $75. I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with them and trying to get them into playing shape. Once I cut the Dynas down, I’m taking them with my Bounce Soles to get bent flat (unless I can find a bending machine for cheap in the meantime!).

*** EDIT *** forgot to add that I also picked up a 1960 set of Dynas for $15 and they’re in decent condition as well and my father-in-law recently gave me an old set of Tommy Aaron Signature Aero-Dyned, REG NO: 3675 that I haven’t been able to find any info on – I’ll post some pics later if anyone’s interested.

Hi Neckbone - I think the guys here are obviously spot on re: ebay. But a little depends on where you are in the world. Ebay US is awash with great stuff at low prices, Ebay UK is harder but emminently achievable. Ebay Australia is harder still but all is possible with patience. Whereabouts in the world are you?



I’m in the US, North Carolina specifically. Lots of good golf and mild weather! I just signed up for the first module and am in the process of getting everything set up.

I’ve looked at ebay for some of the clubs that seem to be a hit here and there really are a lot for sale. I have some bids in already, but I’m not in much hurry because I can use my set in the training for the time being. Thanks for the replies guys.


What are you bidding on, if you don’t mind my asking?

An old set of wilsons and a set of macgregor pro-m’s. The macs were a new model but I really like the throwback look and the gunmetal finish (not that I’m married to the gunmetal but it looks good). The bidding has gone past me now, but my eyes are peeled for the next couple of weeks now that you guys have helped me out on what to look for. Do you have an old set you want to sell? If so definitely send me a PM.

I’ve loaded a collection of pics onto flickr of some of the persimmon and blades I have picked up over the last year.

Some hits, some misses but I have had a great time discovering the old stuff…

Oh, man. Awesome stuff, as usual, Arnie!

I love those Joe Powell’s - I’ve been dying for one.

I need to just pull the trigger and have him make one up custom for me.

Where’d you find that Powell with the carbon fiber insert?! I’ve never seen one of those in a Powell driver. That’s so cool. Also, that Harry Busson is in amazing shape. Great snag, wherever you found that. Also, the Cleveland Classics…Basically, I’m very jealous of your collection!


Thought I’d add a sampling of some of my retro sets:


Awesome stuff! The 66 dynapowers are some of my favs.


Soup - thanks! It’s been a blast working on these. Can’t wait to get the 66s bent flat.

I threw a Mizuno MP-33 in with the 60 Dynas for size comparison – crazy how much bigger the modern blades are.


I took out my 59 Dynas today, with E3 swing weights! :open_mouth:
These things weight a ton… stiff shafts but very heavy shafts too…
I can really feel the club so well, and can really feel the force that extra weight creates at impact…

here are my Wilson’s with the arrow at the 59"s

One thing is they really make your pivot work… I can’t remember a day I hit is so close to hole so many times…

#2 W 4 feet
#3 3 iron 20 feet
#7 8 iron 4 feet
#8 3 iron 5 feet
#12 9 iron 1 foot
#13 W 5 feet
#14 8 iron 8 feet
#18 7 iron 15 feet

shot 69 making about nothing…

Sounds great Lag, did the 59 Dynas come weighted pretty much at E3 or did you make the adjustment yourself. Just wondering what to expect from the set that you are kindly storing for me…



Those are sweet. I think my next step will be figuring out swing weights. Haven’t gotten there yet.

Looks like left to right on the bottom, you’ve got 71 Buttonbacks, Bulletbacks, 66s, Turfriders, 59s, and another set from the 50s, right? I’m in negotations right now for a set of buttonbacks and probably looking to sell my 75-76 Hagen Haig Ultras.

The set on the far right is the 56 … the first year they made them…Dyna_Powered. They are a bit beat up, but really a low profile head and fun as hell to play. I need to drop some stiffer shafts in them… I’m really falling in love with 1950s heavy stiff true temper shafts. I like them better than the modern lighter X100s.
Somewhere along the way everyone went lightweight crazy for distance, but I can assure you… irons are for accuracy, not distance… just the driver is for distance and maybe a fairway wood. Every other club in your bag… accuracy.

I am not sure exactly what year my Haig’s are, but Barkow was telling me that back then… they were the real players sets… very pricey, and only the most refined players would carry them. Another set that is all original and I have done no modifications at all other than loft and lie. Heavy stiff true temper shafts… great.