Wilson Tour Special 2 Forged Putter

I’m now looking for a flatter lie for a putter. I wonder does anyone know this model, i think from the late 80’s & whether it lies flat (were the old putters mostly flatter lies ?)

It looks like I could get it bent flat too perhaps (forged & that long hosel) ? Has original 35’’ steel shaft.

thanks for any thoughts and/or advice on how to move forward with a suitable ABS putter

tour special 11.jpgtour special 11i.jpg

or this one maybe ? likely to be flat and/or easily bent ? thanks for thoughts…

The Original Slazenger " Hawk " Putter,
The Club Head Is Made Of Brass,
Fluted Steel Shaft Approx 35.5 Inches Long,
The Grip is the original leather wrap in good condition

hawk 3.jpghawk 2.jpghawk 1.jpg

tim, both putters will be fine I think. The slazenger looks to be pretty flat already, but the wilson can be bent without any problems. I have a wilson julius boros putter, made of brass. Brass is very soft and can be bent by hand if you secure the club in a vice.

thanks IoZ, good point about brass - will bid on the slazenger & this one i think - looking forward to giving them a whirl
george will 2.jpggeorge will 1.jpg

I got a wilson 8802 when I was in the bay area playing with lag. Had it set up to his specs in the shop where i bought it. Similar style to the wilson tour special 2. They had no problem bending mine in shop and that baby is just amazing. By far the best putter i have ever owned and I have been knocking down some putts as of late. Those are great putters though, my first putter was one of those that my dad cut the shaft down on and regripped with this cool leather small grip. Its funny how you remember the stuff you had when you were a kid. They are in my mind just about perfect for ABS putting. Only problem is you may have to add some weight. I placed mine in the shaft but i think out towards the toe would be a better place for the weight. (Gives you something to resist against)

I just couldn’t bring myself to throwing lead on the back of that nice clean 8802 :smiley:

That’s a great putter…I have several of the Tour Special I and the Tour Special II. However my personal favorite is the Wilson original 600, a copy of the George Low Bristol 600 which I think is what Nicklaus used for so long. The 600 is a slightly shorter blade, and seems a bit heavier. Right now I am banging a Ram Tour Grind 600, which is almost a carbon copy of the Wilson 600. Lots of folks had copies of the 600 series, but the Ram and the Wilson in my eyes are the best…

The Tour specials are great you’ll love it. Bend it flat and get yourself a copy of the book George Low did with Al Barkow, and start draining those suckers…