Wilson Staff Goose-necks........

photo (7).JPGI recently picked these up(3-SW) and was wondering if it would be worth setting them up to ABS specs? They are already 4 flat and I have a set of X100"s laying around but I’m just not sure if I should be looking to spend time and energy on something else? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I think there is a ton of offset on them if I remember… so no… would not be a good hitters set.

I have a full set of these, 1i-9i,PW,SW,TW and I have played them in the past (for about 20 rounds), so I will give my opinion, despite not being an equipment- or golf-expert, or an ABS student. They do have considerable offset, especially in the longer clubs. The longer clubs feel much too upright to me at setup. But my biggest dislike is that a good hit on them never felt very ‘satisfying’ at all! Not when compared to a good hit on a more compact blade (the gooseneck ‘channelback’ heads are comparatively huge). If you decide to play them, good luck! If you decide to re-sell them, factor in that the SW is a rare find in this model, so that should be worth some extra cash (even though I personally can’t image that anyone would actually want to play with a SW like that).

Guys thanks for your help! I remember really wanting a set of these desperately when I was younger.
If I could only have all my old sets back from when I was growing up and learning to play…That would be something!

All those great old sets are out there still… on ebay, craigslist, garage sales, swap meets etc… be patience.