You Never Forget Your 1st Penna...

Alas… another go round with another Blonde…this ones a keeper though, and only $23.00 delivered to the door !
way cheaper than my other efforts… :wink:

tp sole.JPG
tp fov.JPG
tp crwn.JPG

Nice :smiley:

whats the stock lie angle on that one?

Swan, when I get it I’ll measure it up and re post, usually these older persimmons
are around 54 to 56 deg.
They play just fine for me at this stage… I have flattened a few,
and right now playing a driver at 49 deg. or less ( I had a few come out at 46 deg. ! :slight_smile: )
is a bit much…
Finding I like my driver 51- 53 deg. Just pulling the shaft and reboring to 3/8’ or a bit more seems
to give me the room I need to adjust, even if I plug an X100 in.


Swan, this club is right at 55 deg. original lie angle