WITVB - What's In The Vintage Bag?

I am shocked, SHOCKED! that this topic doesn’t already exist here. I want to see pictures of what’s in everyone’s classic bags - the “gamers”, if you will. Lists are fine, but club porn is always appreciated :laughing:

I’ll put mine up when the woods get back from persimmonpal.

I better get my pics up soon, cause I have a feeling if you have something coming back from ppal it will be a difficult act to follow. :wink: You and freddie have to post last!



I’m not going to “blow anyone away” (I don’t think), but they will pretty!

A bunch of choices here. (The link below). I’ll ask Bentshaft to take pictures of our normal vintage gamers this weekend.


My bag is is full of Bent Shaft’s cast offs. Oh wait, '67 dynas can’t really be cast offs, can they?


Unfortunately no vintage bag yet. :blush:


Here’s mine:


Driver - Titleist Persimmon (13.7 ounces, D6)
5 wood - MacGregor Jack Nicklaus SEOM (13.9 ounces, D6)

X100 shafts, 6 flat (thanks to Lag and NRG respectively), full cord grips


1959 Wilson Dynapowers 2 - PW, reshafted with S300s, 6 flat, Pro Only cord grips

2 iron (15.2 ounces, D8)
3 iron (15.2 ounces, D8)
4 iron (15.4 ounces, D8)
5 iron (15.6 ounces, D8)
6 iron (15.8 ounces, D8)
7 iron (16.0 ounces, D8)
8 iron (16.2 ounces, D8)
9 iron (16.4 ounces, D8)
PW (16.7 ounces, D8)

Sand Club

1961 original Wilson R61 “Sandy Andy” (18.8 ounces, F1), full cord grip


JH Busson “Golden Eagle” (19.9 ounces, F8), 36 inches, original leather grip
Arnie - medium.jpg

Those Dyna’s are sweet! Have they been re-chromed?

Here is my vintage bag.

3-E Hogan Apex PC, apex 4 shafts, D2 Swing weight
Custom Made Wood Bros WB85 9 Deg Texan, made in 1987, 44 inches, S300 shaft- D5.5 Swing weight. I love this Texan!! Was Ben Crenshaw’s back up at one time.
Wood Bros fairway instrument 3 wood.

I don’t have a vintage putter or SW yet, hopefully soon. I’d love to pick up a mid 80s BullsEye Flange putter and a Staff JPII SW like I once played.

I always play Titleist wound balls when I bring out the vintage bag, Balatas, Professionals or Tour Prestige.

You might want to toss some lead tape on the back of those PC’s as they are a bit light. A half ounce on each club would do wonders. Tape just makes you look like you know what you are doing! You can always take it off, but I bet you would like the feel of them even more with a bit more muscle on them.

I love the shape and grind of the PC’s.

Thanks for the advise. I might just do that and experiment. The are a bit light and if I ever put some cords on them, they would probably be even lighter.

Here’s my current bag.
MacGregor Driver, Tourney 3 wood, 5 wood - all set up to 6 degrees flat with x100 shafts, purchased from Twomasters. Don’t know the exact details for these woods.
Hogan PC Apex 4 irons 3-E bent 5 degrees flat, swingweight from D5 to D8 (I have some Wilson Dynas with x100 shafts ready for when I’m good enough to play them).
Wilson R20 Sand Iron
Titliest 55 degree Sand Wedge (only modern club in the bag)
A.G. Spalding Bros Putter from Lag, set flat and heavy

Hi Mashie, yes I believe they were re-chromed about 15 years ago by a guy called Barry Willet http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/news/index.php?article=2008_07_28 who was in charge of Mizuno’s tour van in Europe. I bought them from a collector. The heads are actually a mix of 1958 and 1959 vintage (only difference is that the 58 has an arrow on the hosel!) so I got them quite cheap :smiley: Unlike some re-chromed clubs the weight seems to have been retained and I didn’t have to do anything to get them to D8.

Cheers, Arnie

Wow Teddy…what a great set! :mrgreen:

Great stuff lads!

I can’t believe that I am so jealous, am not going to paint any more of my Persimmons black, I promise.

Here are my Specs

From bottom to top:
WB Australian 10º TT DG X-100 (or Mac M85W TT DG X-100)
Taylor Made Tour Preferred Tour Spoon 13º TT DG X-200
Daiwa DG273 2-sw TT DG X-200
Ping Danser

Not vintage by ABS standards (I think the WB is the oldest club in the bag, but still mostly 20 years+).

Bought a set of Mac M85 irons on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Hit the 6 iron on the range for the first time today. It’s quite a bit shorter (shaft) than my current 6-iron (which is allready at least 1/4" shorter than todays standard), so that was something I had to get used to. Felt good though. Hit a couple of good and a couple of bad shots. Good shots felt solid. Nice low ballflight. Thinking about installing new shafts in the mac’s and trying to keep the leather grips and install those on one of my back-up daiwa sets that I am thinking about getting flattened. That should be a killer set (all be it a lot less heavy than those Mac m85’s, I think the head of my Daiwa 6 iron is about 265 gram, the Mac felt a lot heavier eventhough it has a shorter shaft). Oh, heads on my Daiwa’s looked huge after having hit some balls with the M85’s…

in the bag may11.JPG

Getting there with the gear & wanted to flag up a big thankyou to Arnie for sorting me out at a more than generous price - the woods look awesome !! (arrived today inc 3 wood not in the picture) they are un-hit as yet - can’t wait to give them a whirl :slight_smile:

Irons - Hogan Apex (1973) 2-PW with Hogan Legend #5 shaft 4* flat & D9 Wedge E9
Woods - Seve Ballesteros Limited Editions: Driver, 3 wood, 4 wood X100 shafts D4

Looking for a good putter to fit the ABS style, if anyone had suggestions or happened to see one on UK ebay & had a thought to PM me that would be great; still using a flattened vokey with extra lead in the head for a wedge which seems ok

Bag: Mackenzie Llama
Driver: MacGregor T85 - 45 degree lie angle
4Wood: MacGregor T85 - 47 degree lie angle
3-PW: MacGregor M85 Colokroms - Lie angles are a degree flatter than Lag’s
alternative: 2-PW: Hogan Precisions reshafted with X100’s and the original leather grips put back on - Lie angles are a degree flatter than Lag’s
11 iron MacGregor split sole bent flat (and weak some) for shots around the green. A LOT of lead tape on the back.
SW: Wilson R30
Putter: Wilson Julius Boros model with a new TT fluted shaft and pro only grip - 10 degrees or so flat.

I have accumulated 3 Macgregor sets, a set of 68 WS Dynapowers, some Spalding BirdonBalls “Shark” model and some Haig Ultras since coming to ABS. I want to now add some Hogans. Lag says Hogans are light, but I am thinking that is probably not the case if I go back to late 60s or early 70s. Any thoughts? I like the look of the Bounce Soles. Has anyone played them? If so, what is the difference between Bounce Soles and Bounce Soles +1?



Beware of some offset in Hogan irons. The Precision models from the 50’s and maybe a decade after will have no offset but anything after that you will have to remove the offset. Not much, but moreso than Dyna’s or Haig’s or most Mac’s.