Winged Foot 1974 US Open

This may be one of my favorite vids

I love the Bobby Jones quote in the first few seconds.
Love the quote by Sandy Tatum about trying to identify the best players
especially love some quotes by Player around the 4min mark and by Colbert, Player, Trevino, Irwin around the 7 minute mark and beyond


Nice stuff Two…

Any idea of what Hale’s set make-up was that week? I was just curious if he long-ironed the course or fairway wooded it…any stats in that regard? :slight_smile: RR

Just when I think I’ve explored every nook and cranny in this place, I come across this video. Thanks for posting, Twomasters, so good…
I love the quote, “we’re not trying to humiliate the best golfers in the world, we’re just trying to identify them”… genius…