Woods Bros. Texan....PLEASE VERIFY

If you drive 4 hours north and I will let you hit it to your hearts content!

Bom, feel privileged. That’s one club that Bentshaft doesn’t bring to the course that often. But when he does…he shares it without selfishness.

Well Bom, I feel safer knowing it’s an “S” instead of an "X’ so come on up!

Hoganut ought to know…I brought a new purchase (MacGregor driver) to the range about 6 months ago;
I let him hit it for 15 minutes and haven’t seen it since (other than in HIS bag!) LOL
Good times!!


TRGA winning persimmon driver

I believe it to be from the late 40’s because it is MacGregor…my guess is 1948, but someone may know better
It has been reshafted with an Apex 5 and I stuck a Gripmaster leather grip on it
Lag loved it because it sat absolutely perfect to the lie angle he sets his clubs up… he thought it cool because that was standard for the day…flat lie (close to 48 degrees like his are I believe) without any adjustments.


That’s a magical club for sure.

I hit one ball with it on the range and just absolutely flushed it… so I knew I was in trouble!

It sat pretty close to mine at 48 degree lie angle…
Maybe 49 and no more than 50 for sure.

I was surprised how flat it set up stock. It seems like they really had the gear set up correctly in the 1940’s… seems gear got slightly more upright in the 50’s and then a bit more when Nicklaus came along. Stock persimmons seemed to slowly get more upright into the late 70’s and through the 80’s.

Hogan developed his swing obviously from flatter lie angles back in the 30’s and 40’s. They definitely knew what they were doing then, because they clearly understood the advantages of flat lie angles. Then the golf swings had a chance to evolve from how the gear that was presented, and naturally shaped itself around the body, not up and over everyone’s head like it does today with the 64 degree stuff you find in the pro shops.

Thanks for the pics Two!

That thing looks like a beast!

Thats a great looking block Two. They don’t show that model in my MacGregor History Catalog, but during the 40s a lot of the models weren’t shown in the book for some reason, but I’d also think mid to late 40s.

For Robbo, Robbo, this is a warning, be careful not to druel on your precise keyboard.

Here is a Texan that was just refinished. Its unique as they come. Its the only one that Dave Wood put his signature on and was used by Bernhard Langer for about 3 years extensively starting in 1987. A lot over in Europe. It has a S500 shaft. I’m not sure of the swing weight, but feels about D4. I’ve hit this a bunch of times and its awesome. Shaft is a little strong for me, but I can still hit it very well. Dave later built a custom one for Langer, which he used in 93 to win the Masters. This was not a custom, but a demo Dave showed him on the range at the LA Open. Langer hit it so well, he kept it.


I just removed the towel so I can type now. :slight_smile:

W-O-W! Nothing else needs to be said.


If that shaft is a little strong for you freddiec I am sure I can find a place for it in SC where it will be truly loved :stuck_out_tongue:

keyboard has shorted out!!! LOl

C’mon Bent!!! Freddie complied with my request to provide advance warning for that very reason!!! :smiley:

Yeah… Its not too stiff. I’m able to man up pretty good when I take it out for some fun. Sorry about that Bent, next time be more careful. :unamused:


So I got back Langer’s Texan Friday, I had to snap a few great shots.

You might see a nice touch Dave Wood did on the toe line. He “rolled” the toe line up a little onto the crown. A Langer spec. It made the club looks a tad more open than the spec allowed.
TxnTourDemo 009.jpg
TxnTourDemo 008.jpg
TxnTourDemo 006.jpg

I took one for the team on this one Freddie.

PM’s have been duly sent to Arnie and Bent for advance advanced warning!

A truly scary good looking instrument!


Hey TwoMasters,

I was wondering if you knew the spec on your 9 degree Texan you posted on page 1 here? Overall weight, swing weight and length and shaft flex. I’m just curious. BTW… your the last player to use a wooden club in a Major in my book. Especially since you have documented it. Cheers.