Winter In Texas?

This isn’t supposed to happen here (in Texas).

Some of you may have seen a pic I posted a long time ago of “Rose - the impact bag hating dog”. She now allows me to hit the impact bag all I want in the garage BUT there will be NO module 3 drilling inside the house. Go figure.

I woke up to a “winter wonderland” this morning. This is Rose trying to figure out what to make of it (much like I am).



CIMG0829.JPGRobbo, us Brits are gutted for you :wink:, at least Rose allows some form of drilling…Snoop is well attuned to any preparatory signs of ABS drilling now and will intervene if he disapproves as Lag can confirm!

Now THAT is funny Mark!!!

I haven’t quite figured out how Rose, with those ears hanging over her ear canals, is able to hear a club moving from P4 to Pv5? Heck, I can
even do it without “grunting” anymore. I usually have to bribe her with a bone-like treat that she always takes into the yard and takes about
20 minutes to consume.

You can see who runs my house. The Dog Whisperer I’m not. :smiley:

Check out Snoop’s manhood…no wonder he thinks he is top dog!

Funny story…I was walking…or being walked by Snoop on the beach the other day and a lady stopped to admire Snoop…and then asked ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ :smiley:

Talking of Dog Whisperers, Snoop ends up just charming them and then they see things from his point of view! :smiley:

LOL… literally!!!

You can do module 3 without grunting?! :open_mouth:

We are not worthy! :smiley:

Just not as loud as originally. :nerd:

Maybe that’s my problem! :slight_smile:

You guys are cracking me up.
I once filmed myself doing module work and only noticed later while reviewing it that my dog Teddy was taking a dump behind me. :smiley: Well he keeps me company in the longer winter nights grinding out module 3…

LOL! Teddy…although Snoop has never actually had a dump while observing my drills, he usually looks quite disdainful, well aware that there is some higher plane and vital objective which I have missed…on occasion, it just gets too much for him and he has to intervene. I think he and Lag are communicating behind my back because he keeps nudging me to make a fuller turn :wink: .

There’s feedback and then… there’s feedback!


What snow?!

TeddyIrons, Don’t listen to Robbo…there are many worse critiques than that…Lag once asked me if I had actually watched the module before sending my first attempt…little wonder that I am now so deeply scarred! :smiley:

Surely Lag’s comment (very funny btw) would be considered subtle compared to the dressing-down that TI received from Teddy! :slight_smile:

I simply can’t stop laughing about TI’s post. It’s going to haunt me for a long time to come.

Never filmed a dump during module work but I did put a picture of a beautifully sculptured harp on ebay to sell once and noticed a big present from my dog on the lawn in the corner of the picture. And when I say big, my dog is 100 pounds (45kg).

Great to see Rose again Robbo and welcome to ABS, Snoop.

Here’s my beast, Onyx, thinks he’s an ostrich


Steb…what a gorgeous dog!..I have no doubt Rose, Snoop and Onyx could have a few good chases together on the beach! :smiley:

gotta love dogs :slight_smile:

neema enjoying a little couch time - the wife must have been out of the room :slight_smile:



What a great pic!!! He’s a great looking pup from the neck down! What in world is he looking for!!!

Mark’s correct… they’d have a real knock-about on the beach.

Love it Tim! I’m lucky if I get a seat with Rose.

lol, steb nice dog, you should have called him McIlroy with a coat like that!

Aguille, what size is Snoop’s monster in hot weather?!! :astonished: :open_mouth: :laughing:

The more I look at Snoop, the more it looks as if “You’re never right”, and “He’s never wrong”!

Perhaps the most condescending face I’ve ever seen.

Does he ever roll his eyes at you? :unamused: