Yani Tseng

Watched this young lady blitz the field the last two weeks down here in Australia on two very different golf courses and it was a ball striking clinic from what we saw on TV.
Would be interested to get the thoughts of Lag and Two about her swing. I’m no expert but they did a number of slo-mo comparisons on the coverage between her and other players and it looks to me like she has some ABS stuff going on in the swing. To my eye, she has a wide stance and “cuts it left” with hands tight to the body. Am I on the right track and are there other ABS elements going on here? She’s long and accurate and putts ok as well.

hard to find any still photos of her but I found these youtube clips which hopefully you guys can glean something from

youtube.com/watch?v=P-6rWEPG … re=related

youtube.com/watch?v=60kHxOeY … re=related

Front on:
youtube.com/watch?v=zm7GB1_A … re=related

youtube.com/watch?v=pPC9-yE- … re=related

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Good golf swing…

I have always disagreed that women can’t “hit”. For some reason they are not taught to do so… but of course they can learn to do this.

One of the gals at my club growing up Jo Anne Pacillo was a hitter and she won the US Women’s Amateur.

It’s refreshing to see a good golf swing like Yani’s doing well for her.

Thanks Lag. The slo-mo comparisons they did were pretty telling but the real give away was the striking. She was pin high with just about every iron shot and while I didn’t keep track or stats I can’t recall seeing her miss a green over the final two rounds. Even her “bad” swings were on the green, just a little further away. With the confidence she has at the moment I would predict she could be number one for some time to come.