Wilson Dynapower 1969 "Bulletbacks" 2-PW

Hi guys,

Selling a couple of items from the collection - just to make space for new arrivals :wink: Probably best for fellow UK/European students as I am based in the UK. First up is a set of Wilson Dynapower 1969 “Bulletbacks” 2-PW. These are bang in line with ABS principles with Wilson Staff Pro Stiff Shafts, heavy deadweights and decent swingweights (D4-D6) and set 6 degrees flat. Brand new modern grips, some type of generic tour velvet clone. If you do a bit of background googling you will find these are a pretty sort after version of the Dynapower series.

£75 + postage

Cheers, Arnie
Dyna 69 grips ABS.jpg
Dyna 69 2 iron back ABS.jpg
Dyna 69 2 iron ABS face.jpg
Dyna 69 backs ABS.jpg
Dyn 69 soles ABS.jpg

Nice set Arnie!

Have these been lengthened already or do they have the original shaft lengths?


I haven’t changed the shafts (I am pretty sure the shafts are the originals) and the new grips (don’t care for them myself - far too moderrn :wink: ) were on when I bought them from a seller in the US about a year ago. Measuring the 5 iron from where the back of the hosel intersects with the sole of the club, up the shaft to the final length of the club is 38 inches. I guess subtract 1/4" for the grip butt?

Cheers, Arnie