Wood Brothers

Any chance of you posting a pic of the Masters Texan? I don’t think i’ve ever seen one.


I’m trying to gather my words appropriately after viewing those Masters edition WB drivers. First let me blink, my eyes are drying up. Ok. Those are Georgeous!! I’d have the blonde one under my pillow at night. LOL… Thanks for sharing!

Ok… can someone PLEASE explain to me again why it was such a good idea to stop using persimmon???

Those are drop-dead gorgeous Mark!

Thanks for posting the pics,


Cheers Fred and Rob,

They have pride of place in my TV viewing room so I can gaze at them and handle them from time to time… :smiley:

For the persimmon experts out there,

I’m curious as to why you see some persimmons that have the screw in the shaft plug? Not all makes/models have it but most of the WB’s seem to. Does it serve a “mechanical” purpose?


Because if we can all hit the ball 350 yards, then we can make courses longer to compensate for the increased yardage, and to do that we need to buy new land out of town to build the new giant sized course, so that the extra 1000 yards in length gives us an extra 2000 yards of golf course fronting home lots (an extra 70 lots!)… because we know that a golf course home sells for more than a home without a golf course… and we can then charge an extra fee to live in that community for association fees to take care of things…

Those 70 lots x 100,000 is an extra 7 million dollars… which paid for the barren land 20 miles out of town that people will now have to drive and extra 40 miles to and from town daily which means they might also have to buy a new car. They’ll also spend lots more on gas too which drives the economy. If things go well, we can add another 36 hole complex and really stimulate the economy. The water company loves to sell them water, and chemical companies love to sell fertilizer and other goodies.

Someday, we will use up all the available titanium so that will drive the price up… so start saving those monsters now.
Since wood is a renewable resource, it’s not as profitable, and it takes too long to grow new trees… and we wouldn’t
want to have to put people to work lathing wood blocks and hand sanding and going through the 58 steps of making a persimmon driver that would require more skilled labor than the mold shop. Skilled labor jobs are way too costly today,
and putting people to work is soooooo 1950’s mentality…

Titanium clearly has saved the country…

Looks like the root-of-all-evil gets us again!!!

I suspect you are more correct than I’d like to believe on this one Lag. No doubt a snowball effect to it.

What a shame,


Holy cow are those gorgeous!! Detail down to the different color paints in the screws. One thing A, what is the grey material surrounding the leading egdes? I would assume that it is to protect the wood from pebbles, etc but is is a covering on top of the wood or a cut away of the wood itself? Great idea either way and never seen anything like it.

The good news is… I still look down at a nice persimmon, like the Penna I hit yesterday on my way to a 7 birdie (four in a row in one stretch) 6 under par 66, with the Hogan Bounce Sole blades to boot.

All the masses going out to the new jumbo courses is fine with me… I like less people playing on the classic tracks… so I can get in a round sometimes under 3 hours. There is always a silver lining… :sunglasses:

The material you had a question about is flush with the club, so I think there was some wood cut out to have it fit flush. I believe I’ve seen a picture of raw heads being finished in WB shops without a sole plate and there were spaces for these pieces. WB put them on each of their drivers. I believe it was made to protect the wood. Their 1st driver had the Texas sold plate, which was not flush to the leading edge like say a Mac Butterfly plate, so without it, the wood could easily be damaged from sand, ect. Wood Bros was the 1st company to put the loft degree on the sole plate, then companies like TM followed suit. All WB drivers were oil hardened to specific exact weighting. They did not use internal weights inside the head like most companies did, they are solid blocks of persimmon. I took another shot of my 9 degree today. This was custom made for Ben Crenshaw.
9deg_TxnTour 001.jpg

Those are just awesome. I can’t imagine how many blocks of persimmon they would have to go through to find just the right grain density and perfect flow to get to exact weight and playablilty specs. What a labor of love. Everything about it makes perfect sense and would last forever, totally solid with no weak spots. Enjoy those beauties.

a few months ago there was a wood bros driver on E bay…
it looked perfect and had a “buy it now” for—i dunno 80 or 90 or 100…
I E mailed the guy and asked if he would take an offer (having NO idea at the time how much I wanted this damn thing)
I offered 65 ish…obviously i did not get it—Id gladly pay the hundred now!!
I will post again when my head stops hurting from being pounded against the desk ARGHHH

Its actually green, to blend with the Augusta Masters theme…

The wood itself is slightly cut away and recessed to allow the fitting of this protective material.

Its actually green, to blend with the Augusta Masters theme…

The wood itself is slightly cut away and recessed to allow the fitting of this protective material. I am not sure what the material is made of.

Here is probably my last purchase for a while, a long while. This is a WB Texan that Bernard Langer played with from 1988-1991 w a S500 shaft. He also played another one in 93 which he used to win the Masters. This one was not a custom club for Langer, but was a demo that WB used to show players their new head design. It also has “Dave Wood” inscribed on the back heel side. Langer liked the demo enough that he wanted it for competition. He also had another one made with the same spec, but used this a lot during competition and practice. I put it down beside my M85 gamer, which I always considered to be slightly different than a lot of other M85s and both are very very similar in shape and address position. This one sits probably about a half degree closed to square. Cant wait to tee it up in the spring.
Tex_DW 003.jpg
Tex_DW 002.jpg

WOW!! You can almost feel the shots that were hit by that club just by looking at the photos… Great stuff, Fred…

Thanks. I just hope my shots with it won’t give it a different look.

I allready mentioned these two a while ago, and I finally received them this week. So I am now proud to present two drivers that will hopefully allow me to hit monster drives, carry the nastiest of potbunkers and split even the tightest of fairways.


I am completely blown away! I only got into collecting and truly admiring these classic persimmons after my grandfather lost all of his (collectted since the 40’s). He was so heartbroken that a stupid house fire could take all of that work and all the memories away just like that!

He had a Wood Brothers (Texan) and (All American) but I don’t think even he ever saw a Masters version (Let alone 2 beauties like these!).

I have been trying to rebuild his collection and do so before he dies (which I hope will not be for some time!). Wood Brothers are next to impossible for me to find!

Any advice???

Want to sell??? :slight_smile: