Wood Brothers

Glad to see Dave Woods reemerging, so to speak, I miss visiting with him and his staff. My office was across the street from his shop in Humble Tx. and , needless to say, I was there every day. The main thrill of going into Daves shop was you never knew what Pro might be there trying or fitting one of Daves clubs.
I hope Dave does get into this forum, havn’t talked to him in quite a while. I have stayed friends with one of Dave’s club makers all these years and we still tell some great stories from those days.
I am very lucky to have a collection of Daves, woods, irons, and putters.

Well, I’m just going to have to go out and hit my flattened Wood Brothers driver into the cold wind blowing off the SF Bay today.

What do you have Lag, a nice WB Texan or something else - any chance of a pic?

Cheers, Arnie

You’re a brave man flattening that piece of art…
Sounds like perfect golfing weather to me…

I have several instruments available if there is any interest.

What “instruments” do you have available? I am looking to get my first Wood Brothers Texan!

CanadianCrippler…I love that name. You have to make an avatar and Photoshop a golf club in the hands of a wrestler like “Mad Dog” Vachon or Baron Von Raschke! That’s your assignment and you are not allowed to post again until completed! :wink:

Captain Chaos

Hi !
I’ve just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

So thanks to Freddie, I just got the WB All American Custom Driver from a contact of his. My Grandpa is very excited! Can’t wait to get it!
If you guys come across other WB Drivers, let me know!


you know of Mad Dog Vachon?

Taberwhet, it’s une petite monde, non?

I know many wrestlers from Canada…not personally though LOL!

I’m glad that worked out. Its amazing how many collectors I’ve met over the years, its kinda a small world. Some have become good friends, like the guy who sold that to you. You got a fair deal, not too may around like that. I also saw a AA go last week on the auction site that was part of a small lot of 5 or so other clubs. It went for 155 bucks , but the WB AA was in nasty condition. enjoy.

Saw that auction Freddie.I thought about bidding on that one, but there were so many “other” drivers inculded just to get to the WB. Glad I didn’t go for it.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I was looking at the AA as well on ebay but it looked nasty and I had recieved delivery of my custom AA (that was very nice!) so I backed off it.

Still looking for the other WB models for my Grandpa and just as an FYI, he is tickled pink on this one! Please keep letting me know about any others that you may want to share!