Wilson Hale Irwin Shotmakers

Just got a set of these (3-PW), forged I believe, minty condition. Anyone familiar with these clubs? I believe they are somewhere from the 70’s/80’s of course. They strike beautiful. I learned on persimmons and blades in the mid 70’s. Have owned 8 sets of forged Hogans…etc. Matching them up with my Louisville Golf Personal Model persimmon woods.

Any info appreciated.


As far as I know or remember- they were sets made for department store sales- think Sears…. I have a set the same with Jerry Pate stamp- another Wilson player
Probably not the top of line quality but certainly worth playing with

I thought so. No knurling crimps, not pinnned and plain jane ferrules. 7 iron loft is way off. Got them cheap so will keep for practice net. Thanks for reply…

BTW…Jerry Pate won 76’ US Open I think. He has a large ranch near me here in NW Fla. I met his foreman manager once and he told me they have a super secret BBQ at the ranch and cordial round weekend each fall at Sunny Hills GC. Supposedly the former who’s who of golfing world are there and they close the course to the public. I am taking this guy at his word and not verified this but makes a great golf story. :smiley:

If anybody is following this. Took these clubs to my shop and adjusted lofts to my specs:
6 @30*

Prior to adjusting, the lofts were all over the place with the 4,5,6 all at 30*, 7 and 8 at 40*, 9 and PW @45*. There were no markings on the hosel showing prior adjustments so I presume this is how they came from the factory. No wonder they were not played much! Good friend of mine was an inspector at Ben Hogan golf in the 80’s and 90’s and this would have never flied in his day! After I play them I am thinking of adjusting lies to 3* flat.