Wilson “Adjusta-Backs”

I was gifted a super clean set of Wilson Staff Dynapowers (c. 73-75). They have “Ultralite” R-flex shafts with pristine Wilson genuine leather grips on the 2-PW. For reference the 8-iron weighs 15.6 oz.

The back of the clubhead comes with a disc. I’ve read that it’s possible to remove this disc with a golf shoe spike tool. Apparently there is a cavity with a washer and some type of weight system inside. Anyone have any knowledge of this system?

This may sound crazy but I was thinking, in regards to club weighting, about using the tungsten putty used on pinewood derby cars. I was going to stuff some underneath the sole plate of my Spaulding model 56 driver…there’s a little space next to the original lead slug that would fit a pinch of this putty.

So, back to the Wilson “Adjusta-Back”. If there is some space in a cavity behind the disc, I was thinking about stuffing it with the tungsten putty as well.

Also, I realize the shafts may not be the optimal ABS specs, but trying to remove and reuse those amazing grips to add stiffer shafts may be a mistake/challenge for my novice repairman skills. The leather grips appear to be one piece. I’m wondering if they can be blown off?

I was further thinking, if possible, of removing the red hosel plug and adding the tungsten putty and then reinstalling the plug.

I’ve never worked with this club before. Any input and/or advice on the disc and plug would be appreciated. Also on the tungsten putty idea.

Should be able to twist those discs out. You might be able to fashion a tool from a golf stud removal tool?? You could drill the (part of) plugs out from the bottom end and replace with tungsten mixed with epoxy to add weight.

I think you need to be more disciplined and only buy stuff that already has stiff heavy shafts. Just makes ABSing them much simpler. I know it’s tempting to buy nice biades if they are cheap, but its a false economy.

If you still have a old Steel-Spike Wrench, they fit perfectly into the disc holder (they were designed that way) there should be a little rubber gasket in there to keep the tungsten discs from rattling around. ( fill that space with lead or tungsten powder, it will effect the cog). Little Known Fact - the red plugs are the same chemical make up as the Red RTV form-a-gasket stuff. With a torch and time the plugs currently in there will pop right out, they may be of different lengths as they micro adjusted the swing weight along with the little discs. There is probably off-set you need to remove as well as bend the Lie Angle down. If you are not patient and mechanically inclined buying from John is a much better bet, If you like to noodle… well, enough said…

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