Wilson Staff refinished RAW

'73-'75 Wilson Staffs Adjust-a-Weight
Stripped RAW
Chrome removed
Nickle removed
Smut removed ( not the kind your mom warned you about, the Real Kind)
tumbled for a day with ceramic media
Scotchbrite rubbed and smoothed out
light gun oil
plugs re created
lots of Tungsten added to weight port [this makes these very center of the face balanced ( vs close to the hosel)]
Bent to Lie to ABS Flat PW 60*; Standard Lofts PW 50*/ 5i 30*
Make a Tee Time

Looks good… kinda Mad Max looking. Mean!

Nice clubs!
I have a set of 75s that I love. They’re a little different because they were a custom order and don’t have the bore through.
I hope you enjoy those.

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After I cleaned up the Leading edge, threw x100’s and Golf Pride Velvets on them they feel “right”they are really nice. Custom ‘75’s sound nice, I am assuming no weight port along with no hosel through ?

Correct - no weight port either. I love the head shape, which I assume is the same as the standard heads.