Win a Free Module! (scavenger hunt)


I need two sleeves of these. Preferably “new old stock” (6 of them will be fine… without the box… in good shape)
Anyone who can find 6 of these I will give you a free module!

Yes, I need them! Will explain later! :sunglasses:

I played that ball with the Zinthane cover a lot when it came out. Can still remember the soft feel and great spin. Even on short pitch shots, even for a 7-10 handicapper like me could appreciate it. Have wondered why a manufacturer hasn’t used that material again. Seems like it might be the perfect material for a commercial effort…plastic but impressive performance.

I wonder what you are up to Lag…an experiment? A venture?

I just saw a dozen Titlist Balatas on eBay the other day.

The Tour Edition was a solid core ball… with a very soft spinny cover. Greg Norman was the first golfer to win a major using a solid core golf ball.

On the bay boxes of 15.


These are the newer versions. Not the same ball as I posted above.

Hey Lag,
I have these balls in my stash 1- Dozen, Don’t know if they are solid core balls. They are Top Flite Z- Balata balls 100 compression tour edition made from Spalding Sports Company. I received them from a friend of mine who new a Japanese Tour Professional. If they will work for you please let me know.

Top Flite Z- Balta 100 Compression.JPG

Lag, check your emails for an update. :smiley:

Try these on for size too… … 2ecfb53466